Capricorn women intimidating to men

by sharon

Im a 33 yr. old divorced female Capricorn. dec. 29th. I think we are stubborn, strong willed and more determined than the average person. I find our dominant traits to be intimidating to men, and women for that matter. I have very few female friends, and when i do, they always try to compete with me.

Guys... well ive made many curl up in a ball and cry like a baby. I think we need tough skinned people in our lifes that understand us, and accept how we are. I know personally im compassionate, sympathetic and try to help people a lot.. but i dont allow them close to me... and when someone tries to take over my space, or control me i get hostile and withdrawl. I find the people i get alone with well in life are older people... ones with some power, wealth and intelligence. Im in the legal field, and i get along perfectly with lawyers... i think their profession instilled many of similar capricorn traits... therefore i mesh well. The weak do not survive long in my world.

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Intimidating? Possibly.
by: Anon.

Amen to that sister. I am a little sick of reading the typical "Capricorn is a feminine sign" crap everywhere on the internet. I am a cap, and my biggest problem in every relationship is that I am stronger than most men I meet! They realize that as well - get intimidated - and down the hill it goes.
Capricorn women are also non traditional in a lot of ways. I mean we like our Chanel suits and pearls (who doesn't?) but always following the rules is definitely not a Capricorn strong point, especially when the rules apply directly to us. And definitely not in love.

I also think Caps, being the cardinal signs require a lot more "action" everywhere in their life. Almost like a perfect blend of Fire and Earth.

For capricorn women, using the traditional "astrology" recommendations of better relationships with "Water signs" or "Earth signs", can be disastrous. Having dated Cancer and Scorpio men .. I can safely say that about 1 month into the relationships I got sick and tired of listening to "what my mommy wants" from them. As for Piscean men, they are a little too sweet for me to even try to start dating one. I would likely dominate them too much.

As for earth. Taureans are okay, if they are not as stuck-in-mud as astro makes them out to be, but Virgos are a def no no. NO cap has low self esteem or shifty persona, but most Virgo men sure as hell do, at least around cap women (mine and other friends experiences:))

Capricorn Sun, Venus, and MC
by: Fox

Overall, I agree with the above comments. However, I also have an Aries Ascendant and Scorpio Moon, so those contribute immensely to the reasoning behind why people are so intimidated. We are pretty masculine personalities in an intensely feminine package. Its attractive but too much for people to handle in the love arena (or female friends). The only thing I do disagree with is the Scorpio compatability. I do get along with them, but it can be in his Sun, Ascendant, or Moon. (First love was a Gemini Moon, Aries Ascendant, and Scorpio Moon.... we dated for 8 years.. and I am only in my mid-20s)!! I highly suggest that everyone looks up their natal chart to get a full description of who you are, and where you can improve, and what to compromise on in a relationship. I bet you will find that the Air or Fire signs just may fit you after all....

Cappy women are usually more masculine in relationships
by: Anonymous

I was married for 25 yrs to a Taurus man, and I always felt like I was the man in the marriage. What I mean by that comment is, he did the guy chores around the house, and I did the female chores, he was very helpful with household chores. But I always felt like I was the guy in our relationship, because he was the one that always complained that I didn't spend enough time with him, I didn't give him enough attention, I didn't kiss the ground he walked on, I hurt his feelings, when I spoke, I hurt his ego by my actions. It always felt like he was more sensitive than what I was....Here I am now single (Thank god) discovering that every man I have met since my seperation--it is the exact same way. I feel like I am the dude all over again. The only man who has ever made me feel like a woman was only a friend that I fell in love with...he was a Leo man, and he had thick skin which is what I seem to need in a partner, yes Leo's need alot of attention, but for some reason he calmed me, he never judged me and my silly ways. He was strong and silent, we didn't have to always be talking it was like we spoke without words....I also find that I intimidate alot of men, what is up with that, is it because we speak from a place of bluntness and honesty. I wish more men were like Leo men.

cap gal & virgo boy
by: Anonymous

i m a 18 yrs old cap gal..i ws n a relatnship wid a virrgo boy 4 7 mnths aftr which he broke up..i actualy luvvd him d way he was...but stil he left me 4 no fault of myn..o rather no justifd reason..kind of insane move isnt it?
aftr breakin up wid him i realisd der wer many things which he lackd as per me..but stil i luvvd him.. i dnt regret dat i luvvd him..but d thing s k i wnt a man who provides me security..happiness.most importantly my space..who noes how 2 hve fun as wel as mke mehve loooaddzzzz of fun.. & let me b myself..i wnt sum1 who really admires me d way i m..& keeps me happy lyf long

Capricorn women
by: Sexy Capricorn

I agree with90% of what is said.
I'm the 22nd December. And my Capricorn female traits. Have made men run. They can't take the independence , strong willed.
I'm now single and so so want a man that can challenge me, and be the man lol.

This is amazing!
by: Anonymous

I am Capricorn born on the cusp, December 23. I can SO relate to all the previous comments!! I often feel like an anomaly but reading what you all are saying makes me see that I am not alone. I too have masculine traits when it comes to my personality but I also enjoy looking very pretty, even when I'm rocking my tool belt! I've been married twice. First husband was Capricorn (awful marriage) second is Pieces (way too emotional, feelings get hurt way to easy causing a stop in communication). I often think I'm better off alone. I have a great career, make great money and really don't need to depend on a man for my needs. Is it wrong of me to just want a part-time lover?

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