Taurus woman traits

by Stacey
(Ontario, Canada)

I am a Taurus female and reading this I am convinced this is me to a tee. All of the personality traits are bang on. I love routine and rarely veer from it. Also, always have been on the ball when it comes to saving money. Yes, I do spoil myself but it is to a point. It is very important to be stable :)

My boyfriend is a Capricorn and we are 'compatible' for each other 100%. We have amazing communication which will make it long lasting.

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Damn not the case for me...
by: Taurus Lady

I do have some Taurean traits, however I hate routine, lose interest in things and people, get bored easily, cannot stay in one place, always have to stay active and if I don't I feel as though I'm wasting my life and that kills me inside. I can be lazy, love conversation and the good things in life, enjoy sex A LOT (very sensual), i forgive easily but never forget. I have a great memory so anything anyone says I will remember, I'm argumentative and stubborn, however I am able to realise when I am wrong and I never hold grudges as my anger never lasts. I fall in and out of love easily (its not even love more like attraction...), haven't found someone I've fallen head over heels for, I crave attention and affection, I'm flirty although I'll never initiate the first move, food and sex are my babies. I do not get along with virgo's and most capricorns as some are too serious and competitive for my liking. I get along well with leo's, some Aquarians, aries YESSS... sagitarius YESSS especially on the cusp of capricorn. I pretty much get along with everyone I have a connection with. I'm loyal to those I care about and there are not a lot of people I care about. I'm secretive and like to known about other people instead of giving them insight about myself. I'm not practical, but more dreamy and unrealistic. I can be hard-working when needed only. I'll save my energy for partying. And boy I am possessive and can be envious of others never jealous more I admire others and want to improve myself. Viola... a little description of me.

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