A Taurus Woman with a Virgo Man

I am a Taurus woman. And have 2 kids by a whorish Virgo. We have been on and off for about 12yrs. When we 1st meet he started of with a lie. There is one thing about VIRGO's they are very handsome and can sweet talk the pants off of you. They love a strong person in their corner. But they have trust issues they do not open up. You have to guess or just know how they are. Virgo men love us Taurus but can't control us beeing so forward and telling them what we want so they feel threaded. They want to keep you around but still want to play. They always on the look out for something else but can get over a Taurus vibe. You can have a Virgo man but only if you have 20-30years give.

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virgo men
by: Anonymous

Im a cancer women and ive been married to my virgo man for 20yrs. As far as i know hes been truthful to me. I have yet to catch him in a lie. He is very good to me. Yes we have our ups and downs like every married couple but so far so good. I say yet about catching him in a lie becuz it doesnt matter what sign he is a man will be a man. But as i said my virgo man so far is a pretty decent guy.

TRUE!! :(
by: AprilTaurus

No I agree with that virgo has something seiously wrong.... My first love is a virgo met when we were 15. It took us nearly 3 years to kind of understand each other Tdidnt have sex till a year and a half after meetin him!! I made him wait I was a virgin) but 5 years later we have nothing to show for it! I'm 20 and he's dissapeared now.. Comes every now and then and we get close which I alsways regret after (iv been a fool) but he definately isn't honest with me when we were together! I'd find messages from girls I didn't know existed and one of these were sexual. Hey maybe we're just young and dumb. He seems immature anyway and isn't doing much in life... I still ove him and miss him even now. Its such a shame young love had to end.

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