Older Cancer in Love with Younger Taurus

by Sam in Lov with Mag

Never thought it could happen to me, but it did and took me by a complete surprise. I'm a Cancer, she is a Taurus. I can always control my feelings and emotions very very well. I can hide them from the rest of the world, too. I'm much older than her, but I can't stop the deep growing feelings for her and I'm not encouraging her to developing feelings towards me. We both know we can't be in a long term relationship. Making things more difficult, we work together and I see her every day. Sometimes with very little hints I let her know how I like her smile and her eyes. I'd love to tell her more, but that won't change anything. I want to stop loving her, but its not easy. Our worlds would not meet but our souls would. She touched my soul without knowing what she did. Her eyes can see deep inside me, but I still can't. I'd love to shower her with gifts and roses, but she tells me she doesn't like flowers!!!

So I think I will continue living my dream alone, and I LOVE HER

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I Still Can't Understand Her
by: Anonymous

I really don't know if she has any feelings for me at all. I'd like to tell her how I feel about her but I'm not sure if she would like to know. We talk a lot, but I can't read her signs at all, whether positive or negative. A question to Taurus ladies: can you give me a hint or two, what signs should I Look for to know if she has any feelings for me. Sometimes I think yes she is coming closer, but the next day she can be very cold. I'm a cancer man and having read about signs compatibility between cancer and taurus, I still can't see how we are most compatible. Thanks...

advice from a taurus girl
by: Anonymous

first of all, avoid TELLING her too much, and try SHOWING HER
ie. smiling at her, standing close to her, finding ways to touch her for a sec, just show her how much she turns you on with your eye contact, smile, etc. if you TELL her, you're putting her in an uncomfotable position and putting force/pressure on her. it might make her put up defences, cuz she doesn't want to end up looking.....a certain way (if you know what i mean). so let the tension be under the surface, but not too hidden (if that makes any sense)

how do u know she likes you
- if she's nervous, shy, quiet
-if she stands close to you when you guys are talking, smiling a lot.
-oddly enough, if she doesn't make an effort to flirt with you, but welcomes your flirting with her.
-if she finds little ways to touch you. ie. nudging you when you make a joke or something.
-idk.just test her, if she lets you flirt with her, touch her, etc, she likes you.
-she will NEVER tell you she likes you. Even when you guys are dating, it will be rare. she will show you though.

make sure
- you give her space every now and then. a little hot and cold (i know games are bad, but if your intentions are good, then maybe they're justifed, lol). However, don't be cold for too long, cuz then she'll see you as someone that can't offer her stability, and will lose interst. but don't be hot too long either (it can be suffecating)
-and be patient, the longer you can drag this tension out, the higher your chances are.
-but try not to let things to get too comfortable though, cuz you could be places in the friend section (hard to get out of)...i guess this is where the hot/cold action comes into play.

lol. this should be enough for a while

by: Anonymous

taurus girls do like older man. But if you're too much older, it might be disrespectful/inappropriate for you to be thinking about her. idk...
if she does show the signs she's interested though, then you have the green light, and feel free to take control of the situation.

Conservative Taurus
by: Dolphina

Sir Cancer,

Taurus girls do love flowers and any resembling mother nature.Taurus are conservative and don't take decisions abruptly. She is looking for honesty and loyalty. She will guard herself from any wooing man until she'll see his real intention, 'LOVE'.

Good luck.

by: Taurusgirl4life

I'm a taurus, and I feel like I stare a lot at the guys I'm after. And I mean, intense eye contact. When they notice that I'm staring, I sometimes look away, and if I don't look away then I keep the eyes locked, and I might smile a little.
I also love it when a guy kind of takes the reins a little bit. I mean, it's always nice when they show that they like me before I have to keep trying to figure them out.
It's a turn on if they touch my hand or brush their arm up against mine or something subtle like that. It's nice when they sorta stand close. And smile too. I like it when they hold the stare. I think thats where the chemistry is felt the most. Oh, and compliments are always good. And sometimes teasing a little is cute. Not anything too extreme, but sometimes its cute when the guy pokes fun a little. Don't embarrass her though. You could try those and see if they work.

far yet near
by: taurus

taurus girl in love-

-stares at you then looks away quickly when caught.
-life you to be slightly aloof,not stalking them.Yet sometimes hovering around.
-if they like you,smile when in close proximity.
-do not flirt with you,instead become too shy,quiet and self conscious.
-become your keen observers,without you noticing it.
-laugh at your jokes and often look your way,but do not initiate a talk.If interaction happens,it's very dignified.
-keep integrity at all costs.

To Cancer OP
by: Giselle-Taurus

I really feel with you on this one. The thing is a Taurus woman is hard working, where she is now in her work life is something she sure have struggled for during a long time to get, something she is proud of and won’t just throw away at the sea for a romance. We like to be independent; we sometimes do not feel like we do not earn certain things when we receive them, making us feel spoiled even though we love getting things. As you said, she doesn’t like flowers, she probably does, she just do not want you to give her any because it will most likely make her feel like she owe you something back. And considering that you work together, it can become very awkward when Tauruses take work very seriously. She is probably cold towards you because she feel like it isn’t right to be having feelings for a work colleague, she does not want to mess up her carrier, just like you do not want to mess up your.

If you really want to shower her with a gift, and she doesn’t like flowers. Buy her a chocolate box or something, though give it to her away from the work place. How this will be possible I do not know, if you know her address it might look a bit creepy if you leave a gift by her door. However, figure something out to give it to her away from the work. The best way is if you could leave the gift so she could find it without personal contact, and there could be a funny note that doesn’t make it all seem too serious. It will be a romantic gesture, she won’t feel cornered by your intentions as she won’t have to face you, we do have issues with showing feelings after all, but either way she will most likely be thinking about you all night as she munches on the chocolate. It will at least give her the idea of you and her together.

Taurus woman do take work seriously but we do take love even more seriously. That you are working together will be a huge roadblock but it won’t affect her decisions when it comes to the matters of the heart.

This is just my thoughts on it all, I’m only 18 so not that much of a life experience, but that is what would be going through my head if I was in the same situation.

Be brave...
by: Taurus Lady

One thing about us Tausus ladies (me being one :P)... we like to conceal our emotions in fear of getting hurt or rejected. I have often found myself attracted to men and acted as if I didn't like them at all. When they would talk to me I would act disinterested when that was not the case at all. I just needed them to make the move. Although I knew they liked me I refused to be the one to let my guard down first. When we Taurus' are in love, we love staring into the eyes of the one we love. I would purposely ignore the person I liked as I would feel uncomforable around them or just didn't know what to say. My best advice is your love for her has not gone unnoticed. Be brave and confess. She probably knows already. We're not stupid... I still don't understand why you say the relationship is impossible like what's the age difference exactly? It would be great to know. Best of luck you cannot keep this a secret. Life's too short... we make mistakes and move on. The only mistake you're committing right now is by not letting her know. Best of luck!

Oh and one more thing
by: Taurus Lady

The reason why she may be acting cold the next day after it appeared that you guys were getting closer all comes down to the fact that she is guarding her feelings. When you're interested we act a if we're disinterested... well I do anyways. We're too shy to initiate. We act cold as we do not want to let you in easily. We are full of contradictions.... best advice.... go on for the kill... confess and see what she says. Confess after you guys have talked for hours don't do it abruptly. It must be subtle. She must be comfortable first.

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