Trying to get a Capricorn friendship to turn into something more.

by Anonymous

I've known my capricorn friend since grade school. We go way back; since we were 5 years old. Through junior high and high school we went to different schools and I remember talking about our relationships with each other and giving each other advice. I knew her growing up for 8 years, but I didn't begin crushing on her until about we were 13 or so. Even at 13 I remember not wanting to mess up my friendship with her, it was weird because I had a girlfriend in high school (virgo).

It's weird how close we are till this day. We each share explicit stories and secrets with each other that would only seem weird if anybody else were listening (almost inappropriate), but we're comfortable doing so. We know EVERYTHING about our ex's... We've both tried being there for each other if we can, but we always seem to be dating someone when the other one is single.

For the last 5 years I dated another capricorn girl (cap2). Things were great. I thought she'd be the one, but one thing lead to another and the relationship slowly started falling apart. Long story short, we both cheated on each other.

Now, my life long friend (cap1) and I have been hanging out a lot, and we're both single, and I've been noticing a lot of the tendencies/ "signs" of her wanting something else, but every time I try and invite her out to a "one on one" thing, she's become more flakie than before. She hangs out a lot with her girlfriends (btw, her cousin's also one of my best friends) and if she's not with her girls she's with her cousin. We still hang out, we're still open with each other, but I feel some resistance from her towards me now, resistance I didn't feel before. At this point I think we're both scared of each other... and we've had drunken moments where there's that long eye contact where something could happen, but no one ever makes the move.

Throughout the years, I've heard her say things about her relationships that would make me think... "thats exactly what I want too", and have made me feel like we could be good for each other...

She knows how committed I am in a relationship; my relationships have always lasted 4+ years. But she also knows my single side too. Whenever, IF ever me and her were to hook up, I'm not sure if I would take it play by play or not... only because I wouldn't want to hurt her or ruin our friendship

Am i making any sense?? What should i do??

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repsonse; personal opinion
by: Anonymous

What's your sign? I'm a capricorn woman and I believe that she's into you! I feel like you're a leo? I have that same connection with most leos that you and your friend have. I believe that when a capricorn woman is that close with the opposite sex, we have a deeper feeling for them that we disguise, fearing making the first move. I'd recommend you make the move if you want it to go anywhere, and/or talk to her about how you're feeling before or after making the move if you want something serious. I think it's great what you're feeling! Super romantic :). Good luck to you. I think she'll be extremely happy once you tell her how you feel!!

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