Capricorn woman lesbian

i am a Taurus girl and i am dating a Capricorn girl... i know this may sound weird, but i really like her. but i noticed that she's not that showy of what she really feels and chose to keep quiet. i feel rejected sometimes but i think that's just how she is... but we are just too opposite, i don't think i can go on like this.

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dont think bad
by: madylinne

Im madylinne,.., also lesbian a Capricorn,.i have a gf and also she is Taurus like you,. were both loving each other, definitely. I love her so much too. We're really sacrificing due to always mis-understanding, but we're not giving up each other. Just be strong

Taurus girl with Capricorn girl
by: Anonymous

she leaves me confused, its extremely unpredictable, and i feel she doesnt want/or know how to communicate how she really feels about the situation. any advice?

by: Anon.

when she starts feeling comfortable around you..she'll 2 open up..

by: Anonymous

I am a Taurus girl too, and she's Capricorn. We're not dating, she's my best friend, and she says she doesn't like me like that. It's frustrating because she's all I think about at any given time, she's absolutely amazing in every way, and she loves to talk about her boyfriend (ALOT) to me.
I see alot of the same thing you do in her.

for the comment above
by: Russianlike

That must be soooo FUSTRATING. As a Capricorn, we feel we have a lot to offer and it is probably more fustrating to know your friend knows you have a lot to offer too. So correct me if I'm wrong, you feel like telling her, "snap out of it, if you know that about me why doesn't it work out". I probably left out other thoughts but for now this is it.

No worries
by: Muse Of Midnight

I am a Taurus as well and I am dating a Capricorn woman. She is the same way, aloof at times. A lot of times it's hard to tell what she wants or even if she wants anything at all from me.

What you have to remember is that with Capricorn's slow and steady wins the race. The more you try to push her to open up the more closed she will become. Most capricorns prefer to be in control on the situation wether it be sexual or non-sexual. But be spontaneous though. A romantic dinner with a soothif back massage could be just the trick.

by: Anonymous

hi I need some help im a taurus and theres this capricorn girl who says she doesnt like me yet she told one of her friends I speak to her everyday ?? i

capricorn hidden passion
by: Anonymous

How can astrolgy always make it seem like capricorns sexuality is slow to rise? I am here as a libra women to give a golden star to capricorn women because the passion that flows out of them sets the bar. There kisses are deep you feel like there reaching your soul( she was not againg intense tongue sucking). If your lucky enough to sexualy arouse them the first time you meet them hold off for just a little. Not to play games but noone wants someone they think is slutty that means anyone could have you and you need to be all theres. There never snobbish or boring infact they are so intense the way they look at you is well..what words can be used. They know what your thinking, how your feeling, and will never give up on you. They arent so bad on the eyes either with there strong facial features and they have such beautiful backs ..Godddd... they drive me crazy that seems to be all I can attract capricorns can anyone relate...

Confuse Capricorn
by: Anonymous

Hello I'm a Capricorn that is talking to a Taurus at the moment. I am very attracted to her but I notice she is very open and candid with me about her life but I seem to be remoteness and not say much. I have always been the quiet type. I find myself always attracting Scorpio and Pisces. This Taurus woman I am talking to is very hard to figure out and seem like she is standoffish. I'm not sure what to do. She is a workaholic and always have to be into something. They are right to say the are a very loyal friend because she will do anything for her friends. With relationships it seems there aren't that great in that department. I am very attracted to her and would love to get to know her better....

cap woman
by: justme

I don't know if this will help at all but I am a cap woman married to a taurus woman....and I am cap thru and thru lol all I can say is she balances me. I tend to be cold and kind of standoffish. and keep my feelings to myself. For us caps it can be hard for us. My wife thankfully was kind loving and patient...the best thing that ever happened to me! Don't give up on your cap! We love deeply loyally and passionately!

I am Leo , I love cap woman
by: Anonymous

I love cap woman. I write her night email. She reply me next day or sometime sameday. When I ask for out, she make excuses of busy schedule from last one year. She said, I am not in position to take you in my life now. I love her so much, if she don't write me one day, I almost lost.
I want more in our relation, not just cyber friend.
She said, we are cyber friend and still I valued it.
She include me in Facebook like stuff . I don't know, what do I do? Should I move forward or I continue to write her.
How is she feel about me?

I'm a cancer woman who's infatuated with a cappy woman
by: Anonymous

I'm not lesbian but when I first saw her I immediately felt a like in her.
we both work together.
she's a year younger.
I catch her starring at me more than once or we just happen to catch each other starring lol
idk if she likes me or not because I've told her that I have this huge crush on her and she really didn't have anything to say but like I said she stares at me quite a bit :/
idk what to you think she might have a like in me?

by: Anonymous

Hi folks! I am an aquarius and I just met this cappy about two weeks ago. She is absolutely adorable and I think we will get along great. Do you guys think a kiss is too much for a first date?

I am also going to be hanging out with friends that weekend. Is it a bad idea to invite her with us as a first date? Or would it be more sensible to ditch the friends and do a one on one thing?

Leo with Capricorn
by: Anonymous

Hi guys,
Capricorns want friends on their terms. My email friendship ends because she wants space. I write her other day but I do not get reply. It hurts me because Iove her so much and she knows very well . I never hide that how I feel about her. She is breaking me.
I feel, I am lost. I want to shout but I can not.
I can not even discuss any thing to my family and friends.
Sometime it seems, Capricorns are very confusing personalities. Or They like mouse and cat chasing behavior.
I do not know! Help me to get her back.

Thanks for reading

Capricorn Personality + Relationship (Experience)
by: Anonymous

Hey, I'm a Cappy n like most other Caps I'm reserved n honest. I'm usually attracted to Scorpios Taurus n Virgos. Were very loyal and faithful even tho we don't seem it, we sometimes say things without thinkin but we do have feelings. Were not as 'cold' as some sees us. We dnt like sharing our emotions especially our negative emotions, were also very good at hiding what we feel, we dislike sympathy and if were in love we wud please our partners and shower them with gifts and love. Were generous ppl n love to give. Sex is very intense and romantic, Capricorns r very horny by nature due to the goats horns, some calls us Caprichorny! However we would sacrifice sex for true love. In a relationship , Capricorn might nt show that they 'care' or love u, but if were still around its a sign tht they do, we don't often say the 'I love you' phrase becus we bliv actions speaks louder thn words, but wen we do say it, we mean it.Caps r very affectionate when were comfortable in a relationship but it takes time to get a Cap 2 feel Comfy. Were very reliable and trustworthy friends and lovers, secrets are safe with us. Capricorns r Friendly and som may take the friendliness as 'flirting' do not be disappointed if u assume a Cap likes u so quick. We are careful with who we like romantically. Key Advice if ur tryin to hook up with a Cap, Don't Rush, Don't throw the 'I love you' phrase around too soon or too much, be patient, be honest, entertain them !

Im A Capricorn Enlighting Some Stuff On Us
by: Anonymous

I was just reading some of these comments and some are true about us. For those who dont understand their cap partner, they want to take it slow, they dont want a rushed relationship. That take it slow thing REALLY does apply with me atleast. You can say im the typical capricorn but im not quiet, im actually very fun and I tend to be really attracted to taurus', virgo's, the most and libra's and scorpios even though it is said libra's arent compatible with us. *shrugg But I am serious when the time needs to be as said to be one of our aspects. But taking it slow with her in a relationship means, dont say i love you so quick, or make her open up to you. Understand we most def will when we feel comfortable. It will happen soon enough, we just need patients. Also I think another big thing is public affection. We dont like big public affection. If we do, do it, let us go as far as we want, we dont like everyone and thier mother in our business. Also I hate when certain horoscopes will say we're slow in bed or not such freaks or anything like that. All I can say to that is Dont Believe it. ;) We have our days and when we do, it gets real in bed. But when it comes to the word love, we would rather show it than say it all the time. But when we do we really do mean it. And if we dont say it in time, we will eventually, especially if we've been with someone for a while. If it hasnt come out yet, we're just thinking on how to tell you when we feel the time is right.

taurus dating a capricorn
by: Anonymous

i am a tarus girl that was dating a cap and we were doing very well i kinda knew she was into she would take me out on the weekends but we only me twice and those times that we met were the best times of my life. we have been talking for almost 4 weeks already and i started to really open up to her tellin her my true feelings for her and how i was fallin for her. she seemed to be very suprised and wouldnt say anything at all i would find this very wierd and i didnt realize that capricorns that alot to open up they cant just open up to anyone and it takes time. so since i was unaware of this i would pressure her to tell me what she was feelin for me by always askin alot and she would say shes not ready yet that she needs to think about it becuz she doesnt want to take a big risk and get hurt and according to her past shes always been the one to be broken hearted. so with that being said yesterday she called me and i didnt pick up she got so mad & said that this is a continues pattern and at a certain time i dont pick up now she thinks im playing her and im trying to convince her that this isnt true and im a busy person but when i see her call i always call her back. then she says shes going wit her gut her gut is always right about someone supposly so she thinks im playin her but the other part of her is telllin her from what she knows about me im not so shes confuse and has these mixed emotions and now she says she needs some time. im so stressed out because we were jus fine and now i feel like she doesnt want to be wit me. i called her again and she said that she is fallin for me but she needs some time to actually know what she really feels becuz she doesnt even kno herself whats going and she says that its not me that is her and she need to figure something out wit herself before she confronts me. now im startting to think this is jus an excuse because we were suppose to go in our 3rd date this weekend and now she saying to give her 48 hours so if monday she still feels the same way about me then we would try to work it out i was so angry and mad becuz i never go a day witout talking to her and two days seems like a alot to me i feel like she is just taking this to te next level like is not that big of a deal i dont whats going on wit her i need HELP becuz im really into her and i cant imagine my life witout her. but i feel like she is just usin this as an excuse and something else is going on so i told her this and she was so upset she started cursing at me over text and said that this is childish that shes not making an excuse not to see me becuz she always wines up seeing me but that now she has had it and she dismissed me an i was so in shock i didnt know what to say to her so i never replied back to her text and now i feel like i lost her for good and i dont want to text her because ive already been pressuring her and i just want her now to come back to me i feel so hurt.

Cappy and Virgo
by: Virgo115

I'm a bisexual Virgo and she is a lesbian Capricorn. How do I know that likes she me. She did say she isn't looking for a relationship which is fine by me. She was the first to contact me, compliment me on my pics, and personality and said she wanted to meet me and we met up the next day and spend 4 hrs with each other. The way she look at me, she will always text me and when she hugs's really tight hugs. She is a big affectionate and touchy feely...But I think she is like that with everyone. How do I know she like me. I'm a bit standoffish. I did tell her I have this wall up. I don't text her as much anymore because I feel I need to be distance. We have hung out a couple of times. Before she was very talkative, and would constantly text me and talk about things. She even opened up to me. One day I said something to her because I was pissed and she told she was hurt by what I said. I asked how can you be hurt by what someone said when we just met? I don't know...I think she is starting to back away also because she see that I'am and she doesn't want to get hurt...or maybe I could be wrong. Someone help me out!!!!

Soo slow its painful~
by: Anonymous

taurus woman here, trying to date a capricorn woman. Damn! BIG Emphasis on TRYING!
I usually take things slow, but this is slow even for me. typical taurus- I have decided she is the one, so all hesitation has left the building. I m trying to be patient, but near the end of my rope.
Thing is, we have known each other about 3 months, but both busy and rarely get to see each other. We do txt almost daily, and that has gotten quite deep and meaningful. The word relationship has come up more than once and seems to be what we both want. (God only knows, as she won't actually say so). What really hurts me is that plans to see each other always get cancelled at the last minute. Her life gets in the way (mine is just as busy, but I have more control of my Chaos). She has apologized for this once. But it feels like she is avoiding me and this hurts. I have really fallen for her but have no idea how she feels about me. Like, if she really wanted to see me, she'd make an real effort, right? My heart tells me to persist. My head says she is playing games. Any suggestions?

No worries (c+t=power)
by: Cap girl

As a capricorn girl I can only speak for myself but I love my personal space/me time. Sometimes it's difficult to express how I feel, without feeling as though I'm going to hurt my partner's feelings or say something that will be misunderstood. Most of the time when I'm quiet, I'm thinking and/or observing. Be sure to give your capricorn space/me time, she will open up when she feels prepared :)

in Love taurus girl cap girl
by: Anonymous

Okay Me & My Cap Been Talking For a While'3years' Now When I First Met Her She Was In a Realionship And We Were Talking Even When She Was In A Realtionship But We Been Geetibg To Know Each Other We Never Had Sex Me Kissed But Nothing More When I Kiss My Cap It Feels Like a Fiery Burning Passion When I Kiss Her But Sometimes I Feel Blind Becus She Opened Up To Me a Lil She Told Me She Love Me & She Here & Care But For Some Reason I Can't Believe her I Need Help I'm In Love With My Cappy & Can't Understand US :/

I fell for a Taurus
by: Capricorn

Okay so I'm a Capricorn. I met a Taurus female and she confuses the hell out of me. When we first met she pretty much gave me "not interested" realness. Then a week later she called me and said she wanted to give me another shot. We ended up getting really intimate and it was like love. She literally came over and spent the night with me 3 nights in a row. She then ended up getting arrested and I kept in touch with her for a month while she was in there. When she got out we didn't have sex or anything. She just totally switched up on me. After a few rejections I texted her and told her I was gonna leave her alone. She called me 2 days later like nothing even happened and stayed the night, and again no sex, NO KISSES, NO AFFECTION, NO NOTHING but her eating up the food I cooked for her. WTH, I'm sooooo confused and I'm really attracted to her.

Taurus experience with Capricorn (lesbian)
by: Sophia

I have dated Capricorn females three times in the past. They all shared the same basic traits: cold, aloof, unaffectionate, strict, and controlling. I think what attracts the Taurus to Capricorns is their personality that we are first introduced to, as friends. They tend to have an refreshing sense of humor; funny, which we find adorable. As friends, they are a good time, but as romantic partners, they seem otherwise. Even for the Taurus it can take a while to open up and feel certain that their partner is the one which they can let their guard down with, but with the Capricorn, they can take so unusually long for this to become of them that we (Taureans) either take it that they either do not like us, or that their Capricorn is just too dull for them. But overall, I find it odd how the Taurus are said to be the ultimate "soul mates" of the zodiac because it seems like we are complete opposites. They Taurus hates to be controlled, yet the Taurus is compatible with the controlling Capricorn? All of my relationships with Capricorns have broken off because of the control factor. I would eventually become fed-up of it all. I cannot tolerate someone who thinks they know how to lead me through my own life. And they do not reveal this side of them until you are officially their girlfriend. Some Capricorns are more affectionate than others, but they are overall not the cuddly, lovey dovey type. If you express your gushy love on them, they will feel uncomfortable. It is so difficult to get them to open up about anything. This can reign emotional confusion in the Taurus. For this reason, I seek out Virgos and Pisces. My current 3-year strong relationship is with a Pisces.

Libra woman in Love with a cap
by: Anonymous

I met my g/f almost a year ago. When I first seen her, my heart pretty much jumped out of my chest. We started dating a few months after we met. In feb of this year she broke it off. I walked away with my heart broken like never before and swore I would not look back. Fast forward to May, I moved in with her because she said that she wanted me with her. It's now August and I'm still lost and confused. She says that she loves me and doesn't want to lose me. I love her with all of my heart and told her how I felt. She keeps telling give her time, but how much time does she really need? We have not consimated the relationship, how much longer do I wait? Is she worth the wait or do I walk away never knowing what could've been?

Aquarius woman married to a capracorn woman
by: Anonymous

I am a very typical aquarius, trust me. She is a very stubren cap. It was explosive when we met I was shameless, she was quitly watching me, she was so reserved I thought she didn't like me. I will say I was on the job as a caregiver when I meet her and I saw her one more time it turned out the same. But you have to be patient with caps. She started texting me the next night and was very romantic and intense and won me over quickly. I went that night to really met her and when they say caps are old fashion in bed well that is wrong and our bond and union is very close and very strong and intense. We were married ten days latter. Is is crazy I will be cooking dinner butt naked singing my favorite songs and she admires that in me and she showers me in gifts and is always always trying to build me things to make my life easier as I had broke my back and had emergency surgery and I am now very disabled and she built me a step to get in bed and a awesome ramp outside for when I use my wheelchair exct... She is highly protective and loyal and is very intense that what is hers is hers and I am hers, but me I am a free spirit she just doesn't let me get to free. She isn't always romantic as I start it a lot but when she gets hot oh my god she melts me, and she tells me I am the only one to do this to her ever and it makes her bond towards me that much more protective as she finally found someone to do this to her. She and I naturally are very pigheaded and stubren but one of us will give in rather then argue as she will finally show her emotions and let me know I hurt her and it brings me to my knees. She is a very strong person but in private she lets her guard down with me and needs me to be very nurturing and tender and pampering but I can not expect it back in the same ways I give it to her you have to look at the other things they do for you. She is not big on going out she would rather cuddle a lot and fall asleep with me laying in her arms gently rocking her body and caressing her hair. Even when she is asleep she is possive she will always keep a hold on me no matter which way I lay and to me it is very nurturing. She likes my free thinking and she puts order to my life I am good at getting her to discover something new she is a good sport about it and laughs a lot at me. I am kinda a goof and she is tickled with that. She is very military and strict but with me she has lightened up and is different with me. She tells me I am her once in a lifetime as she is mine too. Once a cap is truly in love and happy they are very different, be free loving with them pamper them and be tender and patient with them!! And when they love you back you have to look at it in a creative manor sometimes instead of saying love you they might change the breaks on your truck and then give you a kiss and ask if you want them to vaccum out the floorboard, they will love you in their way you just have to learn to speak their language!!

capped woman and libra woman
by: Anonymous

This is new to me. But my cap gf told me today that she doesn't care what I do. Here it is. .i moved from across the country for her because she became available and we have been talking for a year and a half...she flew to get me and drove with me "home". Well a month later an ex boyfriend tried to come between her and I and I didn't let that happen. She was upset that I didn't tell her anything about him and I was hanging with him as friends. Known the guy forever and he knew about her but of course when shit hits the fan, he wanted me the whole time and I was naive to not believe it. So we worked through it and 4 months later we are still working on our relationship, but now something else happened.. i accidently sent a screen shot to my friend about something she said. She is pissed and now says she doesn't care what I do or what I decode to do but that I need to do what I need to do. So now I don't know how to handle the situation. I moved across country for her, I cook and clean and show her tons of attention at home... i do everything I can for her. I love to cater to her. I love cooking for her. I love being there for her. I live with her... where am I supposed to go? I love her and don't want to lose her. I feel she's my forever and I want to marry her just like she just told me 2 days ago that she wants to marry me. So I can't vent to a friend now?? Not like she's ever Done that before. She used to vent to me about her ex when we were just friends. She even vented to another friend about her ex. How should I handle this???

capricorn filings
by: Capricorn

i like freedom,share my love with friends and family,short tampar,forgive easily , i like to love my gril frind too mach,i lov to sex. i whant to giv my girl frind very good sex satisfied to her
giv good sex , make her happy.i never
expect for her ,i expect only true love always all time,
every day .never lie to me.i lik fun and enjoy.
i lik to be always we being romantic.i love to kiss.
i am very straightforward person in love and
relationship. if someone prapose me, i say yas or no straight in on word.if i say giv me time to think that mean
something filling is there in my hart that i can't say
and i am confused or scared to say i love you.
keep thinking if someone playing with me or not

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