Great Capricorn woman article!

Wow - this describes me perfectly... I'm not too into astrology, but I've got to admit this is exactly how I am and how I behave. Both my moon and star sign are Capricorn so I guess it only makes sense if you believe in this stuff.

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Best sign
by: Anonymous

Yes, I'm a proud capricorn... and can say everything i read is so true... i figure we're the best sign...

by: Anonymous

I'm a 24 year old Capricorn and this is dead on!

by: Anonymous

its true....... perfect description..

by: Anonymous

this is exactly how i am!! very accurate description

Caribbean Cappy
by: Anonymous

I am a Capricorn girl age 16 and know many Capricorns personally my sex age 20 and older and i must say... we ourselves, or at least here in the Caribbean can be quite lazy admittedly. I love to day dream and fantasize and look out the window. We are quite chatty and generally do not care much about peoples opinion on us once it is unimportant or not damaging to our self image. and yes we are kinky.

We can be reserved at times to people who we do not know but once we get familiar and comfortable with people they will tell u that we are a bit crazy, out going, fun and adventurous! we are quite intellectual beings and tho we may be lazy at times when we begin to do something we make sure it is well and properly done. We offer sound and good advice to people who ask for it from both sides of view. and honestly we can often be tardy (our appearance takes a great load of time ^-^). but generally we are just and loving people and yes we always strive to be independent especially financially.

by: Anonymous

This is entirely true. Being a capricorn girl age 16, I must say every detail is totally right for me. I also tend to be a bit lazy, but not in
the normal description. I often tend to postpone every kind of work until the actual deadline, and then I work my ass off to finish everything in a most perfected way. Still working on it!

Just a Capricorn girl
by: Anonymous

Being a Capricorn is great.We could not be the most artistic or adventures persons,but the hell,we are crazy definitely.Once I decided that I am bored,I could start laughing just to make myself in a good mood without any reason,or I could start screaming,singing on the street and I would definitely not care about anyone.We could be faithful,stubborn,trustworthy but once I feel that I have been fooled,I am able to go over the limit,I will start doing things for myself,I could cheat and no one will understand,because keeping it in secret will give me a thrill.Having secrets is something that I adore.But that doesn't mean that my loyalty will change,it will just bring the spice in my life.the "thing" that most people think Capricorns are not capable of.On the contrary,I love to challenge myself in difficult situation,but without making it matter of common knowledge.:)We like to be with ourselves in private,but we don't like to be alone..

The best sign !
by: Anonymous

Hhahahhahaha well it is very true :P!

I must say Capricorn is the best sign... People who are surrounded with Capricorn people are very lucky.

The ones who are in love or like the person of this sign I must say the should feel like they won the lottery (A)!

by: Anonymous


I'm a capricorn girl and i agree to your predictions. Thanks for making me know myself.

soo true
by: mea!!

im 19 yrs old female so true i look be for i leap kinda person i do like older men cause i feel i was grown at 12 its not about the money its about being understood an he does

by: Anonymous

yes Totally agree... wow... every detail..correct...xD

by: Anonymous

OMGOMG...I totally I agree
Ok so I think really alott before I go to sleep
My mind can expand everywere
I advature I love new things love my on space
Can't stand loud drama eww too much
Down earth

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