Aquarius man changed when we got serious

I'm a Gemini woman very attracted to an aquarian man who has been my friend forever, but only recently did i notice him as a grown up man. we used to communicate constantly via cell phone or email, but when i left my husband recently, (not for the Aquarius, we were having troubles of our own and he was a pieces) the Aquarius has disappeared! when i see him, he stares at me,
watches me, he'll smile, but he doesn't approach, and the calls and emails have completely stopped since I've moved into my own place. what the heck is going on?

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by: Anonymous

Um, you'll need to approach him! If he's anything like me, he'll want a woman with confidence, that's how bizarre we are. We are such non-conformists that we actually want our women to chase us. My reasoning is because we hate social games, and there's nothing more of a game than between potential lovers. I have an innate disgust for backstabbing crackpots. You'll also need to evaluate your character. Aquarian's are highly intellectual beings and find no problem walking away from people that have lower moral standards. In a relationship, nagging, arguing or placing emotional demands will have us running for the hills. The easiest way to put this is we want everything to be perfectly functional. Can't stand melodrama.

Married to an Aquarius female
by: Anonymous

If there was a sexual-flirtations connection between the two of you when you were in a relationship with your Pieces; I assume there was and that there was no actual acting on it.

Now the fun is over for the Aquarius because the flirtation has now become real; they are scared to death; they prefer your intellect over your passion and always will; so if you are the real affectionate and sensual type, even if you are also the intellect, it is best to move on down the road unless you enjoy ups and downs and all-around.

Warning, once you turn the attention off; the curiosity will get them and they will begin the feel you out again, figuratively speaking, then when you fall for the bait, the pattern will repeat itself..good luck; i would turn south and don't be like Lots wife; you will be that pillar of salt.

Aquarian pulling teeth
by: Anonymous

I'm an Aries female and I'm currently seeing an Aquarian male. If you look at the definitions of Aries and Aquarius that's us exactly. We laugh a lot, we talk endlessly and the sex is great but after 6 months I still have no idea what is going on?! As a typical Aries, I told him I need to know what's going on. If this is casual, we need to end it because I don't do casual. So if he doesn't want a relationship, let me go! This is the first Aquarian I've dated and I've never had a situation where 6 months later I'm still not sure what's going on.

Recently, he's hinted that he wants more but he hasn't said anything directly- just a lot of innuendo. It's so frustrating because I really like him but patience is not a strength of mine and I really hate being jerked around

Aquarians are known for being unpredictable
by: Anonymous

That's part of our charm, sometimes. That so called "roller coaster." For years I've liked a Virgo girl, but she never took interest in me. She says I never struck her fancy in that personality/mental realm, but I'm a different person as a friend then I am a lover.

Lets just say in my case, I have layers. I can be in a great mood and then turn around and be in a grump, then go to being sad/upset with myself for being grumpy. The few people who know me enough (Aquarians have few very close friends) realize that I need to warm up to something first, like pasta-- if it's not boiled it'll snap. It takes time to think something over, and then mull over it some more. It's that logic.

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