Im a Taurus female

by kara
(torrance, ca usa)

I'm a Taurus female. I'm musical. Love being a Mom. Selective with everything, from objects to people. I don't like people to get too close when I don't know them well. I like a man that is gentlemanly in all manners. I don't have many friends. My children are the very apple of my eye. I've been mistakenly called a snobbish. I'm in a relationship with an aries for four years now. Like other relationships, we have our ups and downs. We have great chemistry. I'm learning to be more accepting with him and he is learning to bend to my preferences. God deliver me. :-) Sometimes I prefer to be alone during my superfree time than be with him. His friends are very improper. His friends' women do not like me because I don't join in their drunkenness. I'm a bit distant. I can not imagine myself in such a way. It is a challenge to be with certain people for me. I like my solitude. I love plants and growing them. I love being a Mom. My being selective is sometimes a challenge to my darling.

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Well said
by: Also a Taurus woman

Well said....

I am very introverted. Private thoughts live and die in my head. I am a single Taurus female. It takes a man a considerable amount of time and energy to get to know me. I am an 'old soul'. I prefer to listen to Nina Simone than any of the music playing in the radio today. I prefer men who are old-fashioned and traditional. A man who is chivalrous and understands his place in society.
As for Taurus women, we're not snobs or outstandish, we are just very particular about who we allow in out social circles. We can spot a phoney with our eyes closed, and is very perceptive to bullsh%t! When I am socialble or entertaining friends or family members, I need to withdraw myself from others after the event to refocus, or re-group or collect my thoughts.

I am not a club hopper or a big drinker. I prefer a selection of wine at a wine tasting or at dinner. I love to cook for close friends and family memmbers.

lol @ the snobish comment
by: Anonymous

lol..yeah, i've been called snobish before. ppl just don't understand the tough exterior we put up.
like outside i always come off as unemotional, hard, etc, but inside lies a whole bunch of anxiety, nervousness, insecurity, etc.
whenever i tell ppl that know me that someone called me a snob, they're always like WHAT? YOU a SNOB? lol...
another thing the snob apprearance might represent is shyness. i try to prevent people from approaching me cuz i'm REALLY shy and rarely know what to say.
the whole taurus people are boring, def. applies to me. It's something that prevents me from having peace within my self. i try to be fun, but it's hard when you're not funny.

Another Taurus woman
by: Anonymous

All the comments here have been so true! Yep, some people think I'm a snob, and my friends think that's 100% bull. When I tell my friends that I'm so shy, they don't believe me because I appear very friendly and extroverted...but only to a select few. If only they knew what was going on in my head.

Apart from my family, only 2 people I've met fully understand me, my best friend (also born on May 12) and my ex-best friend, a Capricorn male.

Taurus females are complicated, but really are amazing people.

born april 23
by: Anonymous

I am actually an aries\taurus.
my oh my what a life...
i am intense, i am tough, romantic, caring, blunt, shy.
it doesnt even make sense.
i can easily attain both extremities thanks to the combnation of both my signs.
its a wild ride for whoever gets involved with me.

only a real man, who is manly in every way can maybe get my attention.
all i know is that when i commit...when im sure.....nothing nothing i mean nothing can stop me....
anyone else in the world feel like this...

We have the world fooled
by: Anonymous

Wow! I agree with all the posters.

Taurus women. Boy, don't we have the world fooled!
We're masters of comedy, outgoing, talkative,
blunt,dogmatic, aggressive, opinionated and pretty straightforward when it comes to expressing ourselves or our personal convictions. This is our hard exterior.

But as for the matters of the heart...
We're shy teddybears!
Extreme romantics.
Very affectionate.
Hate to lead.
Prefer to be courted instead.
Hate rejection.
Harbor feelings of insecurity.

so very picky, so selective
by: Anonymous

we do have everyone fooled!...i couldnt agree more....
in terms of relationships, which signs have proven to impact us taurus women the most?

We have the world fooled
by: Anonymous

Which signs have proven to impact us the most?

VIRGOS know Taurus women inside out. It's almost scary. They know that we're sexual, so they become the sign of service (catering to our sexual needs). They're laid back, and hate drama, and they can adapt to our personality. We Taurus women can be very volatile at times. Ranging from being shy, loving, affectionate, to throwing pots and pans all over the place when a man crosses us.
Virgos are also extremely patient. Patience is required when dealing with a Taurus.

PISCES come in second. They're highly verbal, and they give Taurus women the emotion we crave. They're also just as artistic as were are. They make us feel loved and cared for. Don't be fooled by their emotional meltdowns at times, these men possess alpha-male characteristics....which Taurus women love!

ARIES, suprisingly come in third. Why such an unusual combination? These men are direct, honest alpha males. No hidden agenda. No games. No BS! And their sexual intensity match Tauruses. They show us how to be more adventurous, and we show them how to be a little more grounded. Suprisingly, a Bull knows how to tame a Ram very well.

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