Understanding Capricorn women - Help!

I had been talking to this Capricorn girl for about 7 months but we finally got together from about a month and I really love her like I still talk to her but little conversations and she walks pass me and in stares at me then when I stare back she turns around and act like she was not staring. But one time at a party I talked to her told her how I feel and I asked her for a kiss in at first she was like im scared people might watch us I told her I don't care and we just locked lips I told her I loved her she told me that she's not in love with me but she has love for me..... I was very confused to this very day when im with my friends walking behind her she looks back at me every time just asking does that sound like she loves me and answer this what does she mean when said she's does not love me but has love for me?

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capricorn woman
by: Anonymous

it means she cares about you but doesn't want to be with you

"loves me but isnt in love with me"
by: Capricorn Girl. Duh

You really need to work on your grammar and punctuation. That was obnoxious reading that whole thing.

When she says she's not IN love with you, but she HAS love for you, she's saying she cares about you as a person. But does not feel love for you in a manner that a person in a relationship would.
In other words, she doesn't love you like you love her. She loves you like a mother would love her child, or a sister would love a sibling.

Reply from a smart Capricorn woman ;)
by: Anonymous

I agree with the above comments. It seems that when she said that she has love for you but is not in love with you, that although she may care about you deeply, maybe she can't see herself in a relationship with you for whatever reason. Maybe she thinks that you're too different from each other and not compatible. Who knows what she thinks, though. That is just a thought.

As for the whole staring thing, she probably tried to pretend that she wasn't staring because she was embarrassed that you caught her staring and maybe doesn't want you to think that she's weird for staring at you.

As for you asking her for a kiss and then her making the comment that people might be watching, I think that she might have been taken aback that you actually ASKED her for a kiss. In my opinion, kisses should just come naturally, and a person shouldn't have to ask for a kiss. Kisses will happen when the time is right. Also, I'm guessing that she was probably uncomfortable with the idea of kissing in public because she doesn't like public displays of affection and would probably rather have them done in private. I am a Capricorn woman, and that's generally how I feel, although it can depend on the situation and be influenced by the people I'm around, too.

I hope this helps!

by: Anonymous

im a cap(22),she likes you,dude. she wouldn't be staring if she didnt,if she didnt care about you at all,you could bleed in front of her or start glowing like a cullen and still didnt notice. the thing about Caps is that we are cautious,we dont play with emootions,its serious for us,plus...we are very complicated,you need a lot of patience,communication,time,try to understand,dont judge. what she said wasnt,i dont love you,because the kiss proves that the attraction is there ,and the little stare that she is still interested. A cap wouldnt give you a second of her time not to mention a kiss if she wasnt interested. Trust me! she likes,but you have your work cut out for you,she is definetely not easy. youll hear the words ,,I love you" after about 2 years of relationship,but when she says it,she means it with every cell in her body,SHE IS YOURS. its hard,its a challenge but its totally worth it.

she loves you!!
by: cap lady 27

yes she likes u, i agree with the last comment,if she stares at you she loves u. Us capricorn woman have a hard time with feelings,especially expressing them verbally. I can have the deepest love for someone but wont say it,ill show it! such as doing nice things for them,cooking or saying something real sweet. Bottomline,she loves you,she's probably just scared,im going thru the same thing,i have someone who cares and wants a relationship but because of my past relationships im very hesitant about pursuing another one,so im standoffish i dnt tell him how i feel and i dnt express emotion,i like him too but im making sure he's the man that god has sent to me. GOOD LUCK!!

by: coco

she likes u alot! i wouldnt look twice at a person who i wasnt attracted 2 or didnt want 2 persue. i am one u consider as difficult but i am sensitve sweet and very generous. i love the romantic small things in life. im just not good at expressin them. i think its embarrassing. catch us if we've been drinking. thats the only time u will know our true feelings i promise. im drinkin as we speak lol!

Go for it!
by: Anonymous

Hello! I am a cap myself and I feel like I have done the same as your friend (minus the kiss) lol. Capricorn women are very sensual and romantic at heart. All we need is a little push and someone to show us love.. we really just have an abundance of love deep inside waiting to share with someone. In fact, (I may not speak for all caps) I myself have always wanted a romance where I can be crazy and wild and just madly in love.. however my brain just won't let me let loose like that..
Anyway, back to your scenario
I do think you stand a chance, especially since you asked for a kiss and she did kiss you back. If the cap was cautious enough and didn't see something in you then she wouldn't have kissed you. We like to feel secure and loved.. show her that you won't give up on her.
Show her that you like her, that you're willing to wait and you haven't forgotten her. Inspire her to take a chance to fall in love with you and she'll really know whether or not it's meant to be.. otherwise you both might just be missing out on the best thing that has ever happened to you.

Goodluck! :)

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