Tomboy Taurus girl

by uron

hi im aquarius man and right now im little bit confused. recently i met a cool tomboy taurus girl. we met our eyes and sometimes throw smiles to each other. she is the type of girl that i like (or intrigued).i see she is not like what astro textbook told me about taurus girl : stable, classy, boring, materialistic. (yes i do have some taurean friends that fit with that descriptions).instead she just seems careless, free, and yeah, tomboy! i thought she was an aries or saggi before. but shes a taurus! i dont know exactly her birth chart but what i want to know is why this Taurus girl is different with what astro says about her? is it just the exterior, but the interior (her values etc) is still the same with taurus description? is the dos and donts to approach this girl still same with what astro says? need help from admin or taurus girl whos thinking that they are not like what astro says about them.

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What the zodiac does not unfold.
by: Aphrodite Bull

Her natal chart may be unique. But contrary to what you heard in the zodiac, Taurus women are not boring, classy yes, but dull, absolutely, not.

Let me give you an example of a Taurus woman:

A Taurus woman will ride horses, travel, and enjoy everything nature has to offer. She is rebellious. But in a good way. We hate being told what to do. We can't be molded. We know EXACTLY who we are and what we want. She will get on all fours to scrub toilets, wash dishes, paint the house, move furniture, and help the guys with any physical activity. Why? This woman is physically as well as emotionally strong.

But here is where she suprises you...
Despite all the tomboy activities, she will show up at a gala or event, showing her appreciation for art, dressed impeccably, with an elegant sense of style. You would assume that you were standing next to Jackie O, or Audrey Hepburn.

But let me warn you. Despite her tomboyish ways, there also lies a woman who loves being a woman. This woman wants a 'manly' man. A man who leads in the bedroom, work environment, and life, despite how unconventional she may seem.

Good Luck
AB-Taurus Woman

We sometimes can be tomboyish.
by: Taurusgirl4life


I stumbled across your article and had to respond. I'm a taurus girl myself, and I've always thought of myself as being a little more on the tomboy side.
I love music, singing, dancing, writing, hiking, swimming, animals(especially my dog), fishing, food, etc. And growing up I was always outside. And I loved it. I played sports, and sometimes I even used to play video games with my best friends brother.
If anything, I think the taurus girl your talking about probably is showing more of the positive traits of a taurus. Boring, and lazy are traits of a taurus, but normally are on the negative side. Not all taurus's show that side. You're lucky you found one who has the positive traits.

That girl just like me.
by: Annelise

Hi! I'm taurus girl and I thought I sometimes have similarity trait with your girl. The zodiac textbook tells right about me but I also tomboyish free girl after all. It was pissed my boyfriend also. My boyfriend is Aquarius boy also. He thought I was stable,, classy,, calm,, and mature. OK,, it was me but we like to express ourself through expressive way.

All you have to do is GET TO KNOW HER WELL. I believe she will showed her real woman when you already get closed to her,, win her trust,, and she feel comfortable to you.

A Tomboy Child at Heart
by: Anonymous

I used to wish I were a boy when I was a little girl. I always acted tough and rough although deep inside I get hurt easily. I enjoyed playing video games like warcraft, DMC4 and Dynasty Warriors. When I turned 13, I accepted and appreciated my feminine side and stopped trying to be boyish anymore. I'm just a typical Taurus female. I'm fascinated by all types of arts. E.g.: Food, music, martial arts, graphics, etc. I enjoyed all beautiful things but that doesn't mean I despise ugly people. I look at their personalities, if we could get along then that's fine.

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