Patience dating a Capricorn woman

I am seeing a capricorn woman at the moment, it took me 3 months for her to open up ever so slightly. Some days she is so loving and the next its like she does not want you there and the mood swings is hard to work out. They say you have to be patient its hard work but i will persist. i am a Scorpio

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by: David-admin

That's a fairly normal stage in Scorpio Capricorn relationships. She's far more cautious (and far less intuitive) than you are and basically needs a lot more research to get comfortable with making a commitment. On the flip side of this, if you're patient you'll have a very dedicated partner, who you can probably already tell would never even consider cheating. Many Scorpios feel that the price of waiting for the walls to come down is well worth that later benefit.

by: Anonymous

I'm a Capricorn woman and last comment on a Capricorn's woman seduction is so true by the way :)

hard to get
by: Anonymous

I was in love with a Capricorn girl... she really was hard to get... she set the rules... she appears and disappears at her own will. I got tired...
maybe I was not patient enough... I guess as a Libra man I needed some feedback and I don't like to waste time (life's too short)

She never admitted her feelings for me... I've noticed that she liked me 'cause one day I've noticed how jealous she got when she saw me with another girl... As the texts say: You have to be sure that you want to pursue a Capricorn girl... otherwise you are wasting your time. :-)

by: Anonymous

I'm sweet on a Capricorn woman. I'm a Taurus. One thing i have noticed is patience is needed and it seems that is a reoccurring theme throughout this site. I feel she is the right person for me... like I've been waiting for her my entire adult life. I have my whole life to be patient and wait for her. From what i am reading here, it sounds like that is probably the best approach. I'm also 11 years older than her which also seems to fit what i have read here. Great site and great reading. She is sooooo much fun to be around and i hope the stars play out in our favor.

by: Anonymous

I'm an eighteen year old college student. I have a Capricorn friend, and she's never been seduced! Guess it's really true =\

capricorn hurts capricorn
by: Anonymous

im capricorn women an all this is true all of it we are worth the wait.... but its to late for me im a capricorn hurt by another capricorn male i lost my ability to trust him cause he wasnt as loyal as i was......

by: Anonymous

i m a Capricorn women .i never read this kind of article but first time i read i m highly impressed you explained a Capricorn women very well i was thinking i m really like this only i cant adjust anyone in my life except my family

Odd Couple
by: anonymous

I'm a Libran Man whose currently dating a Capricorn woman. And we both are textbook examples of our respective astrological signs. As a Libran man (not to sound cocky) I have a great amount of success with flirting and really getting a woman interested in me and to open up. But with her it seems to take a lot more time and she seems to be the only one I've dates whose been keeping her true feelings for me for so long instead of opening up and telling me. I continuously debate with myself as to whether or not I should keep being myself which is an open-book sort of heart on my sleeve type of person, or start playing her games and keep my feelings a bit secretive as well. Would this be a mistake and just completely put her off? We've been seeing each other for about 2 1/2 months now. But have known each other and been close friends for about 2 years.

Capricorn Woman
by: Anonymous

Im a capricorn woman and i feel that your just gonna have to be patient. Capricorns like when people are straight forward and make the first move, they hate when they have to. So make sure she knows what you want and whens she comfortable she'll open up to you entirely! Good luck and hang in there

you been warned
by: Anonymous

:) I'm capricorn woman.As it goes we are the most patient in a stuborn way, but even I would not have enough patience to deal with somebody like me. Scared/feared paranoid about love/trust however, once I do fall in love- if i fall inlove- it's forever, loyal, caring,giving, opening. But if I dont get the exactly same and more- it's over. When it's over- noone can bring me back- because I am too patient and stuborn to bear any heart broken pain. HAHAHA I believe any man who read this wil wanna run away from capricorn woman. Try it- not easy- we too seductive in a mysterious , classy, icy way- like sea serenes.

Sweet, Stubborn Strong And Sexy
by: Anonymous

Yes, yes yes...Capricorn women are pretty much described to a "t" within therse posts. And yes capricorn women are worth the wait for sure. Most are hard to get because of ambiguous aura. No you don't want to break a capricorn womans heart cause she'll will cut you off faster than you can count to 3, but if there was real love there are definately ways a real man can get his capricorn woman back into his arms. Patience is a virtue. ; )

it can be done
by: Anonymous

Well guy just be patient thats all you can do. Ive had my Cap for 2yrs(7 if you count romantic ftiendships) and if I a Leo(sun) can do it then you can....sorry Caps but yall are not really that complex:P

by: Anonymous

well, im a capricorn, but my bf is a libra and why is it that they move VERY quick and its hard for me to catch my breath? I love him very much but i try not to reveal too much on what i feel about him...but sometimes he says that i dont take it serious about the relationship..and he's older than me by 8 years but i didnt care about the age difference and im 18..but he expresses his feelings to me and he's already planing a future with me but im still unsure about the future...but is it a good idea that i should still keep my TRUE feeling towards my Libra man??

cap woman
by: claudia z

Im a capricorn female and id have to say most of this is true ... except some have failed that we can be really agressive in bed haha... but im a bit confused maybe someone can help me one day i will feel as though i love the guy the next i block him out of my head and dont talk to him for weeks. I feel bad for people that have to put up with this. my libran friends hate how secretive i am ... but be patient and youll be able to put us together may take a while but the puzzle will become more clear after a while.

Advice for any man interested in the Capricorn woman
by: Anonymous

I am a capricorn woman. I am text book stubborn, with so much patienec to a fault. What this means is that ultimatums will never work, games will never work. My response to those actions are usually nothing. It is best to be urself, because the wisdom of a Cap will allow her to see right through any games. We are constantly observing even when you think we are not aware. In order to snab us, you must demonstrate tolerance, patience, loyalty and determination. We are only waiting to find out if you really feel what we are feeling but we are way to terrified to express to you. Have no fear, if the Cap lady is answering your calls, she is interested, although she may not initiate any calls! The same goes with her affection.

How to capture a Capricorn Woman
by: Anonymous

To best understand and capture a Capricorn woman is no different when a any man regardless what your astrology is who is looking for the best mate. Capricorn women are not that complex. We want what you men, loyalty, dependability, love, great sex. We just want to make sure you're in it for the long haul. And if you're willing to settle for all, you'll have to patience. Rome wasn't built in a day. But look at how long Rome has withstood time?

For me as a capricorn.
by: Ris124

Hey there^^ i'm a capricorn and I hv a taurus boyfriend. What has been said abt us capricorns above are so true. We are pretty observant and we want our partner to show us that they are in it as well in a relationship. Once that person broke a cap's trust, it'll take time to gain it again.
Resently, me and my bf are not so in good terms, he kinda lost my trust. And it's hard for me to be at peace. One small mistake can be a real big taboo for a capricorn lady.
Guys should be really carefull, patient, loving, sweet, loyal etc to a cap. We love that. We hate liars. Once we commit ourselves to our partner, we give our 100% loyalty and heart. But once broken..bye bye to you. It takes time to mend a capricorn's broken heart especially trust.

by: Maria

I'm a capricorn and i'm not really okay right now. A few days ago, when me and my taurus bf went out, i checked his phone and went through his messages. Then i read this message from a girl that i didn't like. It's so clear that they hang out without me knowing about it. I was so hurt that my day was totally ruined. It was our monthsary that time and he treated me out. I wanted to keep it to myself and wait for him to tell me about it but i needed to know. Cause things like this hunts me in my sleep. It bothers me so much. Then when i asked him abt it, he told me that he jst wanted to try on something. Experiment. I was like, "experiment what?!?" we talked abt it n told me dat da girl had a problem n he wanted to help. Argh! Help her how?! After dat day, i refuse to think about that but then whenever we're chatting, i cnt help bt think if he's chatting wd her as well if he reply late. I don't wana be selfish, and i don't wana make him feel trapped or something. I don't know what to do. He tell me he loves me so much. He cares abt me too. But all of that gets covered wd ugly questi0ns and thoughts like when we're not seeing eachother, is he meeting up wd her? The trust is kinda lost. True. Because of what he did. He also did appologized. Bt it's hard for me to forgive him right away though i told hm he's forgvn. Sometimes, i even thought of cooling off for awhile. But i dnt want to feel abandoned. I promised him b4 dat i wud not let go. I don't know what to do. Right now i'm so down and lost. I feel lyk giving up and jst let go and be alone. I wana tell him that i wana cool off, and jst hv space. But i'm afraid of what might happen if i do that. Please help me. :(

For help
by: Anonymous

Hallo maria,i m a taurus man.Just ask him what's the problem in our relationship,why we r not loyal to each other.Tell him the truth what happen if u go with the girl in future.

Same here in a sort
by: Anonymous

Yeah same thing here, but just alittle different. Like I havent had a relationship in a while and I still have my options open, but I had just recently been talking to this Capricorn girl, who ive known for alittle because ive worked with her before. But I'm getting kinda worried because shes def a keeper, and according to her moon sign as to mine are compatible 10 outta 10. And I just really wanna keep her intrested in me and possibly start a relationship. My question is how to reach(keeping her intrested),that opportunity and how long should I expect to wait for it to come? And btw Im a cancer and have no problem for waiting. I guess you can say Im just doing alittle research myself lol.

no patience
by: Anonymous

I'm interested in a cap who just had her heart broken... Im a Scorpio and we get along great.. but she says she just wants to enjoy her freedom and doesn't want anything serious right now ... I know what I want and I go for it ... but that doesn't seem to work right now....any advice?

To Mr. Scorpio
by: Anonymous

I'm a Capricorn woman who recently got her heart broken too... and I am also in the stage of being on my own again. However, if she is talking to you, that means she is interested and possibly entertaining the idea of being with you... she is doing the research and observing you. You need the patience everyone is talking about. At the same time, she told you that she wanted space for a reason. So, proceed... but with caution and patience.

by: Anonymous

i am a scorpio boy dating a cappy girl.i know she like me alot.but still she is ignoring me and pretending that she is very what i have to do to capture her heart?

by: Souljahs

I am a Scorpio male who have grown very faun of a cappi beautiful lady. Check dis, I feel on a physic level we are in tuned, however I'm aware, as she is, that we are both picking apart each other traits. This my concern, we've known each other for about 3 year through a mutual friend and for the last 6 months we've been talking. Things seems to be going well but now am unsure if she is still intrested. Yeah she a true cappi and I love her. I am a patient man, well ballance internally, respectful and confident, not to mention hard working and indepenant. Aware of Scorpio down traits am in tune and rule them in I, so to achieve the best result from my efforts. I have no problem attracting other women but she mi heart desire. I give her her space and respect her wishes. I think that me reluctant to be so straight farward or aggressive is creating a gap between us that will eventually makes her feel am not intrested. My fear is that she will misunderstand me and take my lay back approuch for none care. Remember am a Scorpio, and I use those down traits as they are suppose to and the positive ones I fuel them and give them life. Inputs would be appreciated. 1

by: The Cappy 22 year old

Wow...I'm a cappy woman and I must say, everything that is posted on this thread is completely true to the T. I'm currently dating a Satt. (the BIG no no) but so far he hasn't really shown the "flirting" side of being that sign...only towards me lol. He did say that he usually goes for outgoing women, which means I was kinda closed or shy even towards him. I can't help it and most Cappy women will agree: we want someone that will be there for us, that we can trust but also know they we're the one that THEY want and no one else. I dated a Scorpian Man and everything went so was like a dream really...then he suddently stopped calling me after 6 months, 5 months after that he called, we got back together...a day later he did the same thing, 7 months after that he send me an email and it really broke my trust on all men in general. Over a year and a half later and I'm dating this off to wall Satt man. But now I'm getting the feeling that it won't last for too long...I feel as though something better is out there for me. I guess I've grown in confidence as well lol. But yes, big shout out to all of my Cappy people, yes it takes people so long to get to know us, yes we keep most of our feelings to ourselves but once we find that one person we can becomes breath taking beauty =)

What is this Capricorn Thinking
by: Anonymous

I am a Virgo man. Just started dating a Capricorn woman. We have been out on some very casual dinner dates. Had a more serious date two weeks ago. Had a great time. She was very affectionate to me during this date. No sex but kissing that was as good as anyone could possibly imagine. The following week I knew she was on travel so I left her alone and then called on the weekend. Invited her to a concert. No response. Two days later sent her a text inviting her again. No response.

I think that our date scared her. She is 42 and has never been married.

What do you think? Should I try to call her again or let her contact me?

Frustrated and confused

You're right about her
by: Michelle

Wow! This thread about capricorn women is so true, coming from a 27 year old cap. It was quite entertaining to read. Especially this quote:

"No you don't want to break a capricorn womans heart cause she'll will cut you off faster than you can count to 3"

So true... Capricorn women just like to take their time to find out what you're really about and if you are worth their time and emotions. We are very careful in choosing our mates; but once chosen, that lucky man is in for quite a ride!

It is very normal for a cappy woman to keep from showing her emotions to the man she's seeing until she knows for sure the feelings are mutual. If you really want to know, just ask her.

Good things don't come easy!

@ Souljahs
by: Anonymous

It seems like you are enjoying the chase with this beautiful cappi lady you're talking about. Remember cappies need time to know your true intentions. They also use time as a way to test your persistence and dedication towards them (as they want an everlasting relationship). My advice to you is be patient and show her you're a keeper. If you are serious about starting a relationship with her, then ask your heart this question "am I truly in love with her or am I just interested in the challenges she gives me?"

If the answer is true love, then you would intuitively know what to do to win her heart.
If it's the challenges you're after, then the cappi will eventually see through that (due to her cautious nature and deep intuitive thinking) and in the long run it won't be good for neither of you once the chase is over. Do yourself a favor and don't go wasting your time, and do her a favor by not breaking her heart when you loose interest once she'd put down her wall for you.

When a cappi loves, she loves deeply & faithfully. That is the ONLY time when she's very vulnerable to getting hurt, so she's very cautious before she opens her heart to anybody.

Response to confused Scorpio
by: Anonymous

As a capricorn girl, I recommend you move slowly and give her space (but DON'T be out of sight!). Try to initiate contact with her every once in a while. This lets her know she's crossed your mind and it makes her happy. If she says she's busy, trust me she's busy, it's not a hard-to-get game. This girl's always on a ball! she's got to do something to exert the limitless stamina in her. But if she's busy and can't spend time with you, forgive her - use your love, and she'll look at you differently. Also try to connect with her on an emotional level (show her a level of emotional understanding, as this is rare because not many other signs can understanding this complex girl). Forgive her little faults (aloofness, detachment, too much attention on work and less on you) and she will remember you for life. Success and career are very important to cappies. Never, I repeat, never make a cappi choose between you and her career because you are only digging a hell hole for your relationship with her.

Eyes wide
by: Souljahs

all great and wonderful ideas , thank you all for sharing. The thing is, cappi's go hard and I love it, as a Scorpio you could then come to understand why. They are beautiful souls! I know myself so well, those so call negative trait-in me I bow them-is to say, I master over I body community of 1. I teach people of themselves, to know what's going on internally. If you know me, then you would know these eye's sees all thing-even so I saw straight through mi cappi, I Am man very strong man, and trying to pic me apart deceivingly manipulating situation. Let's say, If you know you like I know me, you would never want to hurt any and such a beautiful soul, so I left her alone. She was younger than I, it was her youth and fear of spiritual things or understanding the unseen. If you know a true Scorpio, then you would know it's ither distruction or rebirth-new life with us. InI give thanks, I made through those turbulence driven days, now I can see and interpret the present well-seeing deep into the prediction. I haven't known too many cappi's but from my last experience, true we do have alot in common. My message to all, if you ever find a Scorpio on the ascension path, and especially one who's title is "Lord of the Sabbath" or say mastery of the 7th, don't be afraid Cappi, your deal with your A's, and yes he is that true, that real, that sure, that confiden and yes he is that sharp too.
I am no longer talking to this young lady, when you mess up with a Scorpio like I, humble yourself, you are precious and an extremely rare jewel. He will always frogive, he can handle within himself the most grosomes of disappointments but by no means is he blind to insincerities. Honesty is the way and pride hurt him of all he is about. Thanks again and I wish you all the best.
Know love is everything worth having and friendship is the most important aspect of it all.

@ souljahs
by: Anonymous

Allow me to be honest about how you are dealing with this situation here. Some of the things I'm about to say may offend you, so don't take it personally.

You say you have true love for this cappi girl, but your actions are quite contradictive to your words.  The true love I'm talking about here isn't the  mediocre kind anybody can do.  It is the combination of forgiveness, pure passion, true affection, strong commitment, and the willingness to let your two hearts beat as one. It is something out of this world.

There are different kinds if cappies (the less of a perfectionist and the real perfectionist), and the less of a perfectionist can settle with that potential partner they think can provide them with a secure relationship. While on the other hand, the REAL perfectionist search beyond that scope.  The cappi girl knows her hard nature is hard for most others to deal with and not many guys like it, but do you question why she shows that side of her when it comes to love? She wants a person who can withstand & overcome hardships emotionally, mentally, and physically - a man different from the rest she's defeated in her past. almost like a god, so to speak :). Sounds familiar? ofcourse, those are the traits she possesses. If you aren't showing these traits, that's just telling her you aren't worthy of her unconditional love.

I won't ask you how she's messed up with you because that's your personal business,  but whatever the reason is (unless she's cheating) you should consider forgiving her and the progress you'll get may be beyond what you expect. 

Again, ask yourself are willing to overcome all obstacles to capture her heart or are you using her mistake as an excuse to cover up your fear of rejection? I can't answer that question, so I'll let you answer that for yourself.

Give thanks for the reasoning
by: Souljahs

Let's just say that pride come befor shame, sound familiar. I am very forgiving, after all I don't want my blessings to cease so-will I never forget that each one of us is a blessing, and wi should never forget that the potential to be that or the other is within us and we live in the world of our own creation. With that said, yeah she mess up, but that's life and how we grow. Am understanding that you know cappies very well, it's hard for them to bit it-and youth doesn't discriminate. To sum things up, she fled off instead of facing what was difficult for her to stand up too-am by no means a purist, but I do ask of all those given to I in this walk to push themselves to do better-to always try. I don't knock people down. Compassion is my way. To me she is absolutely wonderful, beautiful, she hides her grace but by no means even a blind man can see through her front. That girl has massive potential to be so great. That's a Cappi and that's what I saw in her. I don't force myself on anyone, we will all come in term in due season. In all the moon travels around the earth, she also around the sun. I'll wait for that one special person. Ily bless

@ souljahs
by: Anonymous

You seem to have made up your mind. Anything else said would be useless. Happiness is no longer happiness if it is forced.

Best of luck in searching for that special someone.
-A fellow anonymous cappie friend.

Highly bless and Royal greeting mi friend
by: Souljahs

No not at all, I have not given up, I am love itself, I just don't go around chasing after women, I am confident secure and stable in me, games are for children play, manipulating mind games go No where with me. I see clear and all around, picking up on all hidden agendas and motives. And no it's not that I've made up mi mind, this woman is a boss, but she herself is frighten, I was like none she has ever fealty with, completely out of her realms, I guess am a little too deep for her, she has much to learn but still real recognize real, like she said, she has never known or met another person like me. She herself is no Joke but I am not to be taken lightly ither: alot of people make this mistake because of being kindly, she made the mistake of thinking I was weaker than her and tried to play I, as if I was blind, unable to interpret hidden things, "it's good to know about scowling if your wanting to get involve with one. In all I refuse to put up walls that would interfere with the divine wisdom, so I don't hold grudges. She is gone, disappear of her own free will and choice. Being proud and fill with pride. Know that these things limite growth and strain the process of mental and spiritual development. wi are much more than mere human beings trapped in a physical body of flesh and blood. Alot of people live their life thinking that the Zodiac is who they are, when in fact it is only a guide to help one better Understand themselves, it isn't who you are, neither is anyone limited to the capabilities of there more dominant sign.
Love and Life forever more. 1ness

by: Souljahs

Excuse the scowling I ment Scorpio. Bless

by: Anonymous

In life, sometimes what we hear may not be true - what may be obvious to the eyes may not be what it is (especially from such a complex sign). We should use our heart to see and feel others. If the heart is skeptical, then it is better to ask that person directly. Then you can work your way from there.  It isn't such a good idea to make an assumption about that person without asking her why she did what she did. Most often times, that's where misunderstandings come in to play, due to the lack of communication.  The wise isn't he who sits back and wait for the answer to come to him, but he who seeks for the answer.  Will this turn into a beautiful love story or another tragic ending is up to how well you handle it. 

You're right that astrology serves as a guide to help people better understand themselves and from there allow them to work on their strong and weak points. You should NOT let it define who you are, or else you will never be able to find true self.
Well then, let's view this from the psychological standpoint. 
Girls who are mature & take relationships seriously often think love that comes fast also leaves fast.  A stable relationship needs a good foundation, and time is one of the key ingredients. Loving someone also means taking the effort to understand that person. Time is what allows this to happen.  When you understand someone, you know what makes her happy and what makes her sad. This allows you to estimate the depth of your love for her, by how much you're willing to sacrifice on your part to make her happy.
Being a master in Sex or showing how powerful you are don't show how much you love her, atleast not with a smart girl.  It is when you are willing to put all that power aside that says something about your sincerity. I'm not saying shamelessly go and pursue her, but be willing to give up that power while still retaining a level of self-respect.  It's not like a give but no take relationship. Actually when you've won her heart, you might end up with a pleasant surprise that many other men could only dream of. You're smart, so you should be able to break that down and understand it to the bit.  

Have you ever consider that maybe it's something you've done that tells her you don't take her seriously / you're not sincere in your pursuit?  A girl's mind can very complex sometimes, and there could be an invisible barrier between you two that you aren't aware of while she does. It's up to you to initiate the act of removing that barrier or leave it there to forever separate you both.
I don't want to formulate any possible reasons behind her actions without knowing a little of her and the story that led you both to where you are now.  But ofcourse those are your private infos that I shouldn't try to dig for, so you have the right to keep that hidden.

by: scorpio eagle

I usually don't share my personal stories, but this site is interesting so I'll spill a bit of my experience with a capricorn ..I'm an scorpio and my girlfriend is a capricorn, going on strong for 5 years. I've been with a few other signs in the past, but they didn't work out. I wanted someone strong, yet feminine at the same time, she was it!
When I first met her, she was distant and really cool. There was something in her eyes that made me wanted to know her more. Like most capricorn she's very conservative and well-mannered. We became friends and that was when I got the chance to know her better. I noticed this capricorn girl despise guys that hit on her at first sight. she's used to having it easy, so I thought she wanted something non-superficial. Knowing that, I moved at a steady pace and had her falling for me before she even knew she was in love. The time it took for her to open up for me was damn long, but it was worth the wait. She gave me love no other girl could compare. In return, I stayed by her through the hard times and love her deeply. She harmonizes with my scorpio traits in many ways.
My baby likes to be in control sometimes, but it's not a big deal. We've decided this is our shared task when we started our relationship. We do fight over trivial issues once in a while, and I love how she makes me come back for more. The making up is the best part ;]. Boredom is off the list when I'm with this girl. Her extreme loyalty outweigh all minor problems. Once you truly love someone, you can accept everything about them..including their flaws. I love her to death. She's my true soulmate!

cap ladies?
by: virgo

I'm a virgo who's been friends with a beautiful capricorn lady for nearly a year now. I have strong feelings for her but don't know how to tell her due to my shy nature. We treat each other with respect and have never crossed the line of friendship, but I feel it's time I take another step closer to her. Any cap ladies want to give me some inputs?

no games
by: cappy woman

we capricorn women don't play games when it comes to love. we might try to test your intentions or sincerity if we don't know how you feel about us, but by no means it's a called a game.
As a matter of fact, we HATE those who try to play games with us, so we would never do that to anyone else. We're too mature for that crap.

by: libra70

talk to me Capricorn ladies, please. I'm a libra, Oct 2, that's all I really know. I met her and we instantly hit it off at dinner with friends. I asked her out, and she gave me her number. We went out a few times...things got hot. I was being a gentleman, and she thought I wasn't into her; then I proved her wrong(her words). She's busy(of course) as am I(unusual for libra) so we couldn't find time to hook up; and I know she tried. Then she asks me about my long term financil plans...yikes. I tell her about college interest and promotions...blah well as if I were to find a suitable life partner, how that could make things work for the better, but that it really wasn't a "plan", just something that "could" be beneficial. All communications failed at that point. I was dead in the water. REALLY!?!?!? EVERYTHING I said and did for two days made it worse...until she said there's "nothing further". Then she to make sure I understand "how much I messed up", and 1. Tells me she'll still be "around" when I never knew her before; and 2. I "pressured" her when talking about having a "life partner". Of course I reminded her I was answering her question about MY future FINANCIAL PLANS and nothing to do with HER. She had no comment. I have since apologized for putting her in that position and have heard no reply. I like her, and can't believe it turned so bad so fast. Is she done with me?

by: scorpio

Capricorns rule time..give her some time to think about it dude.
Just be patient.

sooo true!
by: stefanie

omg, that's so true! I have nothing to oppose to that. You must know cappies really well.

you broke it
by: UK

Libra70, cappies might look laid back, but they are very sensitive to comments that have make them seem like they're not important. sure they can brush off some careless comments every now and then, but if you don't watch your words after a while, she's going to take that as an indication of you not caring for her feelings and she can be VERY hurt. When she's hurt, she'll carefully re-evaluate her status in your world and will decide if she wants to be with you for the long ride.
A capricorn girl is not the one to play around. she's a deadly serious type who takes her relationship like a responsibility/duty, and you know how important that is to them.

Take it from a man who's dated a capricorn woman for 4 years.

Thanks for the comments
by: Libra70

To UK...I think you misread what I was describing....what she told me was that I made her feel pressured, like when I spoke of having a "live-in life partner" I would be willing to share responsibilities with suddenly scared her and sent her running for the door. Which I can understand to a point- but the fact that SHE was asking ME about my long term financial intentions tells me she should be prepared for a serious answer whether it is implied to include her or not-she wanted to know.
As for an update...I reached out to her just to say I didn't have any ill feeling about any of it and she responded favorably. She has since gone on to explain that it was all about her last relationship. She was very hurt by it and was trying to convince herself that she could just shrug it off and move on with someone new...being me. This cappy fell way short of controlling her emotions, and I was simply caught in damage. He came back around trying to fix what he broke, and she bundled me into the whole mess, freaked out, and just wanted to pull into herself and lick the wounds. I believe I have made a real friend in her...being that she didnt have to tell me anything, coulda just cut me off completely. So I don't know what to expect from here with her, or what I even want.....

by: UK

Yeah man I was talking about capricorns in general. I wasn't tryin to refer to your girl explicitly. So I didn't misread your point.

But congrats for working that out man. Once the trust is there, you're on a smooth sail.

It depends on the capricorn girl
by: LA

my capricorn partner is an extremely feminine woman. She lets me be the man, the provider of the family. Outside of our marriage realm she's got character and class n nobody tells her what to do.
I've got my way to bring out the best in her. She's beautiful- inside and out. I don't believe in astrology, but I'm reading this for fun

Capri female/ Gemini luv
by: Anonymous

Capricorn female

I love being a cap, and yes a man must put in alot of work to really get my attention. I know this is weird, but dated a gemini male it was some great chemistry. Just he had to many personalities. I miss him tho and my beautiful flowers he gave me everyweek. Just needed a guy who had more self controll. Lol!

In General
by: Soulajahs

All together we should observe and know in our hearts that every relationship like every individual will grow to maturity in time. The trick is to remain positive and to keep reminding yourself that you are not limited to the ruling power of any sign including your own, but has asses to all the attributes of every other both positively and negatively, given that every person is as peculiar as their gift. Work together in appreciation and am positive that whoever can make it work with any sign. Take the position that love only grow, and opposite are the many expression of other similarities.

confused Virgo male.
by: Anonymous

i just want to know how much space to you give a cap women. days?, week or two?
becoz this cap women texted me on the eve of her break up and asked for space (WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS ACTION). i just want to know when do i initate contact. and what type of initiation.

by: Anonymous

Hi, I'm a 23 year old Capricorn lady. Reading these posts from Taurus, Scorpio and Virgo gentlemen who are so patient and devoted gives me hopes that someday, I will meet the love of my life. Just waiting it out patiently for now.



by: Anonymous

I'm a lesbian dating a female Capricorn and she has been hurt and mistreated in her past and it's tough to get her to express her feelings or open up! What should I do

capricorn affair
by: Anonymous

your right,i'm trying to see a capricorn woman,who is living with some one else,who cheats on her,who gives her so much mental abuse,she is very depressed and In think she appreciates my friendship,but as a lot of you say,she is also very hard to fathom as to if she does really like me at all sometimes.

Virtually everything said in these articles is so true of the Capricorn woman,she is a pain in the bum to get to know,but when she lets herself open up and show some affection it is an amazing feeling,but it does not last,next day you could be almost a stranger to her.

Beware,a Capricorn woman is hard work in the normal world,have some sympathy for me,in falling in love with one who is not free and has had her heart not only broken but smashed to peices,and does not trust at all,I just hope she will trust me eventually,then there may be some hope for us.

cappy girl here
by: Anonymous

I am a mature cappy and how I deal with matters of the heart have drastically changed. The younger I was, the more strict I was in terms of dating and what I was looking for. I fit all the descriptions described above, mostly because I was protecting my heart. I hadn't been hurt and I didn't want to be hurt. I would totally bail on a relationship or a blossoming relationship if I saw it not working out in the future, a bit of a waste of time, or didn't feel like we could go far together in general, financially. Now this is not the case. It seems as though my maturity level has dropped and now I want to play more and flirt more. I am more patient and don't require the need for guys to wait as long to search me out. I find myself opening up more easily and expressing my feelings (if I am really into you). I will kinda disappear after that, or go silent for a few days if I felt too vulnerable, exposed or open for my expressions. If a guy responds positively after I open up, and I don't feel like he just left me hanging out there naked, then I won't fade. I will need some support and feedback to help me stay current and there. Make me laugh, show me a good time and take some of the serious edge off of me. that's what caps really need. Don't get all deep and serious with us, we will get bored. I know I am very strong. I also know that I am very sweet and sensitive inside and easily hurt. very emotional. My horns project out of my goat head to ward off predators. I know I over analyze and think too much, but that's because once you get to my heart I literally have no defenses. I will run if I feel pressured, am unsure or have too much male attention paid to me. Hope this helps.

dating cappy woman
by: spiky_jo

Hi everyone. I am new here but would like advise. I am gay n recently split up with my partner. We been 2gether for 4 years. Week after we split up I met lovely cappy lady. We chat a lot. Recently I have ask her out for a dinner and she said yes it would be nice. So I chose restaurant n text her which day she will be free as I know she is working hard. Didn't have answer for 2days. I really like her. There is something about her which attract me. She knows she is important to me but don't wanna push to hard. What can I do ?

by: Anonymous

I am a Taurus man to the T and met a Capricorn, and have been talking for a few months ago. If i made a list of everything that I looked for in a woman, it is 100% her. And i have NEVER said that. To say it has been a challenge with this girl is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Long story short, It started out by emails to her, not hearing back for weeks, and then finally getting a response which was great! for almost 2 months I waited! But throughout that time i was determined and persistent. And she showed interest on her part to begin with. Every week and a half to 2 weeks I would send a follow up email just checking in. Never getting mad about the fact she didnt email me back. Which really impressed her. Let me tell you I have never had so much patience with a girl before. But deep down I know this is it. We have exchanged emails since then which have been pretty long for both of us just general chat getting to know eachother. But sometimes we will email back and forth for a few days and then I will leave it open to her and she doesnt respond for days! Its very frustrating and it is trying my patience because I know shes read it. Maybe its a test? maybe shes feeling too vulnerable? IDK but Its very confusing to me and it makes me hope there isnt any game playing. without forums like this I probably would have lost faith a long time ago as i did with another Cap i dated which i always considered the one that got away. I didnt understand the aloofness and it was completely my fault for ending it badly. But i hope this is different and intend on doing everything I can to make it work. Ive done things for her already that ive never done for anyone. If you think this girl is worth it you have to have NO FEAR! NO doubt in your mind, and go for it. Patience is a must!

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