Taurus woman compatibility and Venus

I'm a Taurus woman and he's an Aquarius man. Fortunately, my Venus Is in Gemini and his Venus Is In Capricorn and our Eros/psyche are compatible, etc. These other factors contribute to our compatibility ... we both crave loyalty as well as freedom. We started off as completely platonic friends In a shared friend circle and one day found ourselves attracted to each other. We had similar lifestyles, Interests, hobbies, and tastes.

I've always been very flighty and guys have always bored me easily. He's always been the more committed half In his past relationships. He satisfies my need for excitement and stimulating conversations ... the Ideas he shares with me turn me on so much! At the same time he makes me feel like I'm everything to him and Is unusually nurturing, patient, and emotionally open for an Aquarius ... so when I'm pouty he's always understanding and takes the time to talk things out with me/just hug me - satisfying my Taurus side as well as my Mars in Cancer. He Is just territorial enough, but doesn't make me feel suspected. He trusts me, so In return, I am completely faithful. The Gemini In me always got really pissed when exes would be bothered by me hanging out with boys or accused me of flirting. I'm very open and honest to my Aquarius we talk about everything. The amount we share verbally has created this trust ...

The Gemini In me loves how curious my Aquarius Is. I spend hours on wikipedia/sites on the Internet so It's rad how we can talk about everything! There seems to be nothing he doesn't know something about. The Taurus In me thinks It's so sexy how dedicated my Venus-in-Capricorn Is to our relationship! He shows his devotion through actions as well as words. He makes me feel completely safe and Important to him. I do take caution and worry about ever smothering him or Impeding too much on his free time ... so I ask him here and there to let me know If he needs his space or wants to do his own thing. But we both agree - everything's better with the other person around ... we sleep deeper/more comfortably, food tastes better, going out places Is more fun ... we talk throughout the day through texts and AIM, and when we're together, If we're not all over each other, we're talking ceaselessly!

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part 2 continued
by: Anonymous

The occasional unpredictability of my Aquarius Is what keeps me on my toes. If he was predictable, the love-in-Gemini In me would be whisked away by someone more stimulating. However, the Taurus In me needs the promise of stability. The fact that he's an Aquarius seems to enable him to resist peer pressure from his single friends. Some guys might fall for their single/less committed friends egging them on to be single too and agree with them on the Idea that being In a relationship Is Inhibiting. But my Aquarius doesn't fall for that, and rather takes pride In the fact that he's different from them and Is capable of maintaining a stable long term relationship. I love how Independently he thinks. Being stubborn myself, I look down on losers who give In easily. His stubbornness actually Impresses me, and the way he manages to detach emotions from reason totally helps me see things In a new light. We don't really clash much, but when we do, we talk things out and learn from what happened. As stubborn as we both are, we're both mature Individuals who will say sorry and do what It takes to keep each other happy and the relationship strong.

I love the Intensity level of our relationship. I feel we are both very level-headed and reasonable and aren't seeing each other through rose-colored glasses. Plus, I think both of us are constantly thinking about and assessing the relationship, and yet we still produce a billion more 'pros' than 'cons' In the end. Our mental processes don't offend each other's. I would understand If I was a more pure earth-sign Taurus and he was a more air-sign Aquarius, I'd have Issues of him talking rather than showing substance and I'd feel hurt addressing things that do not to be addressed. But Instead, I'm the one bringing up all sorts of thoughts and we lightheartedly talk about them without taking things personally. Though there Is an unbreakable bond between us without doubt, It's not In that over-the-top fiery way that can burn out. It's steady and grounded with the earth element. Our connection Is like holding hands with the fingers weaved, or holding each other In a tight hug at and nose-to-nose distance ... rather than being handcuffed or bound by the hip. It's not all soul-consuming like water bonds, and that actually scares me, being a love-in-Gemini. I love that we both have room for each other to roam freely without being thought pessimistically of, but at the end of the day we can't get enough of chatting to each other and being around each other.

part 3 (last part)
by: Anonymous

Oh, and my Aquarius started talking marriage with me a few months Into the relationship. I think It's the Independently-thinking aspect (though Venus Capricorn probably has some Influence). Where we live, being In a relationship isn't as acceptable as It Is to be single and dating. Here, often a guy In a relationship Is referred to as 'whipped' or something derogatory like that. So ... In a way I feel the word 'independent' to describe Aquarius Is misunderstood. I think they just don't give a s*** what the norm Is, and independently do as they want with relationships. I think It's also Interesting because I come from a culture different from his, and that gives us more to talk about too. I feel accepted by my Aquarius In every way, and I feel like some of my traits that would make me a weirdo to others Is one of the many reasons he loves me. I can completely be myself around him and It's so refreshing!

He's right for me. But before you dismiss someone because of sun sign incompatibility, check out their Venus! If I didn't know to look at our charts, I could have very well dismissed the love of my life. =)

Taurus W/Aqua M
by: Taurgemmoon

I am a Taurus woman, too. My Best friend of 10 years is an Aquarius. I am sooo in love with him. He's currently in a relationship. I have a Moon in Gemini,Aquarian Rising, but my Venus is is Aries. So I can totally relate. He's the one! I compared every guy that I have dated to him (subconsciously). At times, I'm not even aware that I'm doing it. He totally gets me! I feel so relaxed and comfortable around him. We fooled around several times. He has hinted to me in the past that he wanted a relationship. I declined of course. Yes, 'stupid' me! But I was always afraid that I might bore him to death! Not intellectually, (Don't get me wrong, I'm highly intelligent, cultured, and well-rounded)but the idea of wanting a traditional family someday might scare him away.

I think Aqua men are so misunderstood. They make the most loyal friends, are blunt and straightforward, and hilariously funny. There is nothing pretentious about Aquarians which Taurus women love! I want to give him any and everything to make him happy. He's gorgeous. He is so bright, and argumentative (in a good way). He always keeps me on my toes. His smile makes me melt. I love that he's so different from all the guys that I've dated, so real, optimistic, and full of life. He always keeps a smile on my face. He never follows the norm, I find leaders quite sexy. I hate followers! He loves the fact that I'm different, and quite eccentric. I never feel that I have to conceal that aspect of my personality with him. He never judges me. I can tell him ANYTHING! I want to travel with him, explore everything with him. I feel like a schoolgirl when I'm around him. But it doesn't show. We, Taureans are very good at that! Any ideas on how I should proceed????

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