Taurus forgive but don't forget

My best friend and I, both born on May 12 believe strongly in "once bitten, twice shy". As Taurus females, we are strongly loyal and we expect the same loyalty. When a person we love deeply hurts us, we forgive but CANNOT forget.

Someone does something to us, we forgive, but almost immediately cut ties with the person because we're scared that if we continue being with that person, they'll hurt us again. "I still love him, but people don't change and if I stay, he'll just keep doing this to me and I'll keep getting hurt"

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I feel the same way.
by: Anonymous

I'm a taurus female who looks at friendships and relationships the exact same way. If they hurt me once, I will try to distance myself completely, out of the fear that they could hurt me again. I mean, surely I might forgive them later on if they come to me with a sincere apology, but I never forget. I always will carry the, "what ifs?". If they couldn't do it right the first time, they probably wouldn't the second.

Spot on!
by: Taurus Femme Fatale

We may forgive, but we never forget...

We allow only a selected group of people in our inner circle. We let our guards down for them, and let them in, little by little. Once they have crossed us, the door will never re-open. It will remain shut, FOREVER! Sure, we may laugh and still joke around with you, but we will never let you back in or treat you the same way. We see you in a completely different light. This applies in both friendships and relationships.

So if someone ever thinks about crossing a Taurus...

Good luck with that one.

You thought the Scorpio sting was bad...
This target practice will be no match to endure the horns of the Bull.

-Taurus FemmeFatale

Yes! Yes!
by: Taurus woman

Thought this was just me...glad to know it's the entire Taurus clan! Once bitten, forever shy.

Taurus Woman
by: TastersChoice

its unanimous for certained. you can do me dirty but one good time when it comes to matters of the heart and i no longer respect nor trust you. probably barely even like you. yes even if i decide to forgive and continue dealings with you its in a different light and we can never go back to the way things were. its done. if a friend did me dirty pretty much same effect. however i might likely cut them off completely since there weren't any deep emotional ties. their lost! even with a brain transplant i won't forget!

once bitten forever shy
by: elle

so true... :)

So True
by: Crossed Taurus

I agree. Once I've been crossed especially by a really close friend or family. I will write you completely out of my life. If I trust you with my heart and soul and you turn on me with hurtful acts, then you weren't a friend or worth a status to be considered family. Word to the wise.......NEVER cross a Taurus because you won't survive the consequences.

Taurus to Taurus
by: lady bug

I thought is was just me, not wanting to deal w/ crap. Now I don't feel so alone about the same thing. I only deal w/ facts and/ or actions. I go by just what you show. Just because you may forgive don't mean your obligated to that person. It is also your right to change your mind and at anytime.

Scoripio Man and Taurus Girl
by: Anonymous

i am a scorpio.i hurt a taurus girl i loved.i told lies to her but it was neither to cheat or to harm her. it was just to hide something which she did not like. when v were close enough i revealed the truth. she tagged me as liar n cheater. for 2 months tried to convince her but she did not respond. said cant trust u anymore. the relationship is no more.
is telling a lie which is not gonna cause any harm or not meant to cheat to be blindly considered as being cheated without knowing why the lie was said??

Taurus Queens
by: Laila

I'm a Taurus and I agree completely with the rest of you 100%!
We are Loyal trust worthy people, who love hard! We hold our family and friends very close to our hearts! But. If. We. Are. Crossed. By. Any. Of. Them....hell have no fury like a Taurus Scorned!!!! U will simply become a complete STRANGER to us....Period!

TAURUS forgive but yeah we deff dont forget
by: taurustaste

Yes I will have to agree . I wont necessarily say that I act upon to reopening myself Amongst indidviuals out of fear/ hurt. Reguardless of the relationship I had between that person . Now what I can say is that I have vanished out a peOPLE lifeS without any regrets if I feel the need that you ( the person) have disrspect me in any form of way . Trust me when I say it is hard to be accepted in my inner cirle just Imagine how hard it will be to try to win me back as well as my trust. almost never depending how bad the situation is amongst I and the person I had conflict with. Other then that yeah i can forgive but NEVER FORGET. All and all I hope that some people can understand and relaize that its hard to find trustworthy indiduals that are loyal to the end as well as acceptting to indidviduals for who they truely are but instead we get mistreated and misunderstood ---->> TAURUS. lol but yeah anyway thats all I got to say about that topic :0

Will Taurus female ever forgive me or speak again?
by: Sagmale

I need some advice from Taurus women. I met a taurus female through online dating site. Our connection, chemistry, and attraction was like nothing I had ever felt before. It was a long distance relationship and our first weekend was awesome. There was an immediate attraction from both of us. Two weeks later, I flew back to see her again and everything was going great until we went to a wine festival with her friends. As we were walking around to the different booths, I saw her at a table looking at some organic jewelry. I walked up and was asking the girl about the jewelry and picked up one of the business cards (like I did with all of the vendors..male or female) About 15 minutes later, she said that she wanted to talk to me. We walked back to her car and she proceeds to tell me that I was flirting with the girl and she could not trust me and felt I was a dishonest person. I have never been accused of being dishonest....if anything.....too blunt or painfully honest. The thought of this conversation being flirtatious never once crossed my mind and was not my intention at all. I found myself apologizing for her perception of something that I felt I did not do. Nonetheless, she said she only wanted to be friends and I knew that was a death sentence to a long distance relationship. I told her that I had such strong feelings for her in a short time that I could not just be friends. She then said that she did not want to see me again. I was completely devastated. I was an emotional wreck the rest of the weekend, she would not respond or answer any calls or text. I have emailed her, sent her dozen roses with chocolates, and also another care package with a letter apologizing, asking her to talk to me, and very sweet letter telling her how I feel. Its been 19 days and no response, contact or acknowledgement of anything. I have not been able to sleep, function at work and been very depressed. Was that incident a deal breaker and do need to move on? This seems like a very long time to be mad at someone that you have such a connection with. She is the woman of my dreams but am I wasting my time trying reconcile?

Forgiving Taurus Women
by: Anonymous

I agree with most comments made, however, I have a forgiving heart! Willing to give the ones I love a second chance or the benefit of doubt. People are human "to err is human to forgive Devine"! However, when it comes to a breaking point, I will walk away, but not with a grudge. I am complicated and do not trust easily when it comes to the matter of the heart. Nevertheless, I am still a BULL!

once bitten twice shy
by: Anonymous

hello dear,
Co incidentally am a female Taurus born on may 12th. There was this person i love and we became more than friends but one step short of being called as couples. Then suddenly his ex shows up and he goes to her explain'g to me that wants us to be just friends.
Initially it was very painfully for me to see them together in front of my very own eyes. Then i forgive him because it his life but stopped all his contacts for the benefit of all but rook a strong decision that i'll never fall for anyone until am damn sure about it.

Hurt Taurus
by: Taurus Love

I agree. Once I have been crossed (especially by someone that meant ALOT to me) I will write you completely out of my life. I have tried to forgive some, but find myself doing reruns of what was said and done to me in the past. Trust and honesty is huge with me. Without it......may as well forget it. I believe we react in this way because we trusted someone and opened up with our hearts and we got hurt by the one person we trusted. It hurts so we run as fast as we can to save ourselves.

True Taurus
by: Anonymous

Please do not cross me I am a true Taurus once you have done me wrong I am done with you I could be around you but I will ignore you like you don't even exist....

by: Anonymous

The one that said Taurus looks at friendship & relationships the same...I say BULLSHIT to this!! I've known many Taurus' girls, once they have a man you don't see them! They're THAT girl!

Taurus all the way!
by: Tray

OMG every time i read about taurus that is so me. We're very loyal and trusting to begin with, we take people as they are, i am shy at meeting people for the first time but if i feel comfortable with my surroundings then i can be a chatter box...lol I dislike uses, players and false people and if u tick us off then dats a different story...

Taurus Wrath
by: Anonymous

I am a taurus woman. It takes me a very long time to trust someone. Once I trust you and let you in..never cross me. I have a very hard time to forgive. If I do forgive you, I will never forget what has been done. If I feel you are not deserving of forgiveness, I will erase you forever from my life and never talk to you again. The hurt is way too deep. In relationships....I will just chalk it up to we weren't compatible. I will never look back...although I have been known to give 2nd chances in some relationships that I feel might be different. Once I've given it a 2nd try and it fails that is it. It's history. I will always be there for the people that I care about. I will give you my heart. I think that's why if I get hurt I just can't forgive because I feel I gave my all and then some. I don't give up on love easily.

I Broke Her heart and I didnt know it. please help me.
by: CliveTheGrey8@gmail.com

I am a taurian man and a taurian woman (same birthday as me) fell in love with me. I being a stupid male failed to see the signs. She eventually gave up on me and was hurt. I was able to see the pain and sadness watching her behavior. Sadly when I found out from her friends what was going on I started to see the signs. But it was already to late. I must admit, Deep down I had a thing for her too. I love her and I keep apologizeing for what I did but being a taurian myself I know that if I apologize to much I'll come across as "desperate" and I know a Taurus female won't like that. Please give me some advice. How should I apologize and win my queen bull back?

Yes and no
by: Anonymous

I am a Taurus. Everything about me is a Taurus, but I don't ever just drop people for a small reason. I can do both forgive and forget. Depends on the situation.

i love my taurus
by: laima

I love my Taurus and I loyal I never cheated on you believe me. All these months I was only yours and will be.it's true.

Never Cross A Taurus
by: Hope

I agree. If I have come to trust you completely and you cross me......no reason is acceptable to me. It takes me a long time to even bother with you again if at all. Once a Taurus trust someone they expect the same in return. There is no forgetting with me. Once you did me wrong especially if you did something to say get ahead at work. I will avoid you at all cost.

OMG.. Too much similarity
by: Amandeep Kaur Maan

Ye Ye.... I thought I am the only one with that mindset... But Thanks to taurus psychology. At last so many women of my caliber. Its damn true that we can forgive but not Forget. Secondly.. We opt for breaking the ties with person we are Hell emotional attached but cant help coz Yes.. Persons never change and they will again hurt you and we are so scared of being hurt. Recently I got a Tag of "TWISTED MIND" because of this hyper sensitive nature from the Boy I love from bottom of my heart. Coz He wanted to have fun with other girls at same time.. And wanted me to "Understand". I just could not take it. Yes we have volatile temper but only when Proposed. I am hell emotional and genuine, loyal girl...... Thanks for the support!!

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