Are Capricorns spiritual?

by Andy
(Austin, TX)

I am a Capricorn and I tend to date older men. They have to have money to make me happy and all the attention has to be on me. If it is not I can get easily jealous especially if it's another girl. But most of the time I don't really worry about jealousy because I live life in the fast lane. I love to hear about spirituality and satanism is my favorite. I have a strange attraction toe the darkness. I'm not sure why. I like to experience the unknown and do everything by myself. When I do everything by myself I feel like it's perfect. I'm conceited and I love to talk and have people ask me questions about my life. As long as everything revolves around me and you give me everything I want I will be happy with you and we will talk for a long time. It is hard for me to stay faithful but if you pay all attention to me and make everything about me and spoil me with surprises and gifts and you MUST be FUNNY and make me feel safe, I will stay faithful to you. :)

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gods world
by: Anonymity a

Hey ur selfishness leads to u being alone .yes nice luxary materials is a plus but that comes and goes . put god first necuz all those things u wanted only god can give you being faithful and loyal comes from the heart and soul not big on Sat your eyes see and lust u have how you expect to be spoiled when you will give only 20% in a relationship and the other give 200% that not rite . you should want a person to love u for you .not for gifts and attention part of growing up is treat and respect people how you want to be treated and staying loyal is 100% . so I'm curious what happens if you meet that person who shower you with gifts and attention you fall in love with them and they hit rock bottom and lose everything . that rite there will really prove how pure is your heart or you will vanish away from them like a wolf in sheep clothing do you think you really know your purpose of living read the bible its a great book

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