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I've never found myself romantically attracted to a male Libra, even before knowing about the general lack of compatibility. I have many Libra friends and I get along great with them and very much think they're fun to hang out with (hence the higher communication rating between the two I suppose). I have been pursued romantically at some point by all of these Libra friends, but I could never imagine myself in a relationship with any them because of their attitudes and personalities.

Libra do indeed tend to be romantic, but I suppose to a Capricorn it seems more idealistic than anything. The Libras I know seem to do anything to be in a relationship and even if it means letting their own life fall apart. Their relationships may be clearly failing, but they tend to think things will fix themselves as long as they hang in there. And when it finally ends, they only seem to fall into self-despair and never seem to learn from it.

As a Capricorn who finds attraction in success in other things in life, I just wish they would know these Libra friends of mine would know there is more to life. It just hurts that they've pretty much shaped their life around pursuing romance and can't see how much they're hurting themselves by doing so.

I'm sorry if this offends any other Libra males, but I am just thinking of three particular friends of mine who all have followed the same trend.

I'm a Capricorn girl and my boyfriend is a Libran. We have been together for more than two years. Yes we do fight but after we solve it we tend to be much closer than we were. Everyday our love has been growing. It's really great to be together. I just want to advise you all "if your love is true and divine, then go for it."

I would have to agree with you that Libra men would do anything in staying in a relationship, even when the outlook of the relationship seems to be falling a part.

I am a Capricorn and I dated a Libra for 5 years. We love each other deeply...he made me forget about school and work and just enjoy life. However, when it came to goals and aspirations in life we always fell short. I wanted to accomplish my goals in school and getting a career, while he just had a difficult time just figuring out what he wanted to do in his life.

For 5 years I tried my best to direct/guide him to his career path, but eventually failed and I gave up. I gave up because I realized you can't change a person in to making something good out in their life and you can't change a person PERIOD if they don't want to change. They have to do it, and my Libra boyfriend failed in that category.

I would say it is his major weakness...forgetting to think for HIMSELF. Libra men are AMAZING lovers, and trusting partners...however, they need to think outside of the box and find their own identity. I've always told my boyfriend, "you can analyze what you want to do in your life, but not over do it because your going to waste time thinking instead of doing."

Overall, though that is my ONLY complaint about a Libra. I love me ex so much, it hurts to know if I am ever going love a person the way I did with my ex. Libra in the love category are amazing people. However, if your tolerant with their weakness stay with them.

I am a Capricorn woman and my husband is a Libra. In our younger years we met when we were 17 and 18 yrs old we dated for 6 months then broke up because of me. The 3 year split was good for us, we have been back together for 2yrs before we got married and now in January it will be a another yr for us but now were married. I have to admit he is he most difficult man I have ever dealt with, because of our differences and work ethics but most of the time when we put our heads together we always come out on top.

Our main issue really is I'm stubborn ,he's very playful at times and I can be boring but, on the other hand Im the party animal and even though he is a Kappa he is the straight line. I don't find my self thinking I'm making him miserable and sometimes want to set him free but, I love him so much I cant and even if I tried to leave I know he wouldn't let me with out a fight. When we have good days they are great! and timeless when we have bad days its a wrap. Sex I'm a prude but, because I love my husband and know him and also he was the first man I was ever intimate with I trust him and it is intense always. If you are a Libra Man just know that us Capricorn woman even though we don't say much when we love , we love hard and forever and we show it , but in our way ,so don't think we don't. Capricorns are just not out loud with ours.

Ok I have to say this, I am a cap woman...separated.. was married to a Leo for 7 years and we just fought all the time, now I am dating a Libra and its 6 months on...he is slow to verbalize that he loves me but its pretty obvious...I love his easy going nature and I can not agree that all cap women are prudes in bed or no fun or all about work bla bla...don't get me wrong I am driven but my Libra loves my strong nature and the way I dress...I like my heels and pencil skirts...its heaven we are so different but we both love style and comfort...I think he's the one, we can talk for hours and on a physical level its not all Libra's are lazy cling on's and not all caps are boring and frigid...just something to keep in mind :-0)

I am a Cap Woman and have been married to a financially successful Libra for ten years. It's true the Libra men are romantics and will do anything to have a relationship, even when it's falling apart. The major problem that we have communicating, ok sometimes when I firmly believe an idea when benefit us he like to unnecessarily argue me down about it, but always apologizes and make use of the idea! Overall we are very stable and can have a conversation without saying a word.

Hello! I have recently been thinking that I should have been born a Leo. I am a sun Capricorn with an Aquarius rising a Sagittarius Venus. My boyfriend is a Libra with a Virgo rising and a Virgo Venus. I have never been with someone more compatible than him. My first boyfriend was also a Libra. He was a my first everything, and we got along great. The boy I am dating now is also great. We have great conversations, barely argue, and sometimes I can see him bending over backwards just to accommodate me. (see why I think I am a Leo!?) In any case, the only issues that arise here and there is my tendency to get into a dark spell, where I can't seem to shake off my dark Capricorn cloud that hangs over my head. I fear that my cloud would get him down too.. but usually he brings enough light to the table to cheer me up.

Another issue that we have is that he is a huge flirt. Don't get me wrong, we are very loyal to each other, and I pray that we will always be, but this pretty boy sure can talk to the ladies! and being a cap.. or a woman, I get a little jealous. But I guess, I just have to remember that at the end of the day, he love me, and only me! lol!

I don't know what to do? I am a cappy girl who has been romantically involved with a younger Libra man since June, and he doesn't want to commit but still wants a sexual relationship with me. what do I do? I started dating other men, but still find myself terribly attracted to him even though he would never commit or even think of marrying me.

my ex was a Libra and I would get jealous too and I think I still like him even though we always disagreed but im a cap and I know he's still hopelessly into me :( what do I do ?

I am a Cap woman. I was in a online relationship with a Libra man. We got along VERY well. We talked on the phone about everything and nothing for hours. We even 'playfully' engaged in conversation. if you know what I mean. (hehe) We seemed to 'get' each other on so many levels. But, where I went wrong was, not being more open with him. I do have trouble expressing myself sometimes, and he grew kinda tired of it. Thing is, I still have deep feelings for him that won't go away. I think I love him. well, I know that I do. We were arranging to finally meet, but he broke it off with me. We still talk as friends, I hope that he will reconsider 'us' and give it another go with me soon....Holding out for a 'miracle' until we are face to face.

Well, I'm a Libra man and I had a relationship with a Capricorn women. First thing I can say is that Capricorn women are like pearls but the oyster is very, very difficult to open. And if you get it open, it will close very fast again. For me personal I think Libra and Capricorn is like FIRE. The way that Capricorns dress, their elegance,.. Their coolness is a big challenge, but we Libra's LOVE IT. I could suggest Capricorn women to try to have a heart to heart conversation when things aren't going well.. because in this case communication is really very important. And for Libra men, if things seems to become a bit distant, GIVE it distance in a respectful way because sometimes Libra men can overwhelm Capricorn women. and you will not lose her by doing so, she will come to you knocking eventually. Libra men, Please... HAVE A LIFE PURPOSE, A PASSION,.. Or she will lose respect. And always I mean always put yourself first, if you want a Capricorn to stay... You have too earn her respect! the playfulness and the charming aren't going to do it. I had to learn it the hard way !! When we broke up we had no more contact and every 5, 6 months she seemed to enter my life again only to say: You didn't change, You're still the same. And she would leave again. Capricorn women can say things that kinda hurt you but she doesn't mean it that way. She simply verbalizes her hurt in her kinda way. I'm still mad in love with her, but I know as long as I can't give her all the security she needs, it's bound to fail. So dreamy Libra wake up because if you want to keep that cap, there's work to do !!!! And the worst part is I know that she loves me too, and waits until I understand it all and actually DO something about it. If you are a man, better prove her that you are a man. No words, but ACTION is required. anyone can talk... So if you want a diamond by your side, it's gonna ask much effort but it's all worth it.

my boyfriend is a Libra and I think they are great they are very generous he think about me and others before his self

im a Capricorn woman married to Libra man for 2years..its highly difficult to cope up with the relationship.. he gets me mad with his arguements, has no proper goal in life, and egoistic.. we have always had fights and misunderstandings, its true that Liberians can go to any extent to keep up the relationship. but things never work well most times.. so dear caps, if u want to marry a Libra, think twice!!

I am a cap woman. So much was said is true about my nature. I met a Libra man for the first time. Never have I been so impress with a man. This man was able to touch me I and everything I thought was dead inside of me came to life. He is ten years younger. I was able to relax, sexually he was great. He told me he loved me, I did not believe him. Being the caution person I am, he misunderstood my actions to think he was not important to me. Mr. Libra simply said ok, you have a good day. Never heard from him again. Its been 3 weeks. It just wont go away. I am so hurt. What can I do?

okay I crave passion, I was blown away by a Libra man. just as fast as I was blown away I also came to reality. I wanted to believe everything this man had to say but there where too many holes in it. I give him applauses for trying. I would like to met another Libra man.

I met a Libra man several years ago. Very charming and handsome at first, but extremely egotistical and narcissist. I found no passion or compassion in him, it was all about him. He could not take any constructive criticism or feedback. Easily angered and offended. I am not attracted nor do I need a man like that. He thinks the world revolved around him. He could have me wrapped around his finger, yet didn't have the common sense to know how to do this. I got the sense that he does not know how to treat woman, very disrespectful and not apologetic. He's been in many relationships. This man is almost 50 years old and I understand why. Capricorns need/demand respect and compassion, without that any chance of a decent relationship is null and void. He doesn't realize how we could compliment each other. Many things go right over his head.

I am 19, and have been dating my Libra guy for 2 and a half years. For the first 9 months of our relationship we were perfect, never fought once. But then the more we got to know each other and the more comfortable we got the more fights occurred. Libras need to know the person they love, loves them back. Libras give a lot in relationships, and if they feel like you don't give as much, it can be a problem. Us Capricorn women need to remember to show them and tell them we care. A lot of problems that we have had in our relationship are because he feels like I don't care, but that's not the case, it's just more difficult for me to show it than he is. Also another problem we have is he really doesn't have much motivation or goals (which is a major problem for me)

However, even though we do have problems. Libras are very dedicated to their lovers, as are Caps. My guy is really devoted to our relationship. And when Capricorns really want something, they get it. So I believe as long as your willing to work through your differences. It will work :)

Ok I am a cap girl. And this Libra guy is so awesome, I mean he's so fun and all. But it seems that all he wants is fun, he told me he's into me, but I don't know how to please him! He gets so close, but then when it reaches a certain point he just backs away. Libra men never learn from previous failed relationships, and just goes for the same type of girl his ex was. I mean I had to tell him heart to heart that he needs to change his ways, even though he took it the wrong way at the beginning I know he gets me now!

I am a 26 year old Capri in love with a 25 year old Libra man. We broke up three months ago because he was so caught up with his own life. Everything was about him. He is cute and the sex was great, but we never had anything common to talk about. Despite this we loved being together and tried hard (both of us equally) to be together. He was also a workaholic, very arrogant and obsessed with body building.

He could never take the intense quality of our relationship and always asked for freedom.

I finally walked out of his life and I am marrying a Piscean now. I still love my ex (and weirdly, we still meet each other) and I can't forget our intense moments of anger, happiness, passion, love... But I know I must move on.

I have been accused of being hurtful (I used to express myself when I was jealous, or angry with his selfishness), of having no goals in life (he hasn't seen the ambitious side of me - or maybe its my Piscean moon sign) and of letting my body go and being overweight.

It was a fun relationship, tiring in parts...

I am a Capricorn woman & I was currently with a Taurus ; they said that them two make a great match . well they have good communication but a lot of fight [ not in all cases ] now I am with a Libra , have been for 6 months or so . we get along great ; there's not much fighting , but I do tend to get jealous &accusive sometimes . but he never lets me go without a fight . they are very romantic lovers ! & im deff not a prude when it comes to sex , &he loves that about me . as I was saying ; these two match perfectly if you can work through your differences !

I'm a Libra man and have dated Capricorn Women. Personally, I find them to be the most suitable match for me. Many of the typical Libra traits I find purported by various "Astrologers" are outright false. Our most powerful and overlooked trait is "objectivity", which is why Libra is considered by some Astrologers to be the most desired of all the Zodiac signs. Personally, when it comes to ambition, The Capricorn women I've dated have met their match. I'm objective to the point of being almost machine-like and have a merciless work ethic that overwhelms even most Capricorn Women. I've often found that some Capricorn Women feel the need to "compete" when they find someone more capable. It seems that many of them do have a poor self-image and use external success as a way to compensate, which I think is sad considering how awesome they really are. However, one thing my ex (let's just call her "Sally") couldn't stand was how I would make "snap" decisions. You see, my a ambition comes from a standpoint of strength not of weakness. Sally always seemed to want to "make sure" of everything before she took action. To sum it up without going on a tangent, I refer not to Nikola Tesla who once said: "If Edison had a needle to find in a haystack, he would proceed at once with the diligence of the bee to examine straw after straw until he found the object of his search. ... I was a sorry witness of such doings, knowing that a little theory and calculation would have saved him ninety per cent of his labor." My objectivity allowed me the benefit of moral imagination and my ability to make "snap decisions" and do things properly and have them work out properly seemed to have confused Sally. I can tell she was proud of me, but eventually she started to compete with me and I wasn't interested, but her actions would sometimes mess with my projects and the ideas that I had. She would try to make "snap decisions" like me, but it was sheer recklessness and would always question my plans based on the fragmented information just for the sake of wanting to have a say. It was really sad, I was heartbroken when we finally had to break up. But I'm not going to give up, I know that a Capricorn is the only kind of woman I can marry. Who else could put up with me, and they're absolutely beautiful in mind, body, soul and heart! I also like their athletic, well-chiseled frames. I love Capricorn Women!

I f*cked a capricorn. then left her. its not a good match. im a Libra man it wont work out in the longrun so don't try. you're too different. look and eminem and his ex wife kim. did NOT work. don't try it and waste you're time!!!

I am a Capricorn who has dated a Libra man in the past and I can honestly say that the love match can work but it does take a lot of work. 1.)Financially there can be no stress on the Libra male 2.)Capricorn does open up and is willing to share feelings and does not look down at the Libra male for being so emotional 3.)Libra male is willing to trust his partner fully..not only say you love your Cappy but show her that you do 4.)Capricorn understands that for a Libra being in a relationship means you are his best friend and he is priority 5.) Libra male has to understand that Cappy women are protective of family and friends and telling her she has to do without either is telling her you rather be single. But the most important thing I will say..for a Capricorn no matter how irritated you get with all of his Libra ways..think twice b4 going separate ways because NOONE can show you as much love as a Libra can and as much as Capricorns hate to admit they need someone..L ibra is the best candidate.

I'm a 25 year old Capricorn female and I do not gel well with Librans, period. My mom is a Libran and I just tolerate her and the worse thing is my boss is a Libran as well. However, there is a Libran guy, 3 years younger than me, who is trying to pursue a relationship with me. He is very sweet and charming and the scary part is that he is slowly winning me over. I am uncertain whether to be his girlfriend or not. According to astrology Libra and Capricorn are not compatible when it comes to love. So should I avoid entering into a relationship with him because of my bad relationships with other Librans? Or could things be different whereby compatibility is possible between the two signs?

I am a cap and now dating a Libra man in facebook.I dun actually met him in real life,cus he is in Bintulu and I m in Selangor.He said he loves me and I don't know if its true or not.I m 14,and he is 15.What should I do?Will he lie to me?I Hope he does not do that to me,he he said he never lied to me before.Please help!

I am a cappy now dating with a 15 yr old Libra.He is romantic and understanding person, but he is quiet.I am currntly dating with in facebook and communicate with phone also.I am 14.He says he loves me though we nver actully met.I am scared he will lie to me.So can anybody please help me?Thanks for reading this.

I am a Capricorn [in 6 signs actually, so I'm extremely "Capricorn") and my boyfriend is a Libra Sun/Taurus Moon/Capricorn Ascendant. I also happen to be a Libra moon. We've been together for almost 11 months now. My ex was a Virgo and we connected really well, but I never felt like he gave me the romance or sexuality I wanted. When I met my Libra boyfriend, I never knew this kind of romance was possible. He did everything like I dreamed a guy could act like... he intimidated me in a good way, he was so romantic, took me out to fancy and expensive dates and it impressed me. Plus I am actually physically attracted to him. My ex-bf, we connected intellectually well but I never really found him physically attractive the way I do with my Libra. For a while, we never fought at all. As time went by though, we did start having disagreements on a deeper level. As we started to consider our future, I realized we have completely differing views with finances. He lik es to spend money as soon as he gets it and the problem is that he wants to spend it on me. That's sweet and all, but when he tries to make me happy, it's doing the opposite. I would rather him save the money because when I actually want something, he doesn't have it because he spent it all already. Whenever I tell him, make yourself happy and then I will be happy (truly) he ends up not doing that and still believes by buying me things and taking me out, that is going to make me happy. That does give me pleasure and enjoyment, but it's not long before that pleasure runs out.

On the positive side, he has taught me more about life than I ever knew was possible. Before I was with him, I was extremely immature, depressed, never knew there was a light at the end. I'm still slightly depressed and immature, but because of him, I at least KNOW there is more out of life than I had previously thought there was. He gave me understanding, showed me how to have a good time, and pushed me to places I didn't know. Unfortunately, I truly believe he made me to crazy in order to get to this point. One night he got me sooo frustrated that I literally went insane for a little bit. After I got out of the insanity though, I came to clarity and life was the most amazing thing I had ever experienced for a time to come. I don't know if it is good or bad that it had to be like that for me to have that realization, but I'm glad it happened regardless. Now, we are like a normal couple for the most part. We have deep disagreements that I am concerned about for the f uture (like finances, parenting styles, etc.) but in day-to-day life, we really get along and have a good time together.

Another thing I get frustrated about is that he is a complete man of "talk" and not of the "walk." He continually promises to do certain things but never follows through.

Overall, I want things to work out and I think they can, but we both have to grow up a lot and learn to control our stubbornness.

I am a Capricorn with a Libra boyfriend of two years. We have SO many differences. Differences that can be overcome, of course, but it's not an "Easy" relationship.

Libras are amazing lovers and true romantics. He makes up for what I lack.

thank you so much for your all exeperiences, it's true I just date one Libra man.

capricorn 18 january.

I am a Libra man... I met this Capricorn woman who is 9 months older than me... I met her over an online social networking site... she's really beautiful, decent and sober... I'm completely into her for the last 2 months... I have fallen in love with her... I'm not sure whether I should express my feelings so soon... please help...

I am a Capricorn woman dating a Libra man for two years after divorcing a Scorpio man. My experience has been great but very interesting. Yes Libra men are great lovers and love to be in love. The compassion and love he has for me is almost scary. He is impressed with my ambition and security. I love he fun spirit and amazing sex drive. This relationship can be wonderful. If you understand the needs of each other and don't try to change each other. Think this can be a love match

Im a cap woman dating a Libra male and im scared to enter into a relationship with him because like stated earlier he is not goal oriented. He says he is trying but I havent seen any progress yet but we have only been dating a month. He does spend money like there is no tomorrow and that pisses me off a little. But he is caring and giving and very attentive. And our sex life is the best and im am not a prude when its time to do the do. He always tries to please me but he needs to focus on himself. He says he is ready for a retionship but how can he be when is bringing nothing to the table and caps need that security to be stable. He is a good guy so far and I know he would be faithful but is that enough?

I am a 22 year old Capricorn woman, and started dating my Libra guy when I was 18, and he was 16. Yes we were very young but he was very mature for his age. he treated me a lot better than any of my older ex boyfriends ever had. He was very considerate for my feelings and loved me something amazing. and the sex...THE BEST. but we had a break up a year after we got together because of lack of communication and because of a stressful situation that I was going through. he did not do as much for me as I did for him. when it came to him making a few sacrifices...forget it. he and I got back together about 6 months later, but once we did, it was a complete change. he was more cocky, conceited, selfish, and just all about his own feelings. he wanted to hurt me for how his feelings were hurt disregarding all the pain he caused and was causing me. I started to feel used. I should have left him alone, but I loved him deeply. about 3 years off and on all together, we have a 6 month old son, but he broke up with me 2 weeks after he was born. and he now has a new girlfriend that he was "secretly" seeing before my son was born. because of this experience, I would never see myself with another Libra again unless he is a lot older than myself.

hello im a Capricorn woman that is dating a Libra man we met when I was 17 or 18 we dated in high school but broke up several times because of me.. I wasnt ready to love again.. because my heart was shatter by my ex who was a cancer.. so me and my Libra started out as friends and workded our way up to a relationship.. he was very supported incouraging and just made me feel like a new person Libra mens are amazing and I they will truly work their butts off to keep a relationship going the only problem I have with mine is that I feel like I have to go behind his back to make sure he's doing what he told me he was he havent cheated on me when beening dating now for two years and I enjoy his company with out him not by my side I feel like empty and lonely he makes me his queen on his castle he cherish me like im the only woman in the world he respect me and give me what ever I want without and explaination.. but at first he didn't want to do any thing with his life so no w he I incourage him to go to school and he is and his going to become a computer programmer and im joining the navy to become a radiology tech so

I'm a cap woman dating a Libra man I met on an online dating site. I like him alot, but we have been talking for less than a month and he wants to be exclusive. I agreed at first to make him happy, but there is this Cancer guy I was also getting to know and I like him. I'm like most true Caps I'm upfront and honest. They both know about each other cus I'm not commited to anyone. I feel it's too soon and I've never even seen either man face to face. I don't want to lose my Libra, because I can see a future with him. He is educated, a single parent,a good father, good morals, and charming. But, the Cancer brings out that fun side of me, that has been closed since I was a teenager. I just wish my Libra would take his time and focus on us and not everyone else I'm seeing. We had it out last night and we still haven't talked today, after talking everyday. I'm scared I'm going to lose him and I feel it took me too long to find someone like him. I might just tell him we ca and be exclusive and let my Cancer go because I know there is no future with him. I'm wonder should I do this. Please someone help me.

im a cappy,48.I have recently just started talking with a libra,43.He has me thinking,i like that.He makes me wonder,i like that.He sounds like he will take initiative,i like that.Ive been on my own now for 3 yrs,i advanced him on a dating site and since he responded we exchanged numbers,something I wouldnt normally do,i am sayin things I would normally not.He is takin me out of my comfort level and at first it is yikes feelong for me but after my head is smiling and I feel giddy like a kid.Im gonna go with my feelings instead of percaution.I no finacially stabilty is good but I have that,and in my prior years what I have come to realize is money is material,it doesn't bring soulfull happiness.I learned that so from what I have read about libra's I don't care cuase it is all about your heart being happy,not how much money is involved.Just the basics is good for me and I don't care for all the bells and whistles.:)

I am a Capricorn female and I am seeing a Libra male. I have dated a Libra male and because I gave so much to my career at this time it did not fair well in the end. I was dumped due lack of prioritizing the relatioship and for that reason I am persuing this new guy cautiosly. So far I am swooning in passion because he brings so much just to my rather systematic, over worked, kind of boring life. He makes me laugh and the sex is the most intese passionate experience ever. The olny problem is he has no real ambitions are goals and I am willing to assist him in some kind of direction but I have lived enough to know you cannot make anyone do anything that they did not want to do. But this is not the worst problem, my friends believe he is so beneath me and just riding on my coat tails. The truth always hurts but I do know this to be somewhat true. I am just so happy to be with him right now I am willing to chance or atleast give a shot to my undecided in life libra. Go Figure. Love Hard! You only live once.

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