Taurus women not materialistic or boring

by Aphrodite Bull
(Brooklyn, New York)

I am a Taurus. We're very intelligent, creative, and the MOST generous people in the ZODIAC. Trust me, our intentions are always purely genuine and altruistic! We're not concerned with financial matters, but we do prize forthrightness, ethics, and things that hold REAL value. These traits should NEVER be classified as boring.

We do not surround ourselves with pretentious people, or tangible objects that show little substance. We value quality...not quantity. We're very outspoken, and opinionated people. And sexually... I have the sex drive of a teenager, and I'm in my thirties. My former mates couldn't keep up with me. If I'm not having sex, I'm thinking about sex, or fantasizing....Real talk!

We're the most funniest people that you would meet in your life. We also LOVE to surround ourselves with people who make us laugh! We may not be frequent bar or club-hoppers, but we seek enjoyment in other things such as comedy shows, plays, art shows, wine-tastings, any outdoor activities, traveling or attending jazz concerts.

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by: California Girl

I read the comment by: Aphrodite Bull
(Brooklyn, New York)

This person hit the nail on the head regarding some Taurus women as myself, there is nothing
for me to add her comment says it all.

very true..
by: Taurus Chick

WOW, I could have wrote that! lol, I can really relate!

by: Anonymous

unfortunatley, a taurus downfall is that i feel like there not aware of how they appear to others
All the taurus's i kno drive me nuts with their slow, steady paces and stubborn ideas and incapability of a good flexible conversation. there timid alot of the times and are pretty rude haha
i dunno, thats just my opinion

Real Talk
by: Angie

OMG!! You could not have described a taurus woman any better. I can relate to everything you said including the part about the sex drive. If I am not having sex, I am thinking about it, or as you said fantasizing about it. Unlike the description on the site, I like role playing and experimenting and if occassionally some dirty talk when I am having sex, that turns me on. There are so many sides to a taurus woman, I think by far, we are the most interesting and sensual sign. I love being me.

by: Anonymous

To all the Taurus ladies, can you advice... I'm a cancer man and I've known this attractive taurus woman for several months, but over the last 3 months I began to develop feelings for her. I don't how it started but I have a lot of feelings for her. As somebody said, she is very slow and I can't figure her out at all. As a cancerian, I can take my time too but I've been trying to show her a little about how I feel about her. She told me she doesn't like flowers, I showed her my garden which is full of beautiful flowers. She doesn't lke chocolate. She doesn't like some of the fine things I have like a set of expesive pens. I bought her little presents but don't know if she liked them. I'd like to tell her how I feel about her, but we both work in the same place and I'm not sure if I could tell her. One last thing, I'm much older than her and don't know if that is the obstacle. I'm trying to control my feelings about her, but not doing a good job. Any advice ladies?

in LOVE but confused
by: Anonymous

Hello. I'm a taurus woman. She works with you. Taureans are ethical people. We don't like losing our dignity. We don't like impropriety. We get attracted NOT so easily. It takes a loooooong time for us to develop feelings BUT we are looking for maturity in a man. Even if you gave tangible things, it will take awhile for a taurean woman to develop feelings. There's a lot in our minds that we don't share. We are very introverted so we don't share much of our private thoughts. We don't trust easily. We are calculated in our moves and feelings. The length of time we take weighing the pros and cons is quite long. Good luck. -Ara

In LOVE but confused
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your feedback and I’d like to know more about Taurus women. I totally understand what you mean about ethics. I’m not a person to mess about with women and most of my time is dedicated to my work. I’ve never thought it could happen to me the way I feel about this woman. I didn’t even realise that I had feelings for her except one day when I saw her leaving. It was only then that I knew there was something, something that she somehow managed to touch deep inside me. It wasn’t something that she said or did to trigger that feeling, as you know yourself Taurus women are very careful and very deep. It’s taken me a long time to try and find out how did she actually manage to find her way to my heart and I think she’s got some sort of energy around her that when she is around me I feel very comfortable. But I think it’s her EYES that she somehow can see deep inside me. I now try very hard not to look into her eyes. I know she is as deep as me when it comes to expressing feelings, but she is more practical. We both know that we are not made for each other. She comes from a different country and she is only staying here for a few years and she has plans to go back home. I know I’m not the man she wants for long term relationship. She wants somebody from her own country her own culture and also the age difference between us. I know all these things very well, but what the brain knows is different from what the heart feels and I’m trying very hard to keep my feelings to myself, but sometimes its not easy. So many times I just wanted to touch her fingers, but I stopped myself several times from doing so at last minute. Every time I see I want to tell her how I feel about her and I’m not expecting anything in return, but I don’t. I don’t want to hurt her feelings in any shape or form. But I really don’t know if she has ANY feelings whatsoever about me. Some days we talk a lot about work and various other social things. Some times I tell her how great she looks wearing her red top or black suit and sometimes she responds by wearing them the next day. But I don’t know if that is a positive hint to come closer. I’m a very confident mature person (a gentleman as some of my friends call me) and had things been different, i.e not working together, age difference, I’d do a lot more to win her heart. The other day she brought me a home-made cake – she made it!!! That was the very first time she gave me anything. Its strange that I know very well we can’t be together on long term, but I still like the feeling of loving her from my side. Your comments are very welcomed, Taurus ladies…

Understanding Your Taurus Woman....
by: To In Love but confused

I am a Taurus woman.

You will have to be bold and direct and tell her how you feel. We do not like subtle hints. We're very practical, which means we are very straight-forward people! She needs to know how you feel about her. She wants you to be bold and pursue her. The outfit and the home-made cake was a definte obvious gesture! Taurus women, we prefer to beckon men to come to us. We have a very old-fashioned reserved nature.

We are soft, romantic, genuine, compassionate, sweet, and very affectionate. We are the epitome of what every classic lady should be. We are feminine and sexy. Outspoken, but reserved. Domesticated and traditional, but no one's doormat. The reason why we make men feel comfortable when they're around us? Easy! We are genuinely warm-hearted people who want the best for the people around us. Cancers are highly intuitive, and I'm sure you know that she will make an excellent mate, and all your worries or insecurities will be set aside. We are demonstrative, but shy, so you will have to be the agressor Mr. Cancer.

I will also have to agree with the original post, we are not materialistic and boring. We prefer simpler things that have a meaningful impact. But you will have to verbalize your tokens of affection. Tell her how you feel about her when you buy her a dozen roses. We also have a strong appreciation for the arts, theater, festivals, art shows, and comedy shows will suffice. I don't know any Taurus who couldn't resist a good laugh!

-Good Luck!

In Love but CONFUSED
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your comments. I’m a very forward direct person and I would have told her exactly how I felt about her almost immediately even though she might not have responded positively. But I care that much about her that I wouldn’t want to cause her any problems at work or her personal plans. I know she is very practical and will judge everything from a practical point of view rather than feelings. For various reasons as explained in my previous comments, I know and she knows we are not meant for each other on a long term relationship and because of that I don’t think its right to just tell her my feelings, knowing it will not change anything.

Old-fashioned, traditional, genuine, compassionate, reserved are definitely some of things I do share with her. Maybe she knows how I feel about her, but I don’t know at all, not even a hint. We still talk a lot about work at work (although sometimes I loose my concentration when I look at her beautiful smile and beautiful eyes).

I haven’t felt this way about anyone for a very long time and maybe that’s why I didn’t realise what was happening as it was happening. It’s such a great feeling and I try every day to control it. Some days I try very hard not to talk to her because I miss her so very much and my feelings are even stronger (if that makes any sense).

I never thought there is a woman who doesn’t like flowers. Well, she told me she doesn’t. I showed her some of my own paintings but I don’t think she liked them either. But she likes particular type of “cheese-cake” and I searched, for weeks, local bakeries and even nationally and internally looking for somebody who can actually make a very particular cheese-cake for her. Eventually I did find a bakery and ordered her cake but cancelled it at last minute. That was the heart overtaking the mind and being practical.

I guess it will have to be love from one side only as I can’t see it any other way and I still like the feeling of loving her without return… Thank you ladies for your comments and I hope to hear more, as it at least can give me a chance to talk to someone about it.

lol...careful with the gifts you give to taurus woman
by: Anonymous

to the cancer guy...
yes gifts are important to taurus woman. They're very sensitive about the gifts they get and give.
however this does not mean get them expensive stuff.
gifts are a test of how much you understand her.
you said you gave her flowers, chococlates, pens. why? did she give you reason to believe that she values these things. If you just buy her random things, you will lose points; you will come off as if you don't pay attention to her, think she's cheap, she'll feel feel disrespected, and it'll make her feel that you think she can be 'bought'.
if it's not the perfect gift, it's really better not to buy her anything at all. lol.
lol.. my dad always goes for the most expensive things when buying presents and puts no thought into it, this makes me barf. I had to tell my EX what to buy me for my b-day, again i kinda felt like barfing. i still have his gifts, but every time i see them a feeling of discust comes over me. It just shows how little he cared about who i was, like he didn't know anything about me, and couldn't be bothered to think of what i might like.

Last thing (sorry if i'm coming of as harsh, i really do want to help you) but the way you described your gift giving made you seem kinda desperate. If a taurus girl picks up on hint of desperatness, you lose. It's biologically impossible for her to be attracted to someone who is weak/desperate. She does want to be wanted, etc...but just make sure you maintain your composure, dignity, and manliness.

you'd just take her value away
by: Anonymous

if you know she's not going to be here long, don't you think it would be kinder of you to stop persuing her.
i mean in the end you can only ruin/take her value of away for the guy that's actually going to end up with her. I don't think you'd want to do that, right?
however, she did give you hints she's interested. If she wants you, then that's a different story, maybe.

In Love but CONFUSED
by: Anonymous

Perhaps I didn’t explain well about the gifts. I’ve actually never bought her any gifts. The flower and chocolate were something she told me she didn’t like. As for the pens, they were just mine and I showed her.

I would never do anything to ruin anything to her life or values and it is because of that I haven’t told her how I have been feeling about her for several months now. She is constantly in my mind and I’m trying to get her out of my mind and I wish I knew if she had any feelings at all for me. A big part of me wishes that she doesn’t have similar feelings towards me, but if she does I don’t want to hurt her by trying to avoid talking to her which is so difficult to do. That is the point I’m trying to make, I just want to know if she is interested or not. I’m trying not to encourage her to develop any feelings. I’m trying to deal with my own feelings without affecting hers.

Go For It!
by: Taurus For You

I'm a Taurus woman. It's obvious that she feels the same way about you. Honestly, I think you should go for it....

With Cancers and Tauruses, there is always a slow progression which usually results from some silly misunderstandings due to the introversion of both zodiac personalities. Cancers and Tauruses are both shy, protective of their hearts, and prefer to take things slowly. But nothing ever gets expressed with these two. Neither sign is verbal. It's like a race to the finish line to see who lets their guards down and communicates first!

I was in love with a Cancer man a few years ago. I knew very little about astrology back then. I did not undertstand his signals and chose to distance myself instead. The biggest regret of my life! He wanted to spend every moment with me, introduced me to his family, friends, and tried to incorporate me into every aspect of his life. But he never told me where I stood with him. I thought his smothering ways and lack of communication was overwhelming. I was under the impression that he was playing head games with me. Taurus is the sign of stability. We hate mind games and uncertainty. I chose to distance myself from him completely. I was completely clueless about how Cancers expressed themselves. I would have approached the situation a lot differently had I known. He has a girlfriend now. So I will never be given that chance again.

Don't make the same mistake with your Taurus woman. She's probably just as clueless as I was. Worst case scenario? She will just say 'No.' But don't spend the rest of your life not knowing, unless you have already asked her.

-Good Luck
Taurus women are worth it! We will never abandon you!

by: Anonymous

She hit the nail in the head. I'm a Taurus woman and that's exactly how I feel I am. Boring, no way!. I'm an artist who loves change and adventure!

In Love but Confused
by: Anonymous

Thank you ladies, but I guess I cannot progress this one sided feelings and I admire her for not encouraging me to do so. I always knew that she was more practical especially when it comes to emotions and feelings, which according to astrology is Cancers weakest side but Taurus’s strongest.

But now I think she has feelings for another guy and maybe that’s why she didn’t want to come closer or let me come closer. Maybe that explains why she sometimes behaved so very cold toward me.

But I still have the same feelings for her and she can’t take that away from me and I’ll have to deal with my own emotions alone. It’ll be hard though and will take sometime.

by: Anonymous

Amen sister bull. Everything u say is true although I tend to be a club hopper

a true taurus
by: Anonymous

I have just recently started studying signs and i must say..... I am a true Taurus women! Except I love, love to role play, dress up, talk dirty the whole 9. The kinkier the better. I can not stand a week man. The minute I see signs of weakness, Im out! We Taurus like men with a quiet strength. No need to boss us around, it will only turn us off. We have no problem letting a man be a man. But one thing about Taurus, when we are done. We're done! We are very sexual. Very sexual! In fact we LOVE sex. Its like food to us. So a weak man in the bedroom will send us packing! we can be very stubborn. And only let a select few in our inner circle. We love hard, once we trust you enough to let you in. And we love our Capricorn men! oohh la la

So true
by: Chicago Taurus

I could have written that myself. Very true

by: Anonymous

You read my mind!

i am a virgo teenager
by: Anonymous

i am in love with a taurus girl and she isnt really about what you were talking about she's more into loving me and trying to see if really love her to and she even made me write vows for he to see what they will be when we married

Hellooooo ur atten pls
by: Becky

I'm a Taurus women n I hav a lot goin on ma mind (mens ) !!! Pls try to tell me ma true luv ? Ma bf is scorpio , actually Ima player ! I don't even count him like ma bf !!! PLS tell me who d hell is Taurus women true love ?

To Becky
by: Anonymous

Virgos and Cancers are perfect for us.

VIRGOS can understand a Taurus inside and out.
They're the astrological sign of 'detail' and 'observation.' They study our movements and ways, and will just simply adapt. In addition to this, they're quite patient with us Bulls. More patient than any other sign in the zodiac. They're also great in bed. Yes, these men are defintely the sign of SERVICE! Paying attention to detail has its payoffs in the bedroom.

CANCERS provide us with the emotional support that we need. Although Tauruses are capable of providing our own financial security, nevertheless, we still crave some type of emotional security. Cancers make us feel safe. They have this calm, soothing affect on us. As you already know, Taurus women are likely to nurture and take care of everyone around us. Cancers do a very good job at reciprocating this. Cancers are also great in bed (don't be fooled by their coyness), these men have quite the sexual appetite to keep up with us Taurus women.

Hmmm. Sensual combinaton!

Dont give up on her.
by: Nina

Hi, In LOVE but confused.

I am a taurus woman. I have known this cancer guy for the past 5 years. He's been a friend of mine and quite pally with my family more than with me.

When I read this post of yours I could not believe how similar situation I am in like yours. This friend as I can feel for the last 4 months does not look at me int my eyes. He was always sweet and even spoke with a smile on his face always, but now whenever I see him he pretends as if he never saw me.

In fact my friend told me that she could see it in his eyes that he had developed feelings just as you say you did all of sudden. I know he's a very career oriented guy and does not at all mess up with women.

I was friendly with him but now for the last 4 months I feel awkward when we are in a group of friends. We, Taurean girls dont develop feelings easily and it takes a lot of time to open up. She will not own up easily. My friend gets nervous when he sees me and I too get the same feelings. Earlier we used to wave at each other when we used to meet but all that has changed now.

We enjoy the simple things in life. Don't give her expensive things.Ask her for some help with your finances and look how happily she would oblige you. Cud give her a plain simple dress with a floral print and she would love it. Give her some pretty hair clips. I luv them a lot she would also. Dont leave her.

In LOVE but confused
by: Anonymous

To Nina

Great to read your comments. I'm still trying to deal with how I feel about her. Its been around 18 months and I'm still trying very hard to distant my feelings away from her. As a Cancer, I thought I could feel the emotions of almost all other people, but not her, not Taurus. I know now she has somebody else in her heart and I don't believe its right to try anything but control my own feelings away from her and deal with it on my own.

Sometimes I think I'm winning with my feelings, but the minute I see her, well ... and that is the problem I see her every day, 5 days a week. I learnt not to look into her eyes becuae I think thats one very powerful magnet that attracts me to her. But there is more - her smell. I was within few inches from her the other day and God it was so difficult.

I don't have a clue if she has any feelings to me at all I know we talk a lot about work mainly), but now knowing that she is seeing someone else I will most certainly keep my distance away and would wish her all the happiness.

For me, I will keep on trying to deal with my own feelings quietly and alone.

I wish you a better luck with your Cancer guy, but do let me know about it.

To cancer man
by: Anonymous

Hey cancer man u seem incredible. I would love it if a guy did all those things for me( I'm a Taurus). I think ur barking up the wrong Taurus tree!!!!!

To cancer guy
by: Anonymous

A Taurus women seeks security and want to kno there safe. Once they feel that they fall in love very easy( our planet is Venus) We watch ur every movement to see if ur safe. Communication is key to everything. If you hav been liking a taurus women for months I'm very sure she has thought of you in those ways and you should ask if she's had those feeling. If not then your with the wrong Taurus and I hate to see people waste ther time. Everyone should have a chance at love( to express it and have it returned). Love is not to be sitting on the side lines yearning for it.

The incredible Taurus woman....
by: MightyCancer

I'm a cancer man, married to a Taurus woman for 15 years, bunch of kids and incredibly happy.....my love for her is so deep and overflowing that she tells me to get a girlfriend, I say I just want to clone her and we laugh.....

...to the guy who got the cake, I thought that when I got to the end of the post you would have been married by now, my wife gave me the signal and I pounced....go get her and don't stop till she says stop....but do be discrete.

...to the girl with the role playing thing, love it , will use it, Thanks!!!

...any particular kind of roles, I'm pretty sure the daddy thing is out, what about the maid, or the repair man, ups guy......any suggestions would be good.....thanks

Mr. Confused
by: Mandalynn

I am a Taurus... no ifs, ands, or buts about it! I happen to be in an extremely similar situation as you. I met a man at work and "fell" for him rather quickly for my Tauarus self! I am still slightly disturbed by my speedy regard for this man who happens to be a Taurus (didn't find that out til just recently and I've only known him since April and its now the end of June.) My fellow Taureans know that this time frame is frightening quick to develop such feelings. He started working at the same company in January and I noticed him right away! Not in the "hey that guy is new" but more in the "wow who is that man?" I found out in early April from a mutual coworker, who happens to be his friend from childhood, that during a "guys night out" he was asked what girl at work caught his attention and it was ME of all people. When I found that out I was so taken aback! He liked me? I trusted the original source cus he is a brotherly type friend and he prides himself on matching ppl up but, had to hear it from another coworker who witnessed this confession. A couple days later, I challenged myself and decided to give him my phone#. He msgd me the very next day n we have been talking since. My problem is he is in a relationship, which he didn't offer telling me but when I asked about 2 weeks after I gave him my number, he didn't lie. He actually took a lot of sass from his fellow male colleagues for admitting he told me the truth. I value that quality in him more then he realizes! So it's been a couple months n we talk all the time at work! He's attentive, actually caring about how my day is going. Worried about my safety because I work odd hours of the night. We go get coffee together and sit and talk well over our break time. I have admitted to liking him, and I asked, if he wasn't in a relationship would he have given me a shot and he said yes of course! I'm am frustrated because I have strict morals and value integrity! Not only do we work together but if I had known he had a girlfriend, I would never have given him my number! But now I like him way too much for my own good and am so confused because he seems to like me too but we both know nothing can come of this in his current situation.
Anyway, my point is, I gave it a shot not knowing certain details about him but I'm still surviving! If anything, I have met a wonderful person and value whatever time I can share with him! Though you and your Taurus lady may not be able to have a long term relationship (however using the lottery's slogan "Hey you never know!") I think you should let her know your feelings! This life is too short to feel so profoundly about another person and to not let it see the light of day! Tho the relationship may not be what u desire u may be surprised that having her as a friend is better then cutting ties altogether!

I'm a Taurus
by: BrandyLee

I am with a Capricorn and ooh la la is RIGHT! I was never a sex machine before I met my Capricorn. I'm not the type to have crazy, dirty sex. I'm more in the sensual type. I am slow, love nature, very jealous of other females. The thing I noticed about my Capricorn is that everything is weird to them. They observe you and pick out your flaws. Mine tells me all the time that I'm boring. I get so frustrated because I don't think I'm boring! I love singing and I've been told I can't sing by my Capricorn and I've also been told I can sing. I have thyroid issues with my neck. I am a slow learner. I like to go at my own pace. NEVER piss me off! I don't get mad but when I do, I am phsychotic! I live chips and chocolate. I am totally into comfort and touching things. I fidget a lot. I am sensitive and am easily hurt by people. I hate pain, big baby! Love gardens, flowers, animals (cats) mostly. Old movies! I dislike DRAMA and Chaos. I am completely laid back and down to earth.

by: Tiny

Its hard for me to fall in love but when i do i can b loyal. Yes were players 9x outta ten we look at ppl as objects what can they do for n give me but when im really instrested n someone i dont i actually dont want to ask them for anything. When a taurus woman is shy around u n dosebt make eye contact thats a sign that were instrested. We only care about what ppl think about us if that person is important n means something to us othet ppl we dont care what they think as long as were happy. If you syou plan a date with a taurus make sur u do it bbc for us ro open up u have to show us u care actions speak louder than words. Be yourself witha taurus bc we hate fake n liers thats why we pick n choose who were nice to

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