Capricorn women are the HOTTEST!!!

by Jay

They stay young looking much longer, are hot as hell in bed and drive me wild !! LOL I get excited by this type

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i agree
by: unique

i understand where you are comming from and i agree, i as a cappy and some of my ther freinds have hade countless confessions by men but i don't understand why some men do not find us so attractive after they meet our over anlyzing personality. i mean we are just like everyone else we are just more sensitive....that is untill we fall for you

Caps Are Sexier than Scorpio anyday!!
by: Anonymous

I'm a Cancer and dated Scorpio women and now a Capricorn and I can tell you, I can't believe what I had been missing!!! Scorpio women I was with was so full of herself, like she had been reading the astrology books abt herself and thought she was "all that" but my sweet, sexy Cap girl is shy, classy and smart and she IS all that!!! So happy and in love.. finally found the perfect woman. I don't get why all the astrology books peg Scorpio as being sexiest??? They are the most insecure, jealouse and needy for attention

i thought scorpio's were great.
by: unique

really? i had no clue about that. i just thought they were over sensitive but i ike the possesive attitude even though i have never dated one. that attitude makes me soo happy he won't cheat on did you meet your capricorn? (this is a question you don't have to answer. i'm just curious.)

by: j.t(tumon guam)

Those of you who say CAPS are hotter than the one and only scorpion Queen don't have a clue to what your talking about. You were stinged hard by the scorp that is why you feel this way. I've study the CAPS way their nothing but a Fake make-up that hides their true ugly identity. Hell, if they are truely good in bed like the scorpio naturally are, they're copy cats.So, Capri girl you ain't all that. Read the Horoscope were the BEST it's written by the stars.Scorpio is the best SEXUALLY,MENTALLY NO OTHER CAN BEAT OUR STAMINA TO SUCCESS IN ALL THAT WE DO.

oh sorry.
by: unique

well we didn't mean to offend you but i was just listening to his past a bit but i hope you didn't feel disrespected. but you could help me out a bit and tell me why scorpios are the best, well because i don't know hardly anything about scorpios.(i am a capricorn) but even so i would love to hear your point of veiw :)

Uh... Scorps?
by: Anonymous

Sorry...but how old are you? Because I'm pitting you against the ages 14-16. No one has directly insulted YOU. One Scorpio doesn't make the lot as everyone is an individual, there's no need to get all worked up.

by: coraline

true you have a point. i just want a better understanding. and i didn't think i was being insulted; i just have a big sense of curiosity

by: Capricorn

All signs can be sexy in their own way. Their is no reason to put down your fellow sisters. You should be ashamed of yourself Scorpiox0 whatever your name was. I am a Capricorn and have been told by all my boyfriends I am the best they ever had. By the way my current boyfriend is a Scorpio and is smolderingly hot in bed . I think it just comes down to the chemistry between two people, plus some skill of course

by: Anonymous

capricorn woman are cheater,an manipulative..they treat you like they are first an you last..they want sex when they feel like it..or when they do u wrong..they always want your money..if you dont work forget it..she wont give u a time and day!! I m a scorpio and belive passionate and truly whe im in love an i will tell u how i feel..capri they dont like to tell u what they feel..they are emotionless.

by: Anonymous

Can Anyone Explain Why as soon as i build up feelings for some one, they distance theirself from me? i feel like im not pretty enough for them when they do this,,, even though i didnt feel ugly around them before i build a feeling for them... and i build feeeling FAST.. im a capricorn girl btw 18 yrs

for scorpio and Capricorn
by: isaythewordsthatmakeuwanna

Well, I'm a girl and my best friend is a girl...I'm a Capricorn and she's a scorpio...we are closer than any1 I've ever came across with their friends and weve known each other for 11 years and even a face expression says everything ..can u say totally on the same page...and when i say totally i mean just that. I'm blessed bc not everyone is that lucky er'go capricorn and scorpios are great together.

by: DSJ

wow LETS not be so serious about this. everyone has their own opinions. first of all, not all Capricorns are sexy and not all Scorpios are sexy. Now I know I'm very pretty, but I don't use others for their money. And when someone said that we don't like people who don't work and stuff, I agree that is true. Who on Earth will won't a man in their life, who sits down and watch TV all day????????? TBH, if a woman loves herself, she wouldn't settle for that. And I am a very hard worker so I can be what I want to be and be independent and make my own money. I don't need a man for that. If you want something, you have to do whatever it takes to get it, and if I'm working in a great career I love, I expect him to do the same. We are not bad people, and for some of you Scorpios who are upset because of what you read about us being sexy and saying that it isn't true, that only you guys are, you sound really jealous and you probably feel aimed at. it's sad how you guys talk very bad about us on the website made for us, because you want to be known as the sexiest. I rather be a hard working, caring, smart, fun, and very independent woman than worry about my looks and be known as having the best sex anytime. Besides we are shy and sometimes yes, we are hard to get, but what makes our sex probably better is the fact that a lot of men wouldn't expect for us to be naughty WHEN WE NEED TO BE!!!! You can keep that status hun, if being sexy and having the best sex will get you money then so be it. But I will refuse to make myself look stupid and easy just to prove a point.

by: Annony

not to bring a hot oil into a flame, but I think scorpios are really the hottest zodiac ever, inside they always keep a revenge when they hurted by someone. oh well, I shouldn't talk about it. well, because scorpies are hot temperature same as capie but capies are more patient. lol, scorpio must be really dangerous and jealousy. I dated that gurl once and really hot look. But she is attention needy and I can't break her rules because of her moody situation. Lol. All zodiacs are hot too ;)

yes cappy is hot
by: Libra :)

I don't really understand capricorn at first but try to get closer to them and you can look at their own personality that can make you feel comforted. they may look vicious and cold but they are kind inside. I never see them cheating and my mother doesn't seems to push my father to give her a money for something. well, cheating is just normal. everyone did it in their life. like me. cappies are hot, duh. but the astrology told scorpios are the hottest. i'm not insulting

Not ALL Capricorns are the same -.-
by: Anonymous

Okay, soo it doesn't matter whose hottest (scorpio or capricorn). every sign is sexy in their own way. Oh and mad, are you serious? capricorn girls aren't copy cats, yet they are earth signs which makes them natural in everything. yeah, some capris are like that but some aren't. I'm a capricorn girl, and I'm loyal, funny, and kind. I have many air/fire sign friends and people love to hang out with me. many compliment me too. I'm not saying that scorpios are ugly, they're also very beautiful. but don't say things like we're boring, ugly and mean. both signs are equally hot.

by: Anonymous

Why do scorpios seem to hate us (capricorn)?? I mean, the lastscorpio's coment where a bit ooffensive towards cappys... and i've met a ffew scorps who really heated a cap.. .-.

yall need to hear this
by: mz_palace☆☆☆♡♡

CGirls girls is sexxy sexy smart they shy I can day tht but Scorpios Girls need to chill frfr all tht capicorn this capicorn tht naw capicorn will keep your secret even if you don't keep theirs they will show you how loyal they are 💕💕💕💥 💥 👪 👪

capricorn woman are the best
by: Anonymous

To all those Scorpios out there getting offended Capricorns are way hotter than scorpio woman. First of all, we are not manipulative or bitchy, nor emotionless. You get that side of us when you look for it. But deep down inside we are loyal, sensitive, loveable, and very very hot in bed that's why many scorpio man are attracted to capricorn woman because we are strong, independent, smart and sexy. So yes, capricorn woman are better than any other zodiac sign don't let our character fool you lol ;).

Yes sir indeed cappers are more attractive than ugly aries because of hard work and not laziness which describes the immature ram
by: Leo

Coming from a leo that luvs capricorns I admire how sweet and honest it can be from my point though it says we may not have too much in common I actually find it sexier and more down to earth and logical and reasonable than the drunk illogical fake unpotential aries which has no reasoning and is simply stupid because it is the least evolved of zodiacs not to mention it also has bad use of time and will make you feel uncomfortable because of its jealousy whoever said leo and aries is compatible IS DEAD WRRROOONG!!!!! I personally hate the ram as much as capricorn probably does and it would lose a fight between cap simply because of the goat being born in winter which makes it sharp minded so he would have pointed out every fault and f'up it did and when aries punches capricorn grabs arm and destroys it with it's powerful physical hard body it never thinks before fighting so unfortunately revenge would be served on a cold plate for the ram and trust me sex with cap is more pleasurable than with most other signs even though scorpio is known for that mostly so as a cap lover I personally would have it ranked as a keeper and winner because of it's patience and truthfulness and as for most aries well all I haft to say to you rams who think your smart and think your better than the goat by tomorrow capricorn will be over his drunkenness but you'll NEVER be over your ugliness XD

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