Married to a taurus lady

by dave

After nine long years of courtship,I married my taurus.Her love is not quick passion that fizzles out,but mellow love that burns with white flame of intense loyality-very much like mine.She has a calming influence on me,mellows me with her honesty and is surely hard working.Sexual in a very unassuming way,yet thoroughly grounded.Unlike some Leos and Scorpio girls,doesn't walk two feet above the ground.
I love her to death.
-a cancerian guy

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Love your Declaration
by: Anonymous Taurus

Taurus women feel the same way about Cancer men...

A Cancer's love is a permanent high, euphoric, cosmic, addictive, unapologetic...not dangerous or narcotic, but therapeutic and very beneficial. His love is a soft whisper, unspoken words. He simply understands me. He sees my eyes, my love, my soul, my true intentions...and know that he is safe and eternally mines.

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