Relaxing a Capricorn woman

by Kat K.
(Asehville, NC)

Naturally, I am always on the go with a long list of things to do in a day. Sometimes if I fall behind on that list, it is very difficult for me to relax mentally and physically. I might find myself pacing around determined to find a way to finish that list or fix that last issue so I can turn my mind off for the night, while frustration piles high.

It is a total TURN ON when my man sees the stress and burden in my eyes and takes the time to calm me down with reassurance, helping me finds ways to complete my list or helping me realize it is only a stupid list that can be accomplished the next day.

My suggestion, if you see your Capricorn woman over stressing, already be happy that she has opened up to you, letting you see what she thinks is her weak side. Simply affirm to her that it will be okay. Give her a massage to loosen up. Maybe serve her a glass of wine or make her some hot chocolate. All these things lead to the ideas of relaxing. And when she sees you doing these kinds of things for her, she feels relieved that someone else can take the wheel while she relaxes for a bit. :)

We don't mean to be so controlling, it's just that many times we think no one else will get the job done, leading to a freak out moment when even WE CAPRICORNS don't get it done. We have to be snapped out of that sometimes... ;)

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