Self description of a Capricorn girl.

by Nyla
(Trinidad )

I am a Capricorn woman, age 21. I am seeing an Aries man and most of the astrological information says that we are not compatible. But I adore him so much. I confuse myself as well because I had a very strong 7hr relationship with a Taurus, resulting in having a little girl together. He was the best man I ever had and the best father I have ever known. Believe it or not I actually ended the relationship because he did not want to let me leave the country to go to school. He was never abusive or anything, just sad. He was always faithful and loving and always made me look right even when I was wrong. But I am fed up with the relationship since I was bored with the same routine and sex life. I needed something new. That is why I now have an Aries man. But no doubt I will be getting married to a Taurus when I am ready to settle down.

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