Scorpio loving Taurus

by Jay

Keeping it real. I'm a scorpio (yup the opposite) who has had a crush and puppy love kinda thing on a Taurus since 7th grade. Well I and Taurus only got closer in high school. Except being the Scorpio I am I acted like I didn't feel love for her as MUCH as she did. However I feel that hurt her (didn't intend to). Well she moved away and when I found out I cried because I realized I had lost a piece of happiness (I don't care if it sounds cheesy). I felt and feel even more strongly today. I don't hesitate or stutter when saying I think that I love (now a woman) woman. Ha ha and it's true that girl has a butt that even Beyonce would double take! Well I just wanted to put this up for those who don't believe a taurus can't have a Scorpio love her with "what they got" and trust me I'm talking heart baby. I still get butterflies when I talk to her. I haven't told her about my love but it hasn't gone away. Just one more time before I leave. I love u big butt Taurus woman. From your scorpio.

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Jay! tell her
by: TaurusGirl

Scorpio boy tell her that you love her!! jeez. we hate playing games so don't do some manipulation number on her head to see how she really feeels. i just had an argument with my scorpio coz i thought he was messing me around deliberately. best of luck honey.

BAZINGA! You had better confess soon boy!!
by: Taurus Lady

Your post was sincerly sweet. She probably feels the same way for you. To break the ice the best thing you could do is talk to her. Tell her why you acted as if you didn't like her as much; to conceal your pride, hide your sensitivity and so forth. She'll most likely understand. We're not heartless people... I mean if she's still around to this day that must prove that she's forgiven you or has feelings for you. TELL HER JAY, YOU REALLY NEED TO... don't let her slip away again... that would just be heartbreaking. Tell her, explain your actions, apologise and confess. Viola.... that little piece of happiness WILL COME BACK! Good luck brother.... May faith be on your side!

Something a little less important...
by: Taurus Lady

And this is creepy, my ex used to call me big butt Taurus.... O_O We Taurus' do have lovely butts that need a lot of loving. Do not let her ass be loved by another man. Come out from the shadows, confess your miseries and eternal, undying love.

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