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Fell For A Taurus/Aries Cusp Girl, What To Do? 
I'm a Pisces guy, I recently moved to a small town and met a totaly BEAUTIFUL (inside and out) girl who I later found out was an Aries/Taurus cusp. She's …

Married to a taurus lady 
After nine long years of courtship,I married my taurus.Her love is not quick passion that fizzles out,but mellow love that burns with white flame of intense …

The Heart Of A Taurus.  
Hey guys, Let me just start by saying that I am a taurus female who takes matters of the heart VERY seriously! I'll be 20 years old this month, …

Help me understand Taurus Ex 
Hello Taurus women! Please help me to understand you. My Taurus ex girlfriend left me for an Aquarius man. This is complicated (I am a cancer after all) …

Am I Taurus or Gemini or both? (Taurus Gemini cusp) 
If I'm born on May 20th am I Taurus or Gemini? Or both?

Scorpio loving Taurus 
Keeping it real. I'm a scorpio (yup the opposite) who has had a crush and puppy love kinda thing on a Taurus since 7th grade. Well I and Taurus only …

Taurus woman traits 
I am a Taurus female and reading this I am convinced this is me to a tee. All of the personality traits are bang on. I love routine and rarely veer from …

Taurus forgive but don't forget 
My best friend and I, both born on May 12 believe strongly in "once bitten, twice shy". As Taurus females, we are strongly loyal and we expect the same …

A Taurus Woman with a Virgo Man 
I am a Taurus woman. And have 2 kids by a whorish Virgo. We have been on and off for about 12yrs. When we 1st meet he started of with a lie. There is one …

Taurus with Pisces traits? 
I am a Taurus girl and I have only date Pisces men. Pisces are very deep and emotional people, and recently I have came in counter with a lot of them not …

Pushing Taurus to her limit? 
It's true Tauruses are patient and persistent but if you're dating a Taurean girl don't push to her limit she'll lose control it will be difficult to calm …

Tomboy Taurus girl 
hi im aquarius man and right now im little bit confused. recently i met a cool tomboy taurus girl. we met our eyes and sometimes throw smiles to each other. …

My Taurus girl 
I'm a Sagittarius. My Girlfriend is Taurus. (Sorry readers. My English will not be so good) I didn't have any steady job. I was a freelancer and I had …

Taurus woman article 
I'm a taurus woman and 95% of this is so true! And I don't even believe in zodiac signs and stuff like that......... Interesting...:-/

Older Cancer in Love with Younger Taurus 
Never thought it could happen to me, but it did and took me by a complete surprise. I'm a Cancer, she is a Taurus. I can always control my feelings and …

Taurus woman romantic experience 
I am a Taurus woman who met my Taurus lover on a internet site. To start with he nearly spoiled his chances by sending me a truly filthy joke which I thought …

Taurus woman compatibility and Venus 
I'm a Taurus woman and he's an Aquarius man. Fortunately, my Venus Is in Gemini and his Venus Is In Capricorn and our Eros/psyche are compatible, etc. …

I'm a Taurus Woman 
Your comments are on point, it's like reading autobiography. Definitely on point with the sexual traits.... I'm not big on fantasies, role playing or talking …

Im a Taurus female 
I'm a Taurus female. I'm musical. Love being a Mom. Selective with everything, from objects to people. I don't like people to get too close when I don't …

Help with Taurus woman 
I'm a Virgo man! I'm going out with a Taurus woman. So everything started out VERY well, but then when we started talking about past experiences she told …

How to seduce taurus woman 
taurus women love to be charmed and since they are so sensual, engage them in all the senses-touch her all over,whisper in her ear compliments or subtle …

Taurus women not materialistic or boring 
I am a Taurus. We're very intelligent, creative, and the MOST generous people in the ZODIAC. Trust me, our intentions are always purely genuine and altruistic! …

Taurus woman who can't relate at all 
It is always amazing to me that I cannot relate to the "traits of a Taurus woman." If I handed this to anyone who knows me and said, "Is this me?" They …

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