My Taurus girl

by Ramkumar

I'm a Sagittarius. My Girlfriend is Taurus. (Sorry readers. My English will not be so good) I didn't have any steady job. I was a freelancer and I had many GF (although not very close). I earned enough to satisfy me and as a Sagi, I was spending everything I had in parties, long picnics and gadgets. This was my old story. I met my Taurus girl when she came to me to learn her subjects.

I loved to speak and she liked to listen. Initially I was not truly committed to her. I just used my playboy tricks to attract her. When I gained success, I was forced to some responsibilities which although I could handle I didn't want to. But I learned to handle those responsibilities. Unknowingly I was surrendered by the love and care she showed to me and I was unable to break those with my Sagi behavior. I tortured her a lot by my words, but like a caring mother, she came back to me with the same smile and without any change in her love. She always slaps my ego openly with her love. She encouraged me to start a business and of course every single idea in the business is mine, without her I might not even tried to put my ideas to reality.
We always had problems in our relationship, but I didn't even get to think about leaving her. I usually would not stick with a single girl but now Im strongly thinking she is the only one. I cannot even imagine any other girl in my life. She helped me to bring out my skills and now I am much honoured by other than before. I lead her in her problems and she loved to follow me. I am surprised to see I have skills in problem solving and Im taking risks for responsibilities. I am now leaving most of the negative qualities of Sagi, Just because of the true love and care she shows.

She is also not an ideal Taurus anymore. She now loves to travel to different places with me. ( I always make sure to give her the security she expects). She is now in a creative field and now she is very easily handling changes and people which were almost impossible for her once.
We both changed a little from our ideal astrological characteristics and now we are enjoying a great relationship. Although the astrological compatibility between us is 1/5, we are going to marry soon.

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Happy for you
by: Anonymous

I am also a T. woman. I find myself in the description of you T. girl... I am so happy for you, be sure of her and never dissapoint her. A T. woman loves you with all her heart - I did the same, untill he betrayed me - I forgave him, but in my heart love has died and it will never be the same, and I mean never. So, take care of her heart and you will have all the love in the world. I'm also happy for her - i wish my man would have seen in me all you see in your girlfriend. Good luck to you two!

by: Anonymous

Your story really touched me. It seems as if the taurean traits resonate negatively with the more adventerous and "exciting" zodiac signs so it was good to see a different perspective from the "opposite" sign. I had a relationship similar to the one you are describing now, and from what I have read felt it was the worst mix ever after it ended, and justified my hurt by thinking that it could never be. Therefore, I found it surprising to see Sag man with Taurean woman. I love the sag sign and hope to meet another soon. Everything in the book says taurean woman and sag men are not meant for eachother, but I argue the opposite. I think the sag adventerous side is attractive to the taurean woman who is also spontaneous when free of time constraints. While we do value stability, spontaneaity and humor is the perfect mix for a balance. The relationship I had with a sag man was amazing. He was loving, passionate, caring, fun, religious, charming, funny, and supportive. While I was with him he made me the happiest and most confident girl ever-- we would talk till sunrise, danced anywhere and everywhere, dined and wined for hours, cried with eachother and connected emotionally. I think I made him a better person too and he definitely was attracted to my values and morals, something he said was difficult to find. I am a bit younger and the sag man I dated is young too. We split after I found out he was talking to other girls which made me believe he had cheated, and most likely did. One thing that is true about Taurean women is that we are extremely loyal and committed and if betrayed we are likely to flee forever even if it makes us unhappy. Although, he apologized millions of times, cried, and relentlessly tried to fix his mistake, for me it was never enough. Unfortunatley, pride and stubborness took over me and later I realized that pride gets you no where. Now the sag man I once knew is with a libra, they seem to have a great relationship and chemistry (according to zodiac love compatibility they are perfect for eachother). It didn't take him long to replace me, can sag men really stop loving you so quickly? They've been together for almost a year. So word of advice ALWAYS communicate your dissatisfactions with a Taurean woman (i.e. if you get bored of the routine or not attracted physically etc.) so that your relationship can last. Take care of your try to learn more about her each day, and gaurd her heart like your own. We should not limit ourselves to believe everything zodiac signs say, one sign can be compatible with others, and not all characteristics are the same. I am actually seeing a cap now and he's nice, but comes off as somewhat boring to me...ironically this sign is the best fit for the taurean woman. We'll see how things work out...Congrats!

by: Anonymous

Thank you for your answer. Great I'm also seeing a Cap. I love him, he loves me, but sometimes he's a little bit to rational for me.

by: Anonymous

i commented because i am a taurean woman who was with a capricorn and everything was fine. i took care of home and we were well on our way to being very successful in our plans, foundating a future, and had one petty incident and the whole relationship dismantled. we were together four years, and i was betrayed ultimately, not even necessarily by cheating (i dont know), but diappointed by the abandonment of someone i loved so hard, so communication is key. i never saw it coming, my life changed dramatically. lol. but yeah, u have to communicate, cuz at di end of the day i know it was a build of things, it couldnt possibly be that simple altercation.

by: Anonymous

hi Taurus girl here, i can totally see what you mean! i was once in a relationship with a sag man and i loved his idea and plans. i helped him alot to bring all of them in to reality and we achieved so many things together.

Yes, his words was so harsh i cried almost everyday, but strangely he could not leave me and i could not either. He never cheated on me, i was not either. he worked so hard, steadily towards his dream and i was always there when he needed me.

However, he had to leave the country and we broke up. But i still think him as a unique being, ambitous man who could see my goodness very well. He changed me a lot as well, i am so different compared to who i was before. Now we are a good friends

i met another sag man who is just so loving and caring, sweet guy, Trust is our key in the relationship and i am so happy with my honest sag man!

help me with my sagittarius man
by: Anonymous

I met him and he was dating many i was total opposite stayin with my childs dad for the security of being miserable after he cheated. i got together with this sag and we hit it off i cant count the days we spent just laughing for hours the sex is unbelievable and he seems to be the more responsible one with bills and holding a job.. i am very loyal with the exception of the pills i was doing behind his back that his sis =,friends and mom all knew about. I was the one to bring him up to speed on this massive betrayal,however i don't think he will ever get over it. I love this man and when i toomk the pills i was nasty we would argue often over stupid crap and he did have an issue with me not holding a job ,i believe that we both know we wouldn't argue now cause i have stopped the drugs but he has many people telling him we are not to be together.I think he would feel like an ass if he was to be with me again yet he sees me weekly since i moved out for our awesome lovemaking. i want him back and he had his flaws i know i put alot on me but he was no angel i just know it has been three months and the thought of being with anyone else actually makes me sick to my stomache.. how do i get him back with me completely not just as his dirty little sex secret?????

My Taurus Girl
by: Anonymous


I'm so glad to see a sag and Taurus relationship working!! I'm a female Taurus, but not a 'typical' Taurus in that I live to work and travel, not too hot on security etc but I hv 3 fire signs in my chart!! I am currently in a long distance relationship with a sag (13 months now). We met on a date in 2013. This date lasted 4 days then he had to go and work abroad and has been abroad ever since.

It has been hard getting used to the nature of the sag but I hv hung in there and I feel our connection is getting stronger and stronger. He is committed to moving to the UK to give our friendship a chance to develop so it is inspiring to read that sag/Taurus relationships can work.

Wish me luck!

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