How to seduce taurus woman

taurus women love to be charmed and since they are so sensual, engage them in all the senses-touch her all over,whisper in her ear compliments or subtle dirty talk,give her "the look",indulge her sweet tooth with strawberries or chocolate, and you will have her in the palm of your hand. the taurus woman is traditional, so they like to be dominated by their man. they like adventure so make it a conquest and dont be afraid to get a little rough or kinky!

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Re: how to seduce taurus women
by: Anonymous


Your input taurus women...
by: Anonymous

Do you think a taurus woman wold love to see om my boxer briefs, on my genitals, the following line " property of X ", where X is my partner's name... do you think that would turn her on?

I have never been with a taurus woman before.

What would a appropriate a taurus woman's sweet tooth for a night long session of love making?

by: Anonymous

use your imagination

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