The Heart Of A Taurus.

by L.

Hey guys,

Let me just start by saying that I am a taurus female who takes matters of the heart VERY seriously! I'll be 20 years old this month, on easter(the 24th) to be exact.
However, I've never even had a boyfriend, but that doesn't mean I haven't had the opportunity. In fact, most guys who wanna go out with me, I either don't return the same feelings, or they just want one thing, which I'm not willing to give. I'm just so picky about love, and who I should be with.(I bet this sounds familiar to most of you taurus's out there.)
Well, it's starting to really get me worried. I feel like I'm never gonna find that one guy I can actually connect with on a more deeper level. Other taurus people, have you ever been in this situation before? Can you relate? And if you have, any suggestions on what I can do to help me fix this problem?
I just find love to be a very serious thing, and once I find someone, I want it to be forever, not just temporary. I want the real deal. I'm really stubborn about it. And as a result I push a lot of people away. And I hate those mind games that people play. I always tell people that the heart is a serious organ not be played with. I don't want to be one of those girls who gets thrown away.

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I know I felt the same way too
by: Annelise

Hello L :D

I'm taurus girl too and I'm at same age with you. I think you should not be too rush over about person who's will being with you. Maybe you if you can open your mind to get know person who wanted you first next time (although you don't interested on him at first time) could help. Make sure you do it for people who's have SINCERE feeling for you. After you do that and you don't feel something interesting you can just let him go and be friends. Make sure you get to know him naturally and don't give him fake hope.

I was a picky girl too. Now I see that being too picky doesn't guarantee we get the best one. That's way everything shine needs to be in process.

Hi im a Pisces Guy tryin to court a Taurus femme
by: Pathetic Pisces inlove

Hi taurus gals, im a pisces guy who wants to win a taurus femme... i was just wonderin because it is really difficult to get a taurus femme into a scheduled date... i always have a cancelled dates often times i feel like she was already rejecting me?.. but whenever we saw each other along hallways, canteen in our office she smiles at me and greets me... Actually we dated a couple of times (unexpected dates) and i can say that we never had a dull moments and awkward silences as she had a very good humor too... shes "touchy" and i guess she's comfortable talking to me like enjoying my company at that time... Am I in her FRIENDZONE already??
Should i ask permission or tell her that i wanted to court her?? (im pretty scared on this.. and how am i gonna do this.)
- right now im still taking my chances and time, trying to enjoy what we have, be it friendship or more than friendship(im HOPING)in time i'l find out...
Any advice?? thank you :))

The heart of a Taurus
by: Anonymous

Hey Taurus girls

I lost my virginity at 23 (to my now ex husband) and had first kiss at 21. When I was early teens to early twenties I was never interested in Boys either (although tonnes) were interested in me. I just wanted to work and travel and started working and travelling at the age of 18!!! So don't worry about boys - there is a big world out there so go and live it!!!! Love will find you EVENTUALLY!!!

hello Pisces
by: Anonymous

to answer your question if she's talking to you what you laughing with you and hanging out with you then you are in her friend zone I am a taurus woman it sounds like she's observing you seeing what you're all about. Taurus's like to make sure that their life is going to be secure enough to live with. Taurus's love security and if you want to attract her to you and become more then just friends you need to woo her you need to be sweet like buy her favorite flowers or take her to a movie that she's wanted to watch take her out to dinner to something nice Taurus's love honesty so just take her aside and asked her if she would like to start going on dates get to know her but give her time to answer do not rush her or you'll scare her right out that door they also love art and nature so take her to a classy Art Museum or something

have faith
by: Anonymous

you should really get to know what you are lookin for if you no what you are lookin for date or date someones whos like u but be yourself an if you are happy by yourself be by yourself but have faith mostly an be humbled

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