Capricorn woman sexual compatability

I read somewhere that only a Scorpio man can truly handle the adventurous Capricorn woman in bed. Only a Scorpio can match the endurance, enthusiasm, depth, & talent a Capricorn woman has. How intriguing! I've come close, but never truly met my match. A lady on the street, & a freak in the sheets is what I am, but have always intimidated former partners with everything that I want to experience. I have a Scorpio man that wants to be my lover, as he is already my friend, & we connect on every level. I will take him, & hope what I've read is true! More later, darlings!

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Best lover?
by: Anonymous

Well I have never been with a Scorpio, so I cannot answer that question. I can however say that I am very demanding and picky. I told myself a long time ago, that I do not teach Sex 101. My best experience yet has been with a Pisces. Leo has showed potential and will do well if praised, but the emotional connection is not as strong.

piscean man
by: Anonymous

I have been in a relationship with a virgo, a cancerian, a scorpio. also, i'm head over heels in love with a piscean... sadly, he has a girl in his life already... who is also a capricorn.

the most passionate, yet short, relationship was with the scorpio... he handled me perfectly... however, i moved on because i thought he wasn't willing to commit (he was 2 yrs younger than me and wasn't sure of me). and i detached from him much before he could sense the relationship was falling apart.

but my friendship with the piscean has been rock solid... we complement each other pretty much, he helped me realise my dream. he's a great guy and i already know that i'm going to be very happy with him but... :(

still looking for my match
by: Anonymous

I am a capricorn woman...nice to know im not the only one who has a difficult time finding the one to not only satisfy my soul but my body as well (at the same time) I have had alot of passion with virgo...pisces is more about the fun. Scorpio...was a good match for endurance. Leo....wanted to rule the entire time. Im still looking for the one that can do it all. Be my "man" in and outside the bedroom. I didnt know there was anything different about me until someone told me. I just thought all the lovers i have had were say we say...not virile enough. Dont get me wrong, I have had good relationships that I have overlooked the sex department because i cared about them for more than just the sex. But, I crave the one that can be both my partner and my lover and satisfy me mentally and physically. If I find him...I will let you know.

You've hit the nail on the head!
by: Anonymous

Its true. I'm a strong, extremely independent capricorn female. Outside of the bedroom you will treat me like the lady that I am. Inside the bedroom? Its a whole different ballgame.
I have slept with quite a few different signs and the ONLY one that matched my ability in bed was a scorpio man. Oh. My. Goodness. That is all I am gonna say.
If you are a capricorn woman and you haven't tried out a scorpio...get on it because you are missing out on the best sex of your life. (And I don't say that lightly.)

by: Anonymous

I am a typical capricorn woman. Sexual attraction for me has to grow and develop. For me its not only physical but its also mental and the man needs to know how to work very well to get me to want him. I am reserved with most people because i believe that some things are private and not everyone has to know. I have been with several signs and i can honestly say that sex with Scorpio is amazing. The way that he looks at me, touches me, tries to control me is just mesmerizing. He doesnt try to over power me which is great, because i dont like to lose total control, but he just takes control and gives it back very well. I have not had so much passion with any other sign.

talk about a scorpio
by: Anonymous

I have just met a scorpio, i have never dated one or even had any sexual relationship with them either. we have A LOT in comman. I cant wait for the sexual part, cause lord knows he send chills down my spine just looking at him. I am a capricorn woman, who is the true sign to the T. I hope he is the one, but i do no i will go about this relationship a different way, than others.

U can't forget
by: Anonymous

Hav u try the taurus man?His passion,voice and his touching sensation u can't forget or no one can replace this feelings.Just try it.........

by: Anonymous

I’ve just met a Scorpio man and I’m very excited about him. What doesn’t work for me for sure as a Capricorn woman,is Aquarius men, unfortunately, because I have to admit, I was completely fascinated by one. He was extremely clever, his mind just blew me away completely, also a very passionate and affectionate lover. Charming and wonderful people but don’t expect too much from them emotionally.

Capricorn Woman
by: Anonymous

I also, have never been with a Scorpio man. I've just recently realized how compatible they are with Capricorn women and am very intrigued. I been with a Taurus and found them to be very selfish in bed. They only seen to be interested in their own pleasure and not yours. I like a man who can explore my entire body and mind during sex. Strangely enough, although Capricorn women don't mix with Sagittarius men, my sexual experiences with one has been great. They are interested in your pleasure and are very passionate. They know where the right spots are and love to have sex. The only problem may be in the fact that Capi's like the men to initiate (especially in the beginning).
I think Capricorn women are very passionate with a partner who is willing to take the time to explore what makes us tick.

a vote for scorpio
by: cya


Taurus - sensual, but still too weak lover for our capricorn stamina and lust.
Pisces - he more likes to pretend to be powerful between the sheets; even agressive, in desperate need to appear as macho :/
but Scorpio---oh my God.......
Even now, after 11 years of our relationship, I repeatedly say that he must be an alien or something :))) He simply drives me crazy with his sexual abilities, the sex is still amazing like it was at the beginning :P

by: Anonymous

If you have never try having sex with a Scorpio man. Oh my.. you are definitely missing something out. Oh My God is the only comment I can give for my sexual experience with a Scorpio.

scorpio male
by: enmar

iam a scorpio man & have been in relationship with a capricorn. initially she used to be hesistant in bed . but later on things changed.. i dont like overpowering her all the time. i think she fascinates me & so do i.
its been a 6 yrs relationship & its still rocking

capi and scorpio
by: Anonymous

Both are Sex your right you are so much compatible....maniac!!

by: Anonymous

I have slept with a few different signs and none of them were able to satisfy me in out of the bedroom. I finally met the perfect man and he is a Taurus. He treats me like a queen and in bed he is the best I've ever had!!! I have never had someone make me feel this way. I highly suggest a Taurus if you haven't been with one. They are affectionate, loyal and wonderful in the bedroom.

Taurus & Scorpio
by: Anonymous

The best sex ever for me has been with a Taurus and Scorpio. I don't know who I would choose as top dawg...but will say Scorpio is the definitely the best orally. Their style is pretty different to. Taurus has lots of stimina and very sensual, and scorpio loves to please, very wild, full of passion...however, both are selfless in that department.

by: Anonymous

cappy & scorpio are really compatible in bed and life in general. I'm a scorpio dating a capricorn girl. I wasn't into this horoscope stuff until I noticed she's so cappy to the T.

Love you cappy ladies!


My Scoprio Man!!!
by: Anonymous

I am a Capricorn woman and I have had a scoprio man for almost 20 years and i must say the sex is just as good today as it was when we first met...out of this world amazing!!! All night long!!! He is always up for whatever whenever and however, never ever boring and wild and kinky as hell!!! Very intriging and I love making love to him. He does not know this but I love how he controls and takes the long is it make since. He is not a pushover and this is a challenge for me. I can tell sometimes he does not know how to handle my strong personality too and this I love because I feel I have some control and I'm still a challenge to him as well because I believe once the challenge is gone, so is the man... so he does not know but I still challenge him from time to time. I am still so in love with him.

love or sex
by: Anonymous

love doesn't measure with sex my dear cappy sisters. It should not be an important measure to be included in your checklist of whether a man is worthy of your love or not. We are capricorns, we are much wiser than that.

love or sex by: Anonymous
by: Anonymous

sex is the most important thing, if the sex isn't good the relationship sinks. couple problems are solved in bed.

Cappy Girl

Capricorn Woman Taurus Man
by: Anonymous

I met a Capricorn woman a few months ago and we began a casual sexual relationship. I love and adore Cap women so I knew, somewhat, how to make things flow, i.e. patience, allowing her to make the first move, understanding a Cap woman's need to dominate and be submissive all at once. Well, let me just say that we have the most magnetic, passionate sex I have ever had with any woman. The most interesting part is that I have never told her this, however she's told me, surprisingly, on more than one occasion that no one has ever made her feel the way I have sexually. No one has ever kissed her the way that I have. "Your lips are irresistible" are just a few of her exact words, and coming from a tripple Cap, there's no reason whatsoever to believe that she's lying. The passion that rumbles inside of me with just the touch of her thumb against my own is enough to cause a minor earthquake on any given day ;) The sex is... in a word... incredible. I don't know where our relationship will go, but we are compatible in and out of bed and I don't want to scare her off because of it. Once she texted me saying she needed some time apart from me... which I immediately replied that I understood and these things happen and I totally respect her wishes. It was so hard to say it, but I did, and meant it! I also mentioned that if she ever wanted to see me again I'd have no problem having a platonic relationship with her as I wanted to see if we had compatibility as friends... well, she replied back immediately saying that the "no sex/platonic" part I mentioned was going overboard and she didn't want a "platonic" relationship with me. Two or three days later she texted, saying she wanted to see me. We've been seeing each other since.. but I want more than just amazing/awesome/toe curling/mind blowing sex with her... I want to make this woman my wife someday!!!

Cap women ... don't underestimate Taurus men. We have the stamina... they don't call us the energizer bunnies of the zodiac for nothing" and I am the only person to EVER wear her out in bed she says and I believe it. She literally can't move or "feel her legs sometimes, after coming down from multiple orgasms. Taurus and Capricorn are very much so sexually compatible.

Scorpio vs cappy
by: Anonymous

I am with Scorpio guy. I love him so much. He loves me too.

leo vs cappy woman
by: Anonymous

I am a cappy woman and I love my man confident and charming..Iwould sayi have been with a couple of signs including a cappy man,an aquarius and a leo,an I would say the leo rules,they sweep you off with their charms and confidence,and loads of attention..and in bed trust me he would leave u begging for more

Real Experiences & Real Truth
by: Capricorn Chic 12/26 baby daddy's a Scorpio. We were together for 5 years until he became very controlling and demanding. Sex was great, don't get me wrong. He certainly knew how to hold it down. But I don't know if it was his stamina or his aggressive attitude that kept me faithful to him for the entire relationship. We were like best friends and did everything together. 4 years later, things got outta hand and we decided to go our separate ways. We still remain friends and get along OK and he does for his child but IDK if I would ever be committed to him again...or if it would even be in our best interest...
->So after we broke up, about a year & a 1/2 ago, I ran into a Pisces who are real "LOVERS". They looove sex. They might not be very romantic but they know how to make a woman feel good.
->After I realized that me & the Piscean were better off just buddies, I ran into a sexi Taurus man. Me & him to this day still talk because we are EXTREMELY compatible. Never fought or argued. Taurus men like nice things. They like women that appeal to their 5 senses. Feel good, look good, smell good sound good and taste good. Hes a lil older than me. Has other kids and other situations. He does him and I do me, but we both have the understanding that we will always be apart of each other's lives.
-> I was verry physically attracted to a Gemini until I realized it would be too good to be true. I think it was a fatal attraction. This was like one of the sexiest men I have ever met in my life. Again..fatal attraction. Every Gemini I know seems to have some type of case of ADHT and he was a prime example. They cant sit still for NOTHING. They always have to be doing something. I cannot see being married or committed to a Gemini. I would be fooling myself. They are very cool people to kick it with tho. My cousins a Gemeni and you cant tell them NOTHING. They are very social people and stuck in their own ways. They know how to keep people entertained and are always on the move. Certainly the "Life of the Party". But not a match for a Cappy
->After I realized that we were better off buddies, I met an Aquarius in traffic..literally. We are now the best of friends because we click mentally. At first, I wasn't very attracted to him until I got into his head. I also have an Aquarius brother who I get along with very well. He's only 2 years younger than me and we talk about everything..literally. We don't fight or argue and if there is any type of issue, we can at least agree to disagree. This is the same situation with my future husband, also an Aquarian. Sex is very different than any other sign. Verry exotic and passionate. They are very into enjoying each other and feeling good. We will always be best friends no matter what happens.

Real Experiences & Real Truth PART 2
by: Capricorn Chic 12/26

-> I get along exceptionally well w/other Cappys. We are all on the same level. We are very down to Earth and real people. We see things that others dont. We have strong discernment and judgmental personalities. We are very successful and ambitious people. We can snap sometimes if someone tests us but just like the Mountain Goat, we always find a way to climb to the top...slowly but surely.
-> Cancer's are very sensitive. Very emotional. They are loving and romantic partners. Sex is great, btw. I have many many close friends. My first was actually a Cancer. I just dont see myself being with a Cancer... I dont think they can handle me. I'm a handful, trust me. I think many Cancers are intimidated by Cappys...because they are total opposites(polar). Cancers are facinated w/ Cappys.
-> Leos are attracted to me physically. They like things that look good. I was almost in love with a Leo at one point but I realized that it was better for us to be friends with benefits. He was like my boo.
-> Aries are OK
->Never been with a Sag so IDK
->Virgos are grrrrrreat!!! I get along with all Virgos
->Libras are cool people. We have our differences and are very opposite people.
BOTTOM LINE: Scorpio is probably the only one that really knows how to handle a Cappy. Be careful because they are verry aggressive Taurus is probably gonna be next in line. They are probably our true soul mate. We both are very attracted to each other in alll aspects. If you cant get lucky enough to find a Scorpio or Taurus, next best things would be Pisces, Virgo or another Cappy. Good luck!!!

who can keep up
by: gemini man

Gemini man waiting for that right capricorn women who can keep up.

Capricorn Sexy Lady
by: Anonymous

A Capricorn’s sexual appetite grows with time. Once she is comfortable in her own skin and trust the one she's with, all bets are off. She will give that man the best sex of his life. He would never want to leave her. Aries and Cancer men are very good in bed. Aries men like to explore and are willing to go as far as you will let them. They are very powerful in bed and very aggressive. Cancer men are more passionate and loving in bed. They like to take their time; however, if I could have a little of both in one man, I would be forever grateful. Capricorn women can be passionate and love sex once there's trust involved. I know that to be a fact for myself. In order to let myself go sexually, I would have to trust you fully.

cappy me n scorpion my man
by: shreya

hi I m dating my Scorpio since 8yrs... I had a brk up of about 1month wid him aftr a five yrs relationship but after realising his faults he ran aftr me to get back lyk a mad lover.... being wid dis guy z totally satisfactory regarding live and sex...
he is dominating n over protective...but a vry devoted lover... he ll make u feel lyk u r nly lady on dis earth.... bt make sure ur worth it.... coz he lyks feminine decency. vulgarity n flirting wid othr guyz wil set him on fire....
very sexy...

olwez redy to satisfy u sexually..... a complete soulmate..... minor disputes r common in evry relationship n as wel as its here

cappy me n scorpion my man
by: shreya

hi I m dating my Scorpio since 8yrs... I had a brk up of about 1month wid him aftr a five yrs relationship but after realising his faults he ran aftr me to get back lyk a mad lover.... being wid dis guy z totally satisfactory regarding live and sex...
he is dominating n over protective...but a vry devoted lover... he ll make u feel lyk u r nly lady on dis earth.... bt make sure ur worth it.... coz he lyks feminine decency. vulgarity n flirting wid othr guyz wil set him on fire....
very sexy...

olwez redy to satisfy u sexually..... a complete soulmate..... minor disputes r common in evry relationship n as wel as its here

Cancers are the best
by: Anonymous

I am a Capricorn Woman and The best sexual experience i have ever had was with a Cancer.. I have been with two Cancer's and they are exactly the same in the aspect.. Very quiet and soft spoken almost, but in the bed, like an animal.. My current Cancer has my nose wide open.. being a Capricorn i usually don't display my emotions easily but i feel want and comfortable with him.. He makes me feels sooooo good on so many levels.. I probably wouldn't be as into him otherwise lol but MMM.. He is amazing... He does thing without me saying and always makes sure i get what i "need" before he gets what he "need".. and then we get what we "NEED" together.. Lol.. Loving Cancers

In love for first time w taurus male!
by: January

I am dating a taurus male. I have been in two relationships before this. I have to say that I have never been in love more than with this man.
The sex with him is amazing. Even holding hands with this man gives me butterflies. We have everything in common. I feel like this man is my soulmate. The perfect match for me...

Capricorns are hard to satisfy
by: Ms satisfy

I have been with many signs i was with a libra for 5 years and let me tell u it was boring
I am now dating a Virgo and he is the only man that can prvide all my fanstasy because us Capricorn woman are hard to satisfy period

Capricorn woman here
by: Anonymous

I'm a typical capricorn woman too, it takes a while for my attraction to grow sexually. Though when I noticed something about the man I like (lit could be anything. A habit, a facial expression, anything and I'm attracted. But I think that is my scorp rising talking)

Anyway, answering your question:

I don't think scorpioa are for us. Too emotional and clingy for my liking...

I find myself always attracted to our male capricorns and fire signs... Don't know what it is about the four signs capricorn, Aries , Leo and Sagittarius. But I feel really sexual and compatible with them

Libra Lover
by: Anonymous

I am a Capricorn woman and i am a bit difficult in bed. I was interested in a Scorpio man a few years ago, however he wasn't into commitment and I don't like loose ends in my relationships. I am currently with a Libra man who is so much like a Leo it's amazing. I'm not sure why, but he doesn't fit the libra profile at all. In any case, I had to be straightforward with him and tell him exactly what I like and don't like. He satisfies me well, though I'm not sure anyone will understand just the way that Scorpio man made me feel...WOW!

I love my Scorpio
by: Anonymous

my previous relationship was not only scary and toxic, but abusive. This Libra man was everything a man shouldn't be. I lost my Virginity unwillingly to him and I must say... Not all bad things stay bad. In the last remnants of the relationship I befriended my knight in shining armor scorpio. I'm 24 and he's 42 ... He looked so good I thought he was 29. Not only has this man protected me, but he understands me on a level I never thought ANYONE could. Us Capricorns value that because it's so hard to get someone that can read you accurately and understand you to the T. I honestly hated sex until I had this man... Oh. My. Word.
I will never want any other man. I don't need one.
He loves me with just the right balance and the most outrageous intensity... I pass out every single time. Everyone knows cerebral, analytical, poised, contained, restrained, and cool (borderline cold and even tempered) a capricorn woman can be. I embody that to the utmost accuracy. This man knows how to get under my skin and inside of my body, spirit, and mind... When he's loving me I scream, beg, cry because it feels so good, forget my name, shake, quiver and melt. And he is right there strong and steady and making sure I get every inch, every sensation, and the whole time he's branding me with hot kisses and making sure I not only hear but understand his love for me... Sometimes I can't even walk when he's done. But I'm happy lol. I'm so happy we have each other after all we've been through and with us getting married in a few months I must say I have It all.. A wonderful career, a wonderful, understanding, intuitive, tall amazing man, and love so real it makes me cry when I think about it. I can't wait to have his children... I never wanted kids until him... Scorpio men are not all bad stereotypes!

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