I'm a Taurus Woman

by Kaydee

Your comments are on point, it's like reading autobiography. Definitely on point with the sexual traits.... I'm not big on fantasies, role playing or talking dirty...mostly talking dirty...i think its a waste of time. If i like what your doing to me...i will tell you!

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by: Anonymous

I agree, this sums me up very well and I'm a Taurus woman. The only thing I would add is how sensual we are. While I'm definitely not into talking dirty or anything too kinky i still consider myself a very sexual person. You just don't need that weird stuff to turn a Taurus woman on!

by: Keke

omg. this-is-all-me-in-this-article.

by: Anonymous

I agree mostly with this except...I do enjoy role playing and dirty talk, just not every single time.

It must be my moon . . .
by: PassionateTaurusWoman

You gals are missing out, big time. That's all I'm sayin'. :)

Im Different !!
by: Thiz Girl !

HEy all yall other Tauruses maybe the same but i am a little different. you wanna know? well i maybe a gentle, sweet, and lovable but when it comes to sexaulity im different im very dirty with boys very sexy love it and im really not pacient i will rush and really dont care so
PS the rest helped me i did some stuff thnx i did sme stuff with a few pple tht yall dnt ned to knw bout

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