Taurus woman who can't relate at all

by MNM

It is always amazing to me that I cannot relate to the "traits of a Taurus woman." If I handed this to anyone who knows me and said, "Is this me?" They would say "Hell no!" (well except the kids, responsibility and cooking part).

Nothing depresses me more than routine. I have 3 jobs just to avoid it.

My Aquarius man says that if I was any less materialistic I would be living under a bridge.
I simply don't believe in security. Real security is knowing that everything changes and being comfortable with that.

Also, I never finish anything and hate that about myself.

I have also have been told I am adventurous and freaky with sex. I am annoyed my Aquarius man is more conservative than me.

Anyway, it goes on. Taurus astrology just seems dreadfully boring to me. What gives?

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Taurus woman who can't relate
by: Anonymous

I agree with you about the description of the Taurean woman given here. We actually sound boring

I am Taurus, yes I am a good cook and responsible, very artistic,etc. but I think that's where it stops!

As for Sex, oh how wrong this is! I often find I am too adventurous for a few of the boyfriends I have had (they nearly die when I suggest things or do things).

I am also very sexy, I know this myself as well as being told both by men and women!

I too start things but never finish them (could name two or three things), I get bored easily in jobs if they offer no challenge.

This description would of a Taurean women would drive anyman away!!!!!

get it right about a Taurus Woman!
by: Anonymous

LOL...i am a taurus and beleive me im not romantic and shy in the bedroom(maybe a bit ov romance after a long workout) ..more like a raging bull with horns..lol..i love dirty talk (as long as it aint 2 much talk!)even my aries man says ill kill him in the sak 1 day ..and they are real little action men..1 thing they got right is we sure do know how to cook, run a household and look after our man/children.
Also our compatabilitys are complete crap..we are supposed to be good with virgo and capricorn...lol bulshit!!! i had nuthin but nightmares with both signs...
Our least compatible is Aries...and what u kno i get on better with my aries than any man i met!! so answer that clever astroligers!!!

always exceptions
by: Taurus woman

So you're not a typical Taurus, big whoop. There's a lot of us who are! I for one agree totally with the article, both the good and bad points about us.

Doesn't the article specifically say that sun signs are just a starting point for personality? It's probably the most repeated statement on this site! Clearly you just have other factors which make you less Taurus than most.

Taurus women who aren't Taurus women
by: Marie

Sometimes it's more based upon your birthday. If you're born close to the Aries sign you're more likely to share their personality traits. Or gemini.

unflattering comments
by: Anonymous

I agree that most of the descriptions of Taurus are negative - boring, unexperimental, dull etc. I'm not a typical Taurus either. It really depends on your whole chart: moon, ruler of the chart, balance of other planets, position of mars and venus.
But to show how prejudice the description of Taurus is, look at the ones for sagittarius, and also what these women say about themselves ! Basically, earth signs get negative feedback on astological sites especially about sex. This is because ( and I can say this as an astrologer) most astrologers are not Taurus. Whatever the reason for this, you will see that some signs are represented much more positively.
If you think you match the descriptions here, well, you may be happy about it but I would be profoundly worried and try to do something to make myself more interesting. Of course there are good points, but other signs don't read these as very positive, believe me. It's a pity Taurus does not get represented more positively. Perhaps I'll have to change this one day !

Different traits of taurus
by: Anonymous

Some of their dscriptions about taurus are not true.i'm not a shy/boring one. i love adventures more on doing extreme things but when it comes to sex,i prefer gentle touch and kisses.i dont like cooking.when it comes to money matters,im contented with what i have as long as it my needs.material things,no!i value and more appreciate simple life. Love,u cant easily impress Or get me.

Taurus Female With A Scorpion
by: Anonymous

I agree with all my Taurus sisters above. I am not a shy person in bed unless I am role playing. I do believe that their is a negative and a positive in all signs. Depending on time of birth. I also believe that sometimes you take the traits of your parent or people who raise you. I was raised by two pisces so I am allot like them. Also I have read that when you seek a higher power and grow most of these negative trait don't make sense anymore and are not part of who we are. I use to get upset when I read my characteristic and say wrong wrong wrong. Now I just laugh. I am living well with my complete zodiac opposite for 25 yrs now. So now when I read these negative remarks about us Beautiful Taurus Woman I think... Yeah I might of been shy my first time. Not now. I might not like change. In my pockets. I might be compatible with a Virgo Man on a hunting trip. I am now going to use my intelligence and not my energy.

so taurus is not always exactly like what astro text book said..
by: uron

hi i just posted a thread asking about a taurus girl i met isnt like what textbook said.for me what people said about 'boring','materialistic' etc that sounds 'negative', for me thats no such positive or negative about that.i treat it as a word that is trying to descibe something. thats it.but yeah funny to know that some taurus (girls) are not like what the theory told us,while in other sign i can say 'she is very aries' or 'obviously aquarius'..but not always with taurus

-aquarius boy,who is wondering how come there is a careless+tomboy taurus girl

by: I heard somewhere...

That sometimes it depends on not just your sun sign, but what your rising sign is too. Maybe more of your rising sign is coming through.

taurus 2011
by: Anonymous

Taurus girls are not boring, I have soo much energy I dont know where to put it. If i found a man with as much passion, drive, ambition, and desire for everlasting love I would probably accidently kill him with my passion. Im lively, intelligent, sexy, fun-loving and seem to love ARIES men, with an addicition I dont know what it is, may be its my sex drive that denotes how I feel about a guy. who knows
I am trully loving though, just need the right man, with great sensitivity and desires like myself.

Yeah no. I'm not %100 about the taurus traits...
by: Anonymous

I also do not feel like I am the most boring sign. My friends say I'm extremely funny and strange and a blast to be around! Some things are true like I am artistic and creative, and stubborn, and have a temper and I am very loyal, committed and romantic. Though i am kind of a jealous type and a bit possessive like "what's mine is mine". But I feel like I am very easily adaptable to anyone. My boyfriend is a Sagittarius, sags need there freedom and commitment kind of frightens them. They are also very wise and love to learn and Learn about interesting things, and I asked him if he thought I was boring and he said not at all. That I am very interesting and complex to him, and we aren't even supposed to be "compatible" signs. We get along great. My best friend since 3yrs old is an Aries and we are inseparable. Another thing, I will burn anything that is edible...yeah not a cook. I do not like talking about finance and money isn't everything to me. I guess I'm more of a romantic/lover kind because I'd live in a card board box with someone I love and care about. As long as I'm with them. And nice thing are nice but ill live without them, I'm sentimental about things..I don't care how much it costs ill cherish it forever. I'm also up for anything, routines bore me to death. If out of nowhere you say "hey let's go crash this party" then I'm right there. If you just want to chill at home on the couch and watch movies, I'm cool with it. If you want to dive with great white sharks..sure why not. I'm very easy to get along with. I get along with everyone and I've had no complaints about being "dull" or "boring". So boom. Me in a nutshell.

Total bull!
by: Anonymous

I've always been puzzled by the descriptor of taurean women as I'm totally the opposite.it's great to see other lady bulls who are different to. I love change, I'm very eccentric, a pleasure giver & seeker to both sexes. I love being independent & love nice things but know that there's always an alternative. I agree with previous threads, perhaps you grow as you understand yourself & not worry so much about which star sign is comparable. Aquarius men are supposed to be a no go,but of all the star signs they suit me the most. People let's live & enjoy life - it's too short.

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