Taurus with Pisces traits?

by Kalah
( Washington)

I am a Taurus girl and I have only date Pisces men. Pisces are very deep and emotional people, and recently I have came in counter with a lot of them not to mention I live with one and am currently dating one. It's like they have their own way of getting in your mind and your heart and sticking there forever. Anyways lately I have felt a change in myself, I have became a lot more passionate and emotional as months have passed. I wanna know if you can take on traits from other signs just by being around them very very often. I need some type of comment or answer or suggestion to this.

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by: Anonymous

Well it depends on other signs such as moon, ascendent etc etc i have moon in pisces and very easily influenced and adapted to the surroundings. i always change myself depends on who i meet.

my other friends who has moon in pisces, have alot of bf/gf because they are very adaptable and funny. Sometimes this traits are good sometimes it is not. but anyway... i am taurus girl and i had pisces bf before and we got along great.

i got influenced by his way of loving me. i learnt alot about ' How to love others ' from him. Giving is loving.

by: Anonymous

I too am suddenly drawn to Pisces men, and i am marrying one. They totally bring out this emotional side of me I never knew I had. I think they are perfect for in the fact that they do not give into us, and bring out all of our feelings. all in all they are not a sign I thought I would end up with

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