Aquarius appearence and music

Aquarius woman - Music has always been an important part of my life since I was very young and I have noticed the same in my also Aquarius mother. So, this is a good topic to bring up on a date especially if you have a slightly odd music selection whether it be covers of a rock bands songs on classical instruments or anything in a different language. Also, if you play an instrument yourself that is a definite bonus to me since I seem to be drawn more towards guys who play the drums or guitar ( preferably rhythm ).

Appearance. I've been known to have a large streak of colors such as blue or teal on the right side of my head which isn't the norm where I live. Which, makes some hesitant towards me because it is different from what they know and are used to seeing so they don't know what to expect from me since I am usually silent and show know signs of emotion when speaking since most topics that I am brought into bore me to no end. So, I also tend to like guys that don't wear the typical Hollister or Walmart bought items that I am so used to seeing on the opposite sex of my age. Also, piercings and tattoos are a turn on. Definitely so since my parents hate them.

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