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Need help from Capricorns on a Sagittarius Capricorn relationship 
I had a capricorn and now I donĀ“t. I miss her voice. We've been together for 2 and a half years. The story is much more complex and we both suffered …

Sagittarius man and Capricorn woman. Need help. 
She is a Capricorn born on 14th Jan, 1991. I am a Sagittarius born 25th Nov, 1988. I love her very very much and I know for sure she does too. But we …

Need advice for Capricorn lesbian. 
Okay It might be pretty obvious this girl likes me but I need confirmation from other female capricorns. We're both lesbians. We met at a club and …

Trying to get a Capricorn friendship to turn into something more. 
I've known my capricorn friend since grade school. We go way back; since we were 5 years old. Through junior high and high school we went to different …

Personal View on Capricorn and Scorpio match 
Hi, I am a capricorn woman and I've been with a scorpio guy for about 8 months. I hear they are the best sign for us. It's really annoying because it seems …

When to make a move on a Capricorn woman? 
I'm a Scorpio man who has begun a friendship with a Capricorn woman. We have hung out together five or so times doing things such as drinks, dining, playing …

Are Capricorns spiritual? 
I am a Capricorn and I tend to date older men. They have to have money to make me happy and all the attention has to be on me. If it is not I can get …

Capricorn Women are dominant and possessive 
I am a Capricorn woman and I find this article to be true in both content and description. I think the only thing that is missing is that many Capricorn …

Self description of a Capricorn girl. 
I am a Capricorn woman, age 21. I am seeing an Aries man and most of the astrological information says that we are not compatible. But I adore him so …

Capricorn women intimidating to men 
Im a 33 yr. old divorced female Capricorn. dec. 29th. I think we are stubborn, strong willed and more determined than the average person. I find our dominant …

Why does he try to make me jealous? 
I am a 33yr old female capricorn and I totally agree we are patient, don't care to be pressured into anything, or we will get lost and majority of the …

Confused and hopelessly in love Capricorn 
Hi, I am a capricorn, mostly to the T- from your descriptions here. I've been involved with a Libra man for more than 3 years now, we had a little break …

Getting to know a Capricorn woman 
I'm a Cap female and I even confuse myself sometimes! My moods fluctuate... Sometimes I can be very loving to a man, the next I need my space or else he'll …

Persistant Capricorn on stubborn Leo 
Im a Capricorn sun, sagg moon, and aquarius in venus. I met my leo at a social gathering, and regardless of my stand offishness towards him, he initiated …

Right fit for a Capricorn woman 
I'm a 34yr Capricorn I would love to have someone to call all my own but that appears to be a hard chore. It has been very hard meeting someone that peck …

Capricorn inferiority complex? 
I am a Capricorn female. I Must dissect this sentence for you and tell you everything that's wrong with it: "Pessimistic by nature..." Pessimistic? …

Capricorn woman sexual compatability 
I read somewhere that only a Scorpio man can truly handle the adventurous Capricorn woman in bed. Only a Scorpio can match the endurance, enthusiasm, depth, …

Sexy capricorn women 
I am a Capricorn woman and I believe we are one of the most mature and level headed females of the zodiac. Many individuals misinterpret our demeanor as …

Capricorn women in the friend zone 
i'm interested in a capricorn woman. we get along quite well: similar interests, talk to each other quite often, she listens to me, i listen to her, been …

Capricorn women are the HOTTEST!!! 
They stay young looking much longer, are hot as hell in bed and drive me wild !! LOL I get excited by this type

Capricorn girls want a guy to take the lead 
how true!!! i am 18 i live in india and am more conservative than anyone else. I'm scared of getting into a relationship. and so far never admitted that …

capricorn girl sharing alot of information 
ok so im a capricorn girl 28th dec, im 25 and have never had a boyfriend, can i blame it on my sign? it takes alot for me to trust anyone! even my best …

Relaxing a Capricorn woman 
Naturally, I am always on the go with a long list of things to do in a day. Sometimes if I fall behind on that list, it is very difficult for me to relax …

Capricorns women are the best 
I'm very aggressive but i can cope with peoples attitude and what their looking for if their willing or allowing me the time to get with program

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Capricorn women and patience 
I'm a capricorn young adult in my early twenties. Men have to be patient with us, we may seem as though we don't love or like you but on the inside we …

Capricorn female opposite to my sign 
I always believed in the horoscope until recently, due to the fact that im almost really completely opposite from my sign, ive been dating an aquarius …

Understanding Capricorn women - Help! 
I had been talking to this Capricorn girl for about 7 months but we finally got together from about a month and I really love her like I still talk to …

Will my Capricorn woman forgive me? 
I'm A Virgo Man, with Scorpio, Venus in Virgo and Moon in Gemini. I was recently married to an officer in the military and followed her to her past …

Capricorn woman affair with a Virgo man 
I am a Capricorn woman and I am stuck on a Virgo man. We were only together for about two months but I fell fast and hard. He ended things between us, …

Capricorn woman lesbian 
i am a Taurus girl and i am dating a Capricorn girl... i know this may sound weird, but i really like her. but i noticed that she's not that showy of what …

Patience dating a Capricorn woman 
I am seeing a capricorn woman at the moment, it took me 3 months for her to open up ever so slightly. Some days she is so loving and the next its like …

Seducing a Capricorn woman 
I'm a Cancer man and I am not going to share my experience here as I'd rather keep it secret. :) BUT...I can give a lot of advice for Cancer men out there …

Great Capricorn woman article! 
Wow - this describes me perfectly... I'm not too into astrology, but I've got to admit this is exactly how I am and how I behave. Both my moon and star …

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