Personal View on Capricorn and Scorpio match

by Gabriel
(Nashivlle, TN)

Hi, I am a capricorn woman and I've been with a scorpio guy for about 8 months. I hear they are the best sign for us. It's really annoying because it seems we both are stubborn in some cases and very conservative in the emotional department. We both agree that there's just this connection. Though it's irking, we never really talk to each other, but some how I'm way in love/lust. I really wouldn't call myself pessimistic, i think its because we tend to analyze and question everything, especially all the things that can go wrong. I always look for the bad so I can make back-up plans, lol. We're super confident in ourselve, cuz we know what we're capable of, but we are also unsure. I don't gloat or nor am I arrogant. I know I'm good, but I'm humble too.

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