capricorn girl sharing alot of information

ok so im a capricorn girl 28th dec, im 25 and have never had a boyfriend, can i blame it on my sign? it takes alot for me to trust anyone! even my best friend of 5 years will never be trusted 100% and she doesnt even know the above!

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by: Anonymous

I'm cappy 2 nd i'm like that too, But somethings we expect from ppl to much nd that's bad. Yu should try to trust them, nd yu'll c how yur lif will change

Maybe it does have to do with Sign
by: CappyGirl11

I'm a Capricorn (Jan 11). I seem to tell too much information to the wrong people whom i THINK i can trust and in the end we're not as tight. When i was younger i use to keep to myself but as i got older and lowered my pride/secretive wall - i started to trust more. I'm starting to become more to myself again. I don't blame you for having trust issues though...Sometimes it's good for you! lol

Relationship Advice
by: Rose

I was born Dec 28th as well lol. And I have some trust issues of my own. More of a worrying problem though. I worry about everything and I feel so controlled by my worrying. I hate it, but recently I've been trying to fill my head with positive thoughts instead of letting negative thoughts flood my brain lol. I've. I just live in the moment. Oh and for relationship advice, try taking things really slow, make em chase after you. My aquarius boyfriend was the first guy I ever dated, the first guy I've ever kissed and the first guy I've ever loved. And I think my playing hard to get paid off for a first impression :) but that's just me lol. Do what comes natural to you.

the one who started this off
by: Anonymous

so i forgot where i wrote about myself and ive been looking for it for ages

since writing it i have changed alot, the friend that i couldnt feel i could trust, i told her little things first and built up to telling her bout never being in a relationship or anything and although she didnt really need to know i felt better for sharing it with her and glad that i did. im glad that i waited to tell her and i do feel that i can trust her but still not completly 100%.

through recent experinces ive learnt that i only do what i want to do and if anyone forces me to do something i dont do it even more!!

there has not be a proper boyfriend so far but getting closer, having alot of fun letting my hair down and just going with my gut. and not thinking!! is it just me or to capricorns think a little bit too much sometimes??

born on the 28th as well
by: Anonymous

it feels really good to know that i am not alone with my struggles with is also funny how we have to menatally tell ourself to stop thinking so much. I too, started keeping positive thoughts in my head. Remember to let go and let god. All that really matters is our happiness....everything else will follow.

capicorn l.o.v.e
by: Anonymous

Ok good I'm not ALONE
I was born dec 28 I have 100 thoughts before I to
Go sleep or sometimes I might jus start thinking
Y a friend is talking to me anyway totally agree I tell my self wait for Mr RIGHT i'm only 16
It seem like everybody have boyfriend

wake up
by: Frau S

I am a capricorn too and I am in dire need of trustworthy ppl.but the fact is that no one cares as much as to keep a secret or abstain from gossipping, apart from your family, bfriend and just a few close friends.god, I hate virgos, they are sooooooo judgemantal!!!if you need to feel secured, that is your problem, no one cares, I think I should snap out of it...some time soon.

no boyfriend
by: Anonymous

omgg ii agree as well my birthday is on jan.11 and ii feel likee me getting someone stable is hard to find and ii never really had a boyfriend i feel like that not cool capricorn women are really good women and likeegood personality and such goodintentionn like why i dont have a boyfriend

capricorn gurls r blessed
by: Anonymous

reading all above comments, i feel we capricorns are blessed to have d inherent instinct to wait 4 mr right nd d best part we dnt have to stick to jerks coz of our cautious nature nd make d best deal in d end,lol! I ve had relations bt my cautious nature helped me bck off at d rite tym 4 my gud,...! So i ve always had semi relations nd learnd hell lot 4 a better next tym! Hang in dere ,d capricorn gurls gt d real gentlemen they deserve,lol!

Capricorn and men
by: Anonymous

I am a capricorn woman and i grapple with myself on the inside. I may find a guy with whom i believe is worth my time and we take it slow. Things start going well then all the sudden... I cant stand to be around him. I have to have my space and then I cant stand the sight of him.
This is just my insecurity kicking in and fear of getting hurt.

by: Anonymous

i guess on the outer side we mite show to take it on d inside we believe the relation to work out perfectly well and get really emotionally attatched,though we show to be unattatched.
so wen it isnt dt perfect we want it to we kind of back off.....i guess we need to learn dt relations are never perfect nd dey will never turn out d way we "PLAN" ...SOmething we do inherently..PLAN OUR LIVES TOO MUCH!;)

just like u
by: Anonymous

OMG!I can't believe there is someone out there just like me. I am also a cap and I am 25 and never had a boyfriend. I totally understand you. I think caps can be there own worst enemy!

same circumstance, different perspective
by: Anonymous

I'm a capricorn lady, never had a boyfriend either. A lot of guys have tried to woo me, but I didn't find a strong connection with them. I want to save my heart & love for my true soulmate. I'm independent & happy the way I am. I live each day happily, knowing he's out there somewhere, patiently saving his love and waiting for me to come into his life.

cappy 28 yrs
by: Anonymous

I am also a cap. 28 yrs old. I too never had a boyfriend.No regrets. I never found someone on this earth whom I would want that desperately.Still the image of my perfect mate is there in mind....but there is no one in the outside world to meet that image.

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