Getting to know a Capricorn woman

by LuLu Belle
(London, England)

I'm a Cap female and I even confuse myself sometimes! My moods fluctuate... Sometimes I can be very loving to a man, the next I need my space or else he'll feel my wrath. I don't need to be criticized, I need to be understood! To those who don't know me I may appear aloof and reserved. Only those with intelligence, insight (and patience) who take time to get to know me, later realise the huge heart I possess underneath... my thick veil of self-preservation!!!

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I agree
by: Anonymous

I understand how you feel. As a Capricorn girl myself there is always an inner battle going on inside. I have to fight my self not to be selfish. It can definitely be so annoying and confusing! I am always apologizing to my husband for being so contradicting and I let him know that I can't even stand myself sometimes! :)

by: Anonymous

Wow! I wasn't really into signs..but I'm interested in a cancer man and I used this to try and understand him which lead me to reading my own sign(capricorn) and it is so right. I be been struggling with being so reserved because inside I feel like wanting to be the outgoing one and I can't because I need to see what I'm dealing with first. It amazes me how this is so on point I will definitely be reading more!

Inner Turmoil! :D
by: Talia

Don't worry, you are not alone. My moods fluctuate all the time and it can be very frustrating. We capricorns tend to think a lot about everything, and therefore have this constant inner turmoil. We want to make the most logical secure choices, so we go over things over and over. Others interpret it as perfectionism, but we view it as being responsible. Also, we tend to contain ourselves behind this wall to protect our soft side. We feel things very deeply- but we keep those emotions inside. Our logic and our emotions are constantly battling one another. Its just who we are! :-D

by: A real capricorn

The goat is a sturdy animal that lives in the heights. He survives on a meager diet, withstands fierce weather, and enjoys the best view. The Capricorn goat is also a "sea-goat," showing evolution from the waters of emotion to the dry heights of clear judgement.

Reponse to Talia
by: Imaladye

OMG Talia, I'm so glad I stumbled across this site. All these years I thought it was just me that couldn't sleep at night because I couldn't stop thinking about things. I had no idea that there were others and that it had to do with my zodiac. Not to mention all the other things you mentioned. Thanks for your post.

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