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I am a Taurus woman who met my Taurus lover on a internet site. To start with he nearly spoiled his chances by sending me a truly filthy joke which I thought was a step too far at that early stage of our cyber relationship, even was tempted to block him, but then we started to talk on msn and I was amazed how honest and open he was, absolutely no mind games, artificial domination or any hidden agendas...So we met. He chose a posh restaurant in a 5***** hotel for our first meeting. He was very attractive in a very charming gentlemanly way, but somehow I just knew there is a hidden volcano of passion behind that polished charismatic exterior. From the very first minute I felt at home in his company, perhaps because everything about him was ever so natural, he didn't have to try hard to prove that he is a real thing. it was simply obvious!

By the end of our meal I felt very attracted to him and knew deep down that I must see this man again. At that point he took a huge risk which could backfire for any other man but won him numerous points: he invited me to his hotel room (he had to travel a long distance to see me) under pretence of giving me a present (it was two days before my birthday) and then unexpectedly took me by storm. I enjoyed the most amazing passionate encounter I have ever had as the chemistry was mad, almost palpable, it felt as if I had no choice! After that he told me that I am the best lover he ever had and he doesn't want ever share me with anyone else. I knew I was fully smitten when leaving him later. We had a few months relationship and not everything was bed of roses, the connection sustained we both knew that, the desire was always there but the long distance was the major downside. I missed him madly, wanted hear him every day but at some point I got a feeling that he started getting a little too relaxed, taking me for granted and stopped making a real effort with me. I tried to keep a brave cheerful face on, didn't nag, complaint or ask for anything, however, I realized that despite my passion for him I can not go on like this because the intensity of this connection and my frustration started causing too much pain. I didn't require we should sit down and talk 'about us' and all that jazz...all I did was sending him a letter in which I stated that regretfully I have to stop seeing him because despite him being such a wonderful lover and a friend the relationship in this current state is not what I expected. I pointed out at the long distance and his numerous business commitments being the main issue which apparently were the reason why he couldn't see me more often and there is nothing we can do about it. In the end I said that he is the best thing which happened to me in a long time, will never be forgotten and I hope he can understand my reasons and not take it personally.

Straight after that I took a 2 week holiday in France to clear my head and got totally unobtainable for anyone. I meant it when said my goodbye and didn't really expect him to get his act together, but upon my return he was on my case in full force. He didn't beg me to come back, but for a months persistently contacted as a friend and we had a few laughs over the phone, but I kept declining to meet him again until he asked me on which terms (if at all) I would be prepared to get things as they were! Suffice to say I didn't set up any terms at all, what's the point to live by the rule, but we are now enjoying the most intimate, close and loving relationship and I know he is in this for a long haul. The chemistry proved far too good to let it go and am so glad I made a decision to leave at the right time to help him to evaluate the situation and understand what he really wants. Last week he said that he is so happy and content with me that he can't imagine us ever break up! Life looks good to say the least!

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by: Taurus Woman

Yes, I agree sometimes (as a Taurus woman) there will come times in your life when you give up an utter fabulously passionate love because it is the wrong time in life for it or it is wrong for you.
We have that discipline and can walk away because we know (as a Taurus women) when we are in love that we will put our all into a relationship and will compromise for a relationship and if we sense that our mate/partner is not committed to the same degree, however much it hurts we will eventually walk away, because we owe it to ourselves, not to sell ourselves short because when we love we love and they must be worthy of our love! Set it free and it will come back to you.......if it loves you....

Taurus Chick
by: Anonymous

I agree I am in a long distance relationship with my Cappy man and it is really hard. But he has family just a state away (hence where i am)so i see him once a month but its still not enough. I miss him :(
He does act distant and cold sometimes but i mirror what he does and then he stops.

by: Anonymous

Aww. That's a beautiful story. :D

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