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I'm a taurus woman and 95% of this is so true! And I don't even believe in zodiac signs and stuff like that......... Interesting...:-/

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Difficult to get cloe to???
by: Anonymous

I'm a Cancer man and I have been reading a lot about Cancer and Taurus. I have great feelings for a Taurus woman, but she seems very diffcult to get closer to. Almost everything we talk about she seems to have opposite views than mine. Is that a sign that she doesn't want me to get closer? A lot of you ladies talked about liking flowers, chcolate, etc. but my Taurus lady tells me she doesn't like chocolate, she doesn't like flowers!!! I'm interested to know more about Taurus women. Any advice ladies.

by: Anonymous

Maybe your Taurus girl is just shy. HAHA! Cancer and Taurus make a really great couple: you two will never be bored with each other. ^.^ I know. I've experienced it. :D
Good luck!

No roses
by: Lisa

Never ever ever buy a Taurus woman roses. Everybody gets roses. A Taurus woman needs something more special...to show her just how special she is to you. My suggestion is maybe some lillies. Same goes for Chocolate. Do not give her milk chocolate, give her dark chocolate or something a little bit different that shows you actually put some thought into it. And by the way...I'm not a Taurus, I just know Taurus women. I've dated 3 of them. They are amazing! But if you break their heart, don't think that you will ever win them back. Even a sagittarius who never has a problem winning people over cannot win a Taurus back, once they have hurt them.

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