Pushing Taurus to her limit?

by melissa

It's true Tauruses are patient and persistent but if you're dating a Taurean girl don't push to her limit she'll lose control it will be difficult to calm her down if u push it since the taurus represents the "bull" beware of the bull's strength so u better watch out to that enormous fury she' about to let out I remember when 1 boy pushed my limit too far in the classroom I burst at him like crazy I shout it everyone was shocked since am so quiet and nice It was like I was a completely different person I was pretty shocked my self until I found out the personalities of my sign I was pretty impressed so you might want to think before you push her boys. Good luck peace out.

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by: TaurusGirl

hahah damn straight. i hate pushy people. leave us alone!

pushing pass our limit
by: LovelyTaurus

Im very quiet also. im a very forgiving person i let alot of stuff pass but one day this person went beyond my limit i felt the anger inside building up and i punched him real hard in his face it had to be real hard cuz he was on the ground for a cool 2 min. It was like my hand had a mind of its own lol but yea dont push us tauruses

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