Persistant Capricorn on stubborn Leo

by Anna

Im a Capricorn sun, sagg moon, and aquarius in venus. I met my leo at a social gathering, and regardless of my stand offishness towards him, he initiated a aweome conversation, and swept me off my feet through our compatibility. He ended up being someone i really had a heart throb for, but had more trust issues than i did, because he was still not over his long term ex who had cheated on him. he started to neglect me, and while he was still loyal, didn't seem to interested in showering me with love and attention like im use to. this made me insecure, i would text him drunk with my insecurities, and he'd always say im just drunk and he thinks im perfect. which i would shower him with affection, and get him whatever he needed. One night, because of his neglect, i broke up with him through text. he said "im sorry you feel that way" but we still were friends, and i find myself desperately wanting him back. but it has turned into a game of me backing off because he's not interested, then him acting interested. i moved away, but he kept in contact with my aunt and mom because they gave him money for jobs he'd do. when i came back, he was very excited, but then he just went cold again. its almost like he's punishing me for breaking up with him

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Similar Cap/Leo experience
by: Anonymous

Wow, I had almost the same experience with my Leo! He made me feel so insecure because he didn't shower me with as much love and attention as my previous bf had, so I took this as disinterest.
Then, confusingly, he started introducing me to all of his friends, and showing me off like some prized possession of his. After that I had to reconsider my previous impressions of how he felt about me. In the end though, the insecurity kept building up and I broke up with him and went back to my ex (who worshipped me). Follow that with one year of pure Hell. I am convinced that I will never love anybody as much as my Leo. We eventually got back together that August, the time delay caused mainly by logistics (he moved three states away right after we broke up).
My advice to you with your Leo would be, first of all, whatever you do, don't over-analyze his behavior and try not to be too analytical. Second of all, you HAVE to learn to be open with your affection, tell him how you feel! Shower him with compliments. While you probably think he is uninterested, my guess would be he's actually testing you, trying to see how loyal you are to him.

thank you great dr
by: mrs joy

I and John has been together for 5 years. We both put our capital together to open a supermarket and since then we have been living happily without any problem. I always discuss about marriage with John but he replies me with, we will soon get married. I was surprise on Friday evening when I was in my brother's house, John called me on phone and told me that we can no longer carry on with the relationship because he has find himself a rich a lady whom he want to get married to. I shocked and hospitalize for 4 days. I was so tired and tried to take my life because I truly love him. All the investment was opened in his name and signature and I am left with nothing. One Sunday evening when I was searching online for help, I was directed to I contacted him and he

Cap with a Leo!
by: Anonymous

I am a Cap and dating a female Leo. Everything I read in other comments nearly mirrors my relationship with her! I hear all the stuff about how loyal, caring and sympathetic they are in their horoscope descriptions but that is far from it. She is very indifferent and seems disinterested in me. We have been together nearly a year but it still feels like I am single and alone most of the time. I do not believes she takes our relationship as seriously as me, and forever I am just someone she is "seeing." However, we go through spurts where she is all over me, confessing her love (which she told me first!) and always on about missing me, wanting to get married, wanting to move together etc etc. Then...she just shuts-off and won't see me for DAYS on end. We won't have sex FOR WEEKS. Then BAM...most amazing sex ever! Overall, from what I hear from others who have dated Leo's. From my Leo friends and family and a previous relationship I had with a Leo years ago. They do this. They have a weird aloofness about them and total apathy. We Caps get accused of this, but we are far from it. We appear this way only but are generally very empathic people and concerned. Leo's ARE this way and for real and even admit it. They get downright annoyed if you are sick or don't feel. I have had raging fights with my Leo gf because I have been sick and didn't feel like going out! However, when a Leo is sick or sad or had a bad BETTER be there to give them ALL the attention, love and support they need. They cry a river but you better not shed a tear around them or you get a heavy sigh and roll of their lioness eyes! Every single Leo I have known claims they do not fit the description of the Leo wanting attention. Pfft! Everyone of them DO and everything is always about their time, their day, their schedule, their hobby, their interests, where they want to have dinner, what movie they want to see, and you can go out on a date when it works for them! I have never been in such a one-sided relationship before! They are also inherit cheaters. It is simply their nature. You learn to deal with it, or with it, because all of us know, there simply is NO leaving a Leo once you fall hard for them! My Leo gf is always browsing Craigslist for a harem! She thinks I do not know but one thing a Cap has on a Leo is that we can outthink them, and most people. We are aware of things that many are not, but we rarely say a thing about it. We also have a knack for coming up with all the ideas but we LET Leo think it is was their idea! They like it that way. Leo's are easy if you stroke their ego, even on a shallow level. They might have a harem of men AND women on the side (because they like a lot of random and different sex) but once they choose you as their "main squeeze" they will stick by you forever, and usually give you the best of their sexuality. No Leo admits to loving hearing about themselves, but the all do. They turn into putty at the mere mention of their intellect and beauty. The Lion was the perfect fit for Leo's symbol. Bold, brilliant, radiant, bright, sensual and highly charged sexually, charismatic, egocentric, regal, attractive and will eat you alive but can be total kitty-kats if you pamper, stroke and pet them right!

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