Sagittarius man and Capricorn woman. Need help.

by Vasile

She is a Capricorn born on 14th Jan, 1991. I am a Sagittarius born 25th Nov, 1988. I love her very very much and I know for sure she does too. But we keep on running through all sorts of problems that we don't want and that's making us suffer. It's not very serious but it's noticeable. I want to fight as long as I live to keep her next to me and happy and this is me. It's what defines me! But sometimes I feel weak and exhausted and willing to give up. I am scared of that. Can anyone help me? The only thing I want to know is if we will die together, happy? Will we live our own love story?

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by: Julia

You sound so earnest! I don't know if you will make it to the end, but have you had a relationship reading of your charts together? That has helped me in deciding on partners. I am a Scorpio and was with a Sagittarius and it was very bumpy and confusing. I had a reading done and there it was in black and white that we weren't really built for longevity. I am now very happy with my wonderful husband (A LEO) and our scores from the reading done on this site were super high and gave me the hope and courage I needed to grab this happiness with both hands. Good luck to you!

a wonderful relationship
by: Anonymous

My birth date falls in the same day as your cap girl. The last serious relationship I was in was with a man born on 11/28. We dated seriously for about 7 months before we broke it off. Don't get discouraged though. I'll share my story. I'm 28. He says he is 39. But dl says he was born in 63. Either way he is Much older than me. Are relationship was wonderful. Almost perfect really. He adored me and worked so hard to please me. I did my best to reciprocate the affection. But there were some things I knew couldn't endure for the long haul. For one, lying about his age. The sex was pleasing, but left a lot to be desired. Then he didn't want to work a job. A but lazy for his age. Though he hustled here and there to get by. He had a biz idea he wanted to startup and he relied on me a lot to help getvthing s going. Which was okay as I am always willing to help a loved one. But ultimately, I would have respected him more if he pulled it off hisself.
The relationship didn't progress for the reasons above. I just got tired of him and lost respect. We are still friends to this day but rarely communicate.
My advice to you is to be loyal to her, especially when she is in need most. Don't wait for her to tell you she is in need. As she may not be so eager to ask for help. Just be there for her and give her lots of reassurance regarding your feelings for her. We need that! Not sure where your relatiknship stands with her, but if you do all those things, youll have a woman who will go to the end of the earth for you.

Best wishes!

Hang on there, and fight.
by: Ayu

As a capricorn woman I suggest you to hang on to fight as long as you can, but more importantly, you should express your feelings too to your capricorn woman, because we know that capricorn chicks can very unemotional in a surface but really boiled up inside, talk about your feelings gently and patiently, by patience I MEAN REALLY REALLY PATIENT TO DEAL WITH THIS CHICK, and she'll more open up to you completely, because if she doesn't want you, you'll get the answer sooner or later from her. Good luck ;)

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