Capricorn female opposite to my sign

I always believed in the horoscope until recently, due to the fact that im almost really completely opposite from my sign, ive been dating an aquarius man for the past 4 yrs. i love everything about him dont get me wrong sometimes i need sercurity but he shows in his ways. we crash here & there but what couple doesnt? i ABSOLUTELY loveee having fun, its actually funny because he seems like a capricorn more then me, for example, i cant have money i cant save it, im a spender hes the saver, & hes more hardworking & im hardworking when i want to be. idk i dont feel like a capricorn :/

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Same but different
by: Anonymous

I'm a Capricorn and I love to have fun. I'm social. But I am born on a cusp as well as I have other planets and houses in certain positions that make me more social than the avg. quiet and calm Cap. but the basic Cap qualities I have.

You may have planets and houses aligned to make you more social and extroverted. Also, Caps like to have fun and have a sense of humor it just depends on the person/people their around. And everyone is unique not all caps are the same even if they share the same Sun sign.

If you haven't, you should get a natal chart from here and find out more about yourself.

Look at your chart!!!
by: Anonymous

you may have other factors in your chart that makes you different from your sign. for example, I have a Pisces sun, but my moon is in Taurus, and I have an Aquarius rising, Mercury, and Venus so I act more like an Aquarius than a Pisces, and I'm more stable than many other pisces because of my laid back earth moon. Most Pisces love romance, and fairytales, and I couldn't care less about that stuff. It just depends on your chart.

Me too!
by: Anonymous

Who doesn't love fun, I love it too! I love Aquarius people they are always so much fun. I'm water dominated with a lot of Cancer so that makes me very emotional and family oriented. But can't forget that I have two masculine signs- Saturn in Aqua and jupiter in Libra! And I'm a Leo rising. Hmm... This is why I get *on* with Sagittarius so well! (though it says we're a bad match!) So adventurous. They're just great friends. I love the flirting- One may say it's pointless and stupid, but it colors my life and adds missing parts.. The sex would be the best ever and I know. because I've been close to it!;)

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