Sexy capricorn women

by Elena V

I am a Capricorn woman and I believe we are one of the most mature and level headed females of the zodiac. Many individuals misinterpret our demeanor as we can come across as being cold, careless and even bitchy. This, however,is totally incorrect. We are actually the total opposite!

Deep down a Capricorn women loves to be loved. We are mysterious, sexy, wise and loyal lovers. Although we are serious in nature, this does not mean we do not know how to have a little FUN- we are actually fun loving women even in bed! Once a Capricorn woman truly lets herself go, she becomes an incredible threat amongst her competitors!.. We are not promiscuous but once committed, we give of ourselves fully.

Sexually, we are passionate, lusty and vocal- Which many men find quite surprising. I think it is our quiet, astute and mysterious personalities that allow men to want to get to know us more. Although I am only 23 years of age, I have always been mature as well as had the honour of being accompanied by older people.

We are real individuals with real aspirations and you will never catch us caught up in childish play/drama! Again, if you allow yourself the time to get to know a Cap, a man will find himself falling in love with her. She is the good old fashioned woman behind ever successful man, one who gives of herself to anyone whom she adores and respects. In conclusion, Caps contain the wisdom of individuals much older than themselves, which allows them to be highly intuitive and truly understanding souls.

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by: Anonymous

Beautifully spoken. I am a capricorn woman and I loved reading this. So true.

Capricorn women
by: Anonymous

I m a taurus man,this is real becoz i hav a capricorn lover.It's true that capricorn women seek the older mate becoz i m 33 she is 20 years old.I m satisfied and she is also.All comment is real.

sexy capricorn
by: Anonymous

This was wonderfully well put. Very mature thinking for a young lady, I like that. I myself am a Cap woman and we are truly about the business. We do not participate in games and frivilous behavior. If it does not make since and it is not good for us we don't have time to waste. As said before, we love to laugh, have fun and we can be spontaneous. Once you have our heart, we are in it to win. We are loyal, forgiving, understanding and supportive. All we ask is that you be honest and loyal in every aspect of those words. We know how to take care of business: emotionally, financially, physically and spiritually. When dealing with a Cap just make sure you are sure you are ready for a relationship because we can make it good, oh so good or bad for you : )

Capricon...of age 28
by: Anonymous

Fantastic Comments..

I agree with all the above comments. We are rocking !!!!!!!!!!
Am proud to be a Capricon...of age 28.. ;)

capri woman
by: Anonymous

this is all soooo true! im a cap woman only 24 but boy i have a old and wise head on me! always have had, but also knowhow to have fun. have been in r ship for 7 years and had no complaints yet :) we are lovely people, not cold, just cautious, as we hate rudeness, disrespct and ignorance. we always say whats on our mins, not afraid of anything, but worry alot secretly about things.

capricorn girl
by: 18 january capricorn

awesome well done capricorn! we are so beautiful inside and outside, we need someone who deserve us before we give out our love and our affection to them :)!

by: Anonymous

So very true. I'm an 18 year old Capricorn and I've always gone for the older guys. We need mates who are intelligent and wise (especially in bed ;) )

by: Anonymous

My step mom is capri and she is cheating A lot. Behind my dad...she is good in bed bec she is capie maybe the reason wh my dad is blinded by her..she scam people too...i can see the sign of dollars on her face...gezzZ...greedyYyyyy.....capi and scorp should be together cos u both sex maniac!!!

sexy capricorn
by: kim


i am capricorn woman, when its comes to dating men. i prefer the matured man who is hard working, ambitious and willing to do extreme adventurous things to me. well i like to be vocal sometimes and most of my lover is older than me.

by: Lala

what you said it's so true,I'm also a capricorn girl and we trully re the bussiness kind but when it comes to have fun,we can have it,just like the others.We can love and we take time to chose the perfect men.I,4 ex ,like older mens,because we are mature and we don't weist time with everyone. Srry if i have a bad grammer,i'm not from U.S.A :)

by: Anonymous

Im a capricorn (December 22) and everything you said is true. I come off as serious but once someone gets to know me im a fun-loving person. I love when a guy is romantic and i have every high standards for guys. When a guy tells me things about them i take notes in head of what i like about them and what i dont like. A sense of humor is important to me and im truly loyal. Im extremly competitive in sports and when i have a goal ill go for it no matter what. I honestly love these zodiac sign traits their so realistic. Its to the point whenever i look for a boyfriend he has to be a virgo. Taurus men are alright but have very VERY bad tempers (Chris Brown :S)

That is so true
by: Anonymous

I am also a capricorn we do mature were very goal orientated. I am a 22 year old female I tend to date older guys who are mature, wiser, hard working, ambitious. Sometimes I can be serious or even mysterious. I will be honest if a man is not treating me right I will move forward and leave him alone. Capriocorns are very outspoken and cold cause I know I can be a cold cap!!!!!

oh! its me! :)
by: jverdezola

haha, im very proud to be cap!

we stay younger looking than other as we get older.

Lady cap age 30
by: Anonymous

Well said sister cap. We r lovely classy ladies and the most womanly of all the signs! I love being a Capricorn lady more more the older I get.

by: Cleopatra

Totally agree, I'm Cap Female as well!

misunderstood and surprised
by: Anonymous

capricorrn women are highly misunderstood. i read things about us being cold and it really surprises me because just because we wont rush into relationships and things, and we think before acting an making decisions dosnt mean wee are cold it just means we like to take time and process things andd people. Being reserved can be a good thiing because it gives a mysterious and quiet impression, its alluring in a way.

Sexy Capricorn
by: Anonymous

This is so true. Often times we Capricorn women can come off as cold, bitchy, and like were are born from the pits of hell, people tend to stay away because of the unfriendly aura we tend to give off. But that is just a look we perfect because we don't need anybody who is going to play games and start drama to be around us and get in the way of our plans. We need someone who is responsible and knows what he/she wants in life and goes for it and just does not talk about it. I am proud to be a Capricorn women and would not change it for anything in the world.

18 january capricorn woman
by: Asma

So true!I am a 16 year -old-cap in a relationship with a 33 successful cap man!together we can go dirty and play relationship is on a long term we have been a year together.very mysterious which makes me attractive ,serious in whatever i do ,calculat every step just to avoid mistakes,i m totally loyal nd ambitious.i like to feel that my man cares about me as much as i do or else it is a gdbye since things are going wrong,but still hard to move on and need time to get in a new relationship and have clear ideas.hate to be lost (no plans)i always need to know where i m, sure mature and cautious.loves fun when can trust her partner!just need to be the right person and welcome to heaven in the bedroom.

by: Anonymous

The above is describing me word to word. i have a great sense of humour and as well as being very reserved towards people. not because im a bitch, because that is in my nature to think sensible and think ahead about good and people to bring into your life. my reserved nature gives the people around me to appreaciate me more, although i am an open book to my close loved ones... it takes a hell of a lot to make me run after you. i am so loving, kind and polite and could not live with nyself knowing i have hurt someone's feelings. i know im the perfect girlfriend, simply because i dont start drama and anyone else around me who wants to start drama will simply get the 'grow up' look from me. Love being a capricorn because i have different moods (hardly negative) and i know how to make people feel good and open up to me. being a cappy is the best, love u girls x

Capricorn of Jan. 16
by: Anyssaaa

I very much agree with this! For the most part it's true about me. I am sixteen years of age. I feel that I act very mature for my age, and I see that I act very different from the other sixteen-year-old girls. At times I can be very hyper and dingy like the rest, but most of the time I'm just calm and reserved. Yesss! I am so, so overly cautious with everything I encounter. But, I really do like my zodiac sign. It suits me very well. I think Capricorns are the prettiest. Next to the zodiac sign Cancer.

I love my sign. :) #OneProudCapricorn.

Capricorn of Jan. 16
by: Anyssaaa

I very much agree with this! For the most part it's true about me. I am sixteen years of age. I feel that I act very mature for my age, and I see that I act very different from the other sixteen-year-old girls. At times I can be very hyper and dingy like the rest, but most of the time I'm just calm and reserved. Yesss! I am so, so overly cautious with everything I encounter. But, I really do like my zodiac sign. It suits me very well. I think Capricorns are the prettiest. Next to the zodiac sign Cancer.

I love my sign. :) #OneProudCapricorn.

this is so true.
by: Anonymous

I'm a capricorn woman whose been in a relationship with a taurus man for 13yrs nw. Its amazing. We are so compatible and to be honest he's a good and decent guy that I love and adore. The sex is amazing.

by: Anonymous

I'm just being honest here, but at our worst, some Cappy women out there guilty of being gossipy drama queens and bitches, and I know this because I'm related to one...

I'm a Capricorn too, and I find our wisdom, silent confidence, and objectivity to be our sexiest traits. Albeit intimidating to more passive individuals, we are still very passionate and caring people.

Older = better
by: Cap-

Hello and I'm a fellow cap women and I the past I've dated youg guys and it always ended badly and I've realize tend to stick with older guys so... As I speak,I'm dating an older guy and I'm in love with him and last night he said it for the first time and I prefer older guys because they are more martyred than ever and I'm excited to begin my new jonry with him.
Luck to All you cap ladies to find you half :-)

by: Young Virgo man

I've always been approached by caps, never disappointed by any. Recently was involved with one 10 years my senior and fresh off divorce. My god the greatest woman I have ever had. Unfortunately I'm 25 and living with my parents still so realization hit soon enough.

I vow to work my hardest and create the most prosperous life I have within my potential to attract another capricorn I can go long term with and the timing and situation be correct. The love and devotion I experienced from this woman was unparalleled to anything beyond my comprehension.

The sex was absolutely face melting fireworks explosions and all sorts of open minded kinkyness.

I will work on myself first. Then she will appear one day when I least expect it.

I am proud the way God made. Capricorn to the world and to God unqiue.
by: Lina Singh

Well said everyone! I am a Capricorn as I get older I feel younger,sexier and wiser. I am always trying to improve myself spirituality the reason for that is I really want to be a better person to my love ones by being an example to them. It's all about respecting each other for who they are and understanding each other's weaknesses and focusing on the their good qualities will keep me and them in harmony. Without respect am not into wasting my energy or time and I could cut myself off real fast. Yes, I love my alone time, it works for me. Remember other signs without respect you will not be able to have a simple peaceful relationship with someone. Life brings us so much problems use your God given blessings that are in you to deal with them head on. So, why not make life simple if it's in your hands. I'm not perfect but at least I know what's not going to get me down from growing as a person. All it will do is make you feel bitter, angry, jealous etc. I would hate to feel like that .With respect you feel trust and complete within that relationship. You never have to question anyone once you have respect, trust .

Early, Middle & Late Cappys
by: Anonymous

Hello, I am a 36 year old Cappy and what I've learned during my journey of exploring myself (neverending quest to understand who I am) there are different temperaments for Cappys who are born in Dec (early), then the beginning of Jan (middle) and then the end on the cusp (late). Cappys who are moreso towards the end of the Cappy sign are considered late (Jan 13-19)and we tend to be more serious and calculating and can easily be too apprehensive if not careful. I've found that when I expected the worse, MOST of the time it never happened. I've jumped the gun on more than one occasion in my lifetime simply because I over thought the situation and allowed my brooding and negative thought process to take me way too deep. Living in constant fear of being used and taken for granted is quite draining. Other than that, Cappys are truly golden people.

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