Help with Taurus woman

by Antonio

I'm a Virgo man! I'm going out with a Taurus woman. So everything started out VERY well, but then when we started talking about past experiences she told me she "used" to have a big crush on her "BFF" who is also a Virgo. Since we started going out i have noticed she is a big Flirt! So, she told me we couldn't go out anymore and broke up with me. Later I found out she had done something with her "BFF"! I felt totally lied to. But then she asked me to get back with her. I couldn't say no because i love her! She tells me it was just something she wanted to get off her chest and that she loves me, but she still friends with her "BFF"! what should I do?? please!!!

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She will need to respect you...
by: From a Taurus Sista

I will be honest with you. Taurus women are very straightforward. There are no mind games, hidden agendas, or cruel intentions. She told you about this experience because she did not want to go behind your back and deceive you. She may be flirtacious, but this woman rarely acts on it. Taurus women become flirtacious after they have responded to some form of flattery (usually the young, unevolved ones do). Why? This is due to hidden insecurties some Taurus women have.These women are very shy. Thoughts live and die in their heads. However, I would not let her off the hook so easy.

Don't tell her that you want her to stop being BFF with the Virgo. This woman is a stubborn bull, and hates being told what to do. Woo her instead...BUT keep her at arms length. Uncertainty makes Taurus women crazy. Send her flowers, cook her dinner, make her laugh, and be very affectionate with her. Continue these gestures, but on an inconsistent basis. Then make disappearing acts. Don't remove yourself from her completely. For a Taurus women, out of sight, out of mind....

Being great in the sack will also work in your favor GREATLY! Then make another disappearing act.I hate to consider the possibility of playing games, but you need this woman to respect you, and understand that you're a 'manly' man who will not be pushed around.

When she questions you about your inconsistent actions, tell her that you may be reconsidering this relationship and want to keep your options open. I guarantee you, she will grow to respect you.

Not to be biased, but these women make great girlfriends, and excellent wives!

To Antonio
by: Kara


Get rid of your Taurus girlfriend. She is not nice. Your a Virgo. You ought not allow others to walk on you. There are good ladies out there. Pick a lady, not just a woman. Ask God to give you one. HE doesn't make mistakes. No one should put up with non-sense.

Kara - The Taurus

I've got to get an upper hand if u want to really have her
by: Anonymous

I agree with the girl above me..

U cant expect her to respect u if u don't respect your self. Taurus women REALLY need a tough man!! taurus women are very strong emotionally and she will 'test' u (a lot of times unconsciously) to see if u are a real man .letting her do stupid and disrespectful things to u will not win u any points. u'll just fall more and more in her eyes . if u can't fight her emotionally and mentally u'll never really get her heart...keep in mind that this fight will not last forever. Once u have proved to her that you are a Stronger than her, trustworthy, dependable she will GLADLY surrender all the control and respect towards u. Once she does this there's nothing that will be able to take it away. You could be living in a card board box and she''ll still see u as 100 percent man.

Endurance is key with Taurus women. Also the whole stubbornness thing is one of our many 'tests'.

With your Taurus girl.. The easier u make it for her the less she will respect u and the more likely she is to drop u for a real man.

The rest of her chart
by: Anonymous

Do u know where her Venus is. It sounds like it may be in Aries.

Be possessive!
by: tauruschick

Taurus women love to be protected and enjoys it when you get jealous, it helps them improve their low-self confidence. I'm not saying that let her cling on to all sorta guys so taht you can act jealous. Be possessive, they find this sexy and adorable. They like to be "taken". Best of luck :)

Understand your Taurus completely.
by: Anonymous

Taurus women are tough but very lovely. They want them to be lead by u. U must be a man, a true tough man and give her the impression that she can depend on u for safety. Show ur true love and u will be rewarded forever by her. Try to make her laugh, they love jokes.

I am a Sagitarian having a great relationship with my Taurus girl. You are just very lucky like me to get a Taurus girl. She will not leave u until u die if u show true manship and love to her and ofcourse she will help and even die for u just because these girls are very loyal and loving.

by: Antonio

thanks everyone for your advice. But before i could read it she has done the same once again and we're back together again. Thank you all i guess i will just have to not get pushed around and be "the man." i hope it works out. Once again thank you all.

by: Anonymous

virgo and taurus having misunderstanding ...also to keep move on brightside without wasting time taurus apologies to virgo and virgo end frienship with taurus? is that fair enough for taurus?

taurus really loved virfgo as friend and respacted when virgo taken benefit of it.....

still taurus wants virgo friend back in her life do u think she will b back? right now virgo not happy to see taurus face ...what do u say future?

you r rite
by: Anonymous

taurus sistah is so rite im a taurus and what she just said just kind of made me laugh because she is so ooooooo rite we do not like someone leaving us wondering because that means we have to fight for it more and believe me she is rite we respect you for that later being a man if u give in too quick we consider u a loser and dont have respect for u we are kind of like this we dont think that you are given respect with out earning it so if we didnt earn it we dont want it or we wonder why are you so stupid to give that up so easy make us earn and we will looooove you for life

100% AGREE
by: Anonymous

I'm leo guy that i would throw my pride or ego off..And i told her about my past..just hope she would spare me a little time but she don't care about my feeling..All the harsh things that she had done.

Taurus people
by: Lady Taurus_singkit

most of what I've read about the articles are totally true. But still we are all unique to each other.

virgo boys
by: Anonymous

your a virgo get with a Leo instead,it worked for JLO and Marc Anthony ( hold on their divorcing), your only luck is Taurus, we are real women and so need a man who will protect, provide and fuck us daily, if you can answer yes to all three, your in with a chance .
lol xox


Tarus women are jealous an through ups an downs staywith you.she holds people to their ward an get taken.her abality to handle things in general is untouch.she is loveing though it all she still will try to make a marrige last even though you want out.SO HER RESPECT THEN YOU GOT THE WORLD.

What I can't beleive what I'm reading
by: Anonymous

Seriously fella ditch this broad you are being a door mat for her
To walk all over, there is no way I'd let any woman treat me that way I don't care how good looking or how great between the sheets she is, respect yourself and show her you can stand up to her and stand on your own two feet without her, some women hate it when you break up with them and show them you are strong and independent, but there are a lot of good women out there who will admire those qualities and respect you for it. Its a tough world out there you've got to roll with the punches but sometimes you've gotta hit back and move forward. Seriously stop wasting your time on this broad and ditch her sounds to me you can do much better anyway your too good for her.

AHA interesting... I'm a Taurus too.
by: Taurus Lady

Okay okay.... now there are two possibilities to this. One being she either lied to you about sleeping with her BFF to make you jealous. Some Taurus' do this and YES me included sadly. Or She's an attention seeker who is playful, flirty and doesn't want to settle or choose who to go for at this stage (which could explain why she is going back to her BFF then to you). I do believe she likes you, however we do enjoy playing with peoples minds and love (not all Taurus' do this, but many do.... more than you can imagine!). She must enjoy the attention she is getting from both you and her ex. It appears she wants to be with you, but wants her ex as well for excitment and security. However in life we have to choose. From my point of view I believe she is playing you. Her behaviour is so similar to mine its almost shocking. Best advice... play hard to get, make her mad, DO NOT GIVE IN TO HER EASILY and DO NOT LET HER WIN. Show no emotion. She will either leave or plead. She'll react to this immediately and might even say sorry. This is necessary to get back the respect you deserve. Also have you talked to her about your insecurities? If you have then she is taking advantage of the fact that you're not a confident person and that she could easily play with you like her toy. Becareful of this one... she's not a nice girl. Deep down she's sensitive. Personal experience... I used to be this way as a means of hiding the fact that I was sensitive and wanted someone to truly understand who I was. I couldn't accept myself. Good luck and if you need more advice JUST ASK AWAY!

Oh and one last comment for you... lucky star!
by: Taurus Lady

We like strong men. If we spot weakness, we'll continue to destroy your confidence. Yes Taurus' play mind games unconsciously and for fun or satisfaction. If you appear weak or not manly enough she'll test you and persistently bury your head deeper into the ground. You have to rise up and surprise us. PROVE US WRONG. Show us how important you are compared to the other guys begging for our affection. Prove us why you matter. When you challenge her she will say hurtful things... do not show any emotion... stay strong and fight back. Harder. If you don't well you've lost her attention, heart and respect. She'll treat you like a weakling. The best way to get back at us is to make us jealous. We'll hide the fact that we are jealous to you but may become more argumentative. You'll notice this and realise that your actions are causing her to react. This is a great chance to argue and get everything off your chest. Analyse small details and things she says. Does she tease you calling you weak, princess or anything that may go to say that you're weak or feminine? If yes you have your answer. Female Taurus' love to be dominated... we love to feel weak and protected. We're independent and love our partner to get jealous once in a while. If all fails... leave her. Be the one to dump her. She'll probably act like she doesn't care, however she does and it will hurt her pride. She might even learn her lession...

We are very confused when we are young.
by: Taurus Lady

We are very very faithful, but when we are young we do tend to flirt. We can also be very unsure of what we want when we go through our phase of self discovery & sex appeal. We use our big, innocent eyes to get what we want & to make people fall for us. We are sweet & gentle, but we have a hard time understanding ourselves when we are young.. therefore you might deal with back & forth decisions & even our bitterness. As we mature, we are more calm & serious. Just give her time. If she keeps going back & forth & flirting.. let her go for awhile. When we TRULY love someone & we have figured ourselves out we WILL be back. Don't let her walk all over you.. we tend to do it without realizing. We don't mean to.. it's just something we do & we have to really look our mistakes & overall actions to realize our flaws & even our good sides too. Hope this helps.

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