Confused and hopelessly in love Capricorn

Hi, I am a capricorn, mostly to the T- from your descriptions here. I've been involved with a Libra man for more than 3 years now, we had a little break of 6 months that we did not talk to each other because he moved away. But we recently got reconnected and I realized how much I'm hopelessly in love with him. For the past 6 months, we talk for hours everyday, but he doesn't want to start long distance relationship with me. He's out there looking for his perfect girl. I've tried to cut back and talk less to him every now and then, but things would come back the same. I can't get myself away from him. I guess I'm just waiting to the day when of us meets someone else, to fall out of it. Thoughts? Suggestions? Or you can just tell me I'm plain crazy.

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me too!!
by: Anonymous

ohhhhh girly..... i feel your pain!!! i'm in the same situation!!!

get that libra man
by: libralover

You got to have the balls to slap him up side the head with a load of good loving. This is the first step to reawaken his feelings for you. Give it to him good three times quickly in a row and then disappear for a week or two - no contact other than voice mail, etc. You'll have him all in a dizzy. Step two is get to know him all over again and build up his ego... but no lies or he'll know and dump you again. Librans can walk away...Step three Borrow some money from him even if you don't need it and pay him back way early and then some even heavier loving. Show your stuff and strut that booty but only to him. This should take max one month. Remember, lots of booty,then chill, ask him favors and build his trust, be honest and optimistic. Shit he already loves you just got to bust that nut!

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