Right fit for a Capricorn woman

I'm a 34yr Capricorn I would love to have someone to call all my own but that appears to be a hard chore. It has been very hard meeting someone that peck my interest. I'm a pretty simple woman not too demanding yet have a low tolerance for foolishness.as much as I care to, I may have to search outside of my color line.but there ly culture issues. I don't know perhaps I'll be an oldmaid with a house full of cats...how grose.

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Master Scorpio to the Rescue
by: Anonymous

To all the frustrated Capricorn women....if you need to release some tension....get a Scorpio we can take you on a journey you will never forget.

look here
by: Another frustrated capricorn

im a capricorn woman and im 21 years old...ive been in the dating scene since 16 and my first love was a scorpio. for two years we dated fabulously...he did all the right things...got me flowers all the time, held my hand when we were near eachother, and the sex was out of this world...until he cheated on me...in conclusion he could have been my match from the getgo but any one of the sun signs could make some dumb mistake even if you r the perfect match or not...and that boy is still regrettin it

why scorpio?
by: capgal

What does scorpio has to offer cappies?

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