Capricorn girls want a guy to take the lead

by preethi

how true!!! i am 18 i live in india and am more conservative than anyone else. I'm scared of getting into a relationship. and so far never admitted that i liked anyone. i cant tell you why coz even i dunno why... probably coz i always wanted the guy to play the lead

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I agree!
by: Anonymous

Hey I'm an Indian too! I found your comment pretty interesting coz I think I can identify myself quite well with it.
All through school and college, I've never been able to speak up about my crushes, not even to my closest friends!

The first guy I dated was a Cancerian and he turned out to be a jerk. That just kinda made me sink deeper into my shell. I think we're scared of betrayal more than anything else. It's what takes us a long time to trust others.

I agree As Well
by: Tia

I would love for a guy to just take the lead.. For me I am kind of use to people controlling different aspects in my life and seeing that I am not very relationship sauvvy I would love for a man to let's say "Tame" me?

Hmmm just a thought anyways

Capricorn girls want a guy to take the lead
by: Riya

I totally agree!!!
Its such a relief, thought i was the only capri feeling this afraid of relationships!
I never let my feelings out even to my best and only friends...maybe coz i dont want to look emotionally weak...
And sometimes not even to myself...
I kept denying to myself that im not in love with this Taurean guy i worked with...n lost him to someone else...urghhhhh!!!

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