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Scorpio woman personality traits and characteristics

Scorpio is a powerful sign. Dark, moody, real, and infinitely sexy. In many ways it's the most unique and dramatic sign, and one of the hardest to do justice to in a written description. Many facets of Scorpio personality can sound negative when described in isolation. For example they can be highly obsessive and compulsive. To some folks that can sound downright scary. In practice though many find it to be highly flattering, sexy and addictive.

Hate isn't the opposite of love, indifference is.

Scorpio women savor emotions, and in many ways are the most human of all the zodiac signs for doing so. Though few would say it so directly, most enjoy emotional intensity (good and bad), and have enormous inner strength to handle anything they may find in a partner. Most Scorpios prefer a good fight with a partner in preference to being ignored.

Intuitive, passionate and self confident, the Scorpio woman will often know all your secrets before you know much, if anything, about her. What she doesn't learn from you directly she'll pick up from reading between the lines, and you'll soon realize that in many ways she's in control of the relationship, all without seemingly lifting a finger.

If that sounds like she's going to be the spider and you're going to be the fly... that's typically not the case. One of the great challenges and frustrations for Scorpios in relationships is that they care, almost too much. While they are typically more skilled than their partner at reading and relating to people the bottom line is that...

The partner who cares the least in a relationship has the control

For all their passion and interpersonal skills often it's not the Scorpio who has the control in a relationship. Many Scorpio relationships involve a partner who without any effort or conscious thought can wrap a Scorpio around their little finger. Simply because their Scorpio cares more than they do.

Due to this Scorpios can end up fairly wary and pessimistic about the concept of true love. Ironically, each bad experience can make all their traits that much stronger and more intense next time.

Scorpio women are very skilled at relating to others, and as such can be very good friends and emotional healers. It's a one way mirror however. Highly secretive and subtle; she will often prefer to give only a limited view of what's really going on inside herself. They often don't like a partner to know quite how smitten they are, due to the vulnerability it creates.

Oh, and we invented sexy

For those who have never dated a Scorpio this can all sound fairly scary. This is an intense woman. However, that scary Scorpio intensity can be highly addictive, especially for passionate and intense partners. It is scary, but it's a good scary and not found anywhere else. In many ways Scorpio is a study of how to be sexy without needing superficial tricks or gimmicks.

Uninterested in the shallow or superficial, your Scorpio woman will have an immense curiosity, so if you have secrets to hide then you're best off steering well clear. Scorpios often love both keeping and uncovering secrets.


To go off at a slight tangent for a moment, it's interesting to note that the scorpion is unique among the other zodiac animals in many ways aside of the obvious poison/sting. For example, it's capable of killing itself in preference to being killed, is nocturnal, photophobic (a 'sixth sense' used by spiders etc to avoid predators - they pick up on the tiniest changes in light and dark to detect movement before they can see it), they also shed their skin multiple times in a life cycle. All of these have direct parallels with Scorpio behavior and personality.

Scorpio woman questions

What are Scorpio women like in bed?

You can call Scorpio women many things, but prudish or unsexy will never be one of them! They exude sexuality, have healthy imaginations and aren't afraid of experimenting. Scorpio rules sex and death, and like many other aspects of Scorpio compatibility they face both head on.

The only possible negative is a potential censoring of feedback, so you may not always know exactly what she likes or dislikes. As with other areas where Scorpios appear secretive this is partly to keep a 'clean page' upon which to maximize and enjoy their partners emotions. Sex is an area where creating and absorbing your emotions is often as important to Scorpio as the act itself. It probably goes without saying that Scorpio scores the highest for sexual chemistry with many other star signs!

Are Scorpio women kinky?

This is always a hard question to answer, as one person's idea of kinky can be very different to someone else's. Individuals also vary a lot, so this is a bad area to generalize in. All things being equal though, Scorpio women are amongst the more kinky, yes. It's important to note though that this is largely because they shrug off things which might embarrass other signs, and not because they're necessarily kinky themselves. As with other empathetic signs they tune into a partner and to a degree they adjust themselves accordingly.

What's it like dating a Scorpio woman?

This is a woman who will expect to give and receive 100%, and have a personal skill set ideally suited to making sure that happens. If you aren't ready to commit to someone on that level then this sign may be best avoided. On the other hand if you want a sensual lover who wants your body and soul and isn't afraid of what they may find then these are the ultimate women.

Almost inconsistently, your Scorpio woman may want more personal space than many signs do. This is partly due to her private nature, and partly because every experience must be carefully analyzed and the precious emotions absorbed and savored. This typically works very well, as it allows breaks in what is otherwise a very intense relationship. So you get the best of both worlds.

For more details please see our article on Scorpio in love

How loyal are Scorpio women?

Scorpio women tend to have relatively few but highly intense relationships. When in love with a partner she is beyond loyal, and will do anything to protect those she loves. On the other hand, if ignored or neglected enough by a partner Scorpio's aren't beyond cheating to fill the emotional void in their lives (men and women of every sign do this, it's not a negative on Scorpios).

How to know if a Scorpio woman loves you?

This can vary. Some Scorpios don't have a problem leaving 20-50 voicemails a day. You won't be in any doubt at all! At the other extreme however many Scorpios don't want you to know how smitten they are! The answer in either situation is simply to ask. If you're serious about your Scorpio woman, don't play mind games - just have an honest and open conversation with her. You will save both yourself and her a lot of heartache and she will only respect you more for doing so. For a full description of how a Scorpio woman acts when in love please see our article on Scorpio in love

How to understand your Scorpio woman

Your Scorpio will have her own unique personality traits. This article talks about sun signs, however there are many other factors. For example her moon sign determines her emotional personality which affects whether she is sensitive, romantic, loyal etc.

With her date, time and location of birth these other factors can be calculated for a complete picture of her personality. To explore this further please see our article on astrology compatibility readings.

Who are some famous Scorpio women celebrities?

We have a list of the top 400 most famous Scorpio celebrities and historical figures.

How to keep a Scorpio woman?

Scorpios are "real" people. Being honest and open is the key to winning her respect. This isn't a woman who wants a superhero, scientist, NFL football player or whatever, she just wants you to be you. So open up and let her in.

How to know if your Scorpio woman is your soulmate?

Relationships are complex things, comprising hundreds of individual elements. Sun signs are one of these, however a detailed analysis of everything is required to find all the strong and weak areas. Please see the article on astrology and soulmates for more information on how astrology can be used to determine if someone is your soulmate.

Scorpio woman long distance and online relationships

Online relationships and long distance relationships have unique challenges. One of these is that you get to see one side of someone very clearly: their personality. You don't however get to see anything about other factors such as sexual attraction. My compatibility reports address this by scoring all factors alongside each other so you can see the whole picture, with any strong or weak areas highlighted. To explore this further please see my article on online relationships.

Do Scorpio women cheat?

Generally they don't. But, this is the type of question that often gets asked or answered whenever astrology is discussed. Individual experiences are then quoted back and forth as proof that Scorpio women do or don't. Individuals get offended by general statements that don't apply to them, and everything goes downhill fast. The diagram below shows the problem here:

Scorpio man personality

Astrology can predict someone's personality very accurately when the placement of all their planets is calculated. In that situation we can also predict their most likely behavior.

From just someone's sun sign however we can only predict some aspects of their personality and it's too much of a leap to try and predict behavior from just those. Astrology has fairly precise limits. This is an example of an area where sun signs are just too broad and clumsy to give an answer. A real compatibility reading is required to answer the question.

How to make a Scorpio woman fall in love with you?

This is a question which is very hard to give a general answer on, as no two Scorpio women are totally identical. The key is understanding her and what she finds most attractive in a partner. Astrology can provide a wealth of information to enable this, however natal charts need to be prepared and studied to do so. Please see the article on seduction and astrology for more information on this.

Scorpio woman gifts

We have a dedicated section for Scorpio woman gifts with examples of the types of gifts which Scorpio women enjoy within various categories from naughty to practical, including reader submitted suggestions.

Scorpio woman dating advice

No advice will ever apply to every Scorpio woman as they are all unique in various ways. I specialize in offering tailored advice based on your unique personality and hers together, as one without the other isn't nearly as useful. My astrology readings solve real relationship problems for real people every day. For more information please see the article on relationship advice.

How compatible are you with your Scorpio woman?

This depends on far more than just your sun signs. The complete picture of your personality and hers is determined by numerous planet placements at the time of birth. To fully understand someone or how compatible you are with them we need to calculate those other planet placements from their date of birth, and compare them to your own, and then interpret the results. This unlocks the real power of astrology, and gives much more useful and specific information - everything from how they view you and how to turn them on to the best way to avoid arguments.

We specialize in providing accurate and affordable astrology compatibility readings delivered promptly via email. This reading explores everything about your relationship, including a detailed analysis of your personality and your partner's personality. We examine areas ranging from sexual attraction to problem solving. Each topic has clear explanations, scores and comparisons to averages. The relevant astrological charts are included, together with notes of how the information is derived from them.

Average size is 100 pages. The reading is $27 and includes an unconditional guarantee, free email questions and free revision if you later find a more accurate birth time for you or your partner.

All the analysis is based off of the date, time and location of birth for you and your partner. Ideally the times should be as accurate as possible, but we can work with the best information you have.

Below is a questionnaire which shows the information we will need:

Your first name
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Life can be infinitely more enjoyable with the right partner

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If you're looking for more general relationship advice or problem solving the relationship ebook reviews page lists the best immediate delivery ebooks on subjects such as improving your sex life, getting an ex back, seduction and self confidence.

Lesbian Scorpio woman

Everything in this article applies if you're gay or bisexual. On this broad sun sign level astrology works the exact same way. Over 15% of our clients are gay, bisexual and lesbian.


So is this article conclusive?

No! This article is based only on sun signs. In order to provide a lot of people with information those are a convenient and fast way to generalize, but far from conclusive at this broad level. There are many other planet placements which all affect someone's personality.

To get a complete picture of someone we need to take all those other planets and their interactions into account. To do this we need to create and interpret their natal chart. For information on what's involved in this and the opportunity to obtain one for yourself and your partner please see the compatibility readings page.

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