Aquarius man does not lust for me...

I am a Leo female and am having a very difficult time figuring out the Aquarius Man. We started out friends and got physical after knowing each other (hanging out, txting, talking) for two months. About 4 months in I told him my feelings as I felt very strongly for him and had never felt this way for any man, as we seem to connect on many levels I never thought possible. We went back and forth about our feelings over the following two months and determined, mostly his determination that we would just be friends. He ended things by telling me that we connect on an intellectual and spiritual level but he does not lust for me, he cannot be dirty with me.

I know that prior to our formally ending things he would become impotent during sex. He mentioned that maybe I waited too long to have sex with him and that we had already been friends too long when we had sex.

We are still friends and talk and he has dated several women in the past few months. I have seen pictures of them and they don't even compare to me looks wise, and I know that he has slept with all of them..b/c he told me. Today I received an email from him in which he states he does not know why we are not together and that I am the type of girl he wants, but there is the fact that he can't have sex with me which is a curse because he likes me sooo much.

Also he recently came over to hang out and he had his hands all over me telling me how good I look. I did not give into it b/c I didn't want to be disappointed, I am a Leo and there's no bigger turn off than being with someone who does not desire me.

Is he just playing games? We seem to have the intellectual connection on which the Aquarius thrives So why is the sexual component missing for him? Is there anything I can do to change this? Is he just playing games?

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aquarian male, leo women
by: Anonymous

Same thing happen to me. I would like to know if he is playing games. Actually I confronted him and told him off. I would like to know if this Aquarius friend likes me I am a leo woman. We use to be good friends, but then he went to put his arm around me in front of his friend and my friend. Confused I pushed him away and since then he has been mean to me. I confronted him awhile back and asked him if he liked me. He said no I just see you as a friend. So i wonder why try and make a pass at me. Is he just playing games. Now I have distanced myself from him and do not talk to him. Perhaps he has forgotten me. This I would not know.

Aquarius men and leo Women how it can work...
by: Anonymous


Im a leo woman and was with an aquarius man for 2 years and currently ''seeing'' another aquarius. They do tend to flirt alot in a way although they may not mean it and even if they mean it they arnt great at showing it.being leos,we all know we like the attention from our men but Aquarius isnt one of them to give that attention unfortunately,at least not ho we like it. they are as self-centered as us (if youd like to call it that) Its a matter of great patients and great understanding. Forget about attention with an Aquarius but give them as much as you wnt and theyl love you for it(not fall in love, but in time ;) )and of course, theyll be more attracted to you show that your intelectual, watch a documentry or something.anything ''clever''.

Oh and Aquarius love natural beauty and anything natural. Theyl prefer how you look in the morning when youve just woken up to how you look before an eveing out (not to say they dont apreciate your efforts). They certainly love the womens body so dont be offened if you see you aquarius man looking at other wonmen, looking is as far as it goes with an aquarius. Aquarians also find it hard to admit their feelings, in my case i tell him how i feel and i let him tell me when hes ready although there has been cases i have forced it out slightly lol

Aquarians are quiet chracters and are not great at expressing themselves in some cases but they will show you. look out for little things, does he bring you little gifts even if it just juice or a can of coke? The main thing is to earn a aquarian respect,once you have that you can try more. Also, back to the whole nature loving thing, theres limits too.Aqurians like a well dressed woman.for example if he is in a club and sees one woman wearing a nice top with heels and jeans and next to her is a girl in a mini skirt and strapy top hell look at the strappy top mini skirt etc but again its as far as it goes.. hes more likely to aproach the woman in jeans. The jeans to them, aparantly show self respect in the woman and intelegance and natural beuty, the fact that the woman is confident standing out form the crowd wearing clothes rather than a belt lol

Aquarius men and leo Women how it can work...
by: Anonymous


just be cool,patient and eventualy theyl open up to you.if you arnt willing to wait quit while your ahead but once you have the aquarius man he will always be there for you although they do have slight commitment issues, but thats mainly due to the fact that they realy are searching for the perfect woman. Although us leos are good looking and that we dont all have the brains to keep an aquarian entertained intelectualy. if anything, research his intrests and try and develop and intrest in that subject or find your common points.

Once leaving an Aquarian, youl relise where youve gone wrong, it realy is a matter of patients. for example.if you have an argument they may vanish off the face of the earth for a few days, let them, give them the days as all they are goign to be doing in rewinding the whole argument over and oevr until they uncderstand so dont rush an aquarian no matter how much u want to see them or hear from them.I know how hard it is but its working and although aquarius is difficult for leo (opposite zodiac signs) its definitly something worth fighting for in the end. theyll oferr a stable life for you not riches or rags, somewhere in between. another thing, Aquarians would rather sped time with you at home then outside.dont see it as them being boring and miserable it just how they relax, within their comfort zone so dont expect too many days out and dinners etc.apreciate the fact that he wants to spend the time with you and only you...

dont mess up. good guys just a mission lol

Aqua guy
by: Anonymous

Im an aqua-pisces cusp guy and when my mind is made up about a girl it's hard to change it. The idea is truly "it's me..not you." You may be a fantastic girl but if I'm not hit on all the levels I want then I shut down with the affair. I have what I want out of a woman in my mind and seek for it by casual dating and talking, like an experiment..sad part about this is emotions can be damaged.

Aquarius men do not lust - reply
by: Aquarius male reply

Hi everyone
Just read some of your post and I am an Aquarian.
Briefly , as an Aquarian I found Leo quite confusing because they don't easily suggest clearly what they want ...for instance, when I was living or sharing a house with a Leo girl , I truly admired her and respected her , except to deduce me he will get angry first at me and I often felt turned off. I advised if possible say words like , " fuck me " or 'lets have sex ' tips.
Generally , an Aquarius can be turned off by a Leo 's strong personality but also it us true that i felt often like a leo girl was another male living with ne . Sometime i would spend a night with a leo on bed and wont feel anything about her , not because she is not attractive or sexy. To warm him up , use emotions and pat him , touch his hands and suggest sex topics . Don't watch a movie to deduce him , suggest to him a bed , naked both when sleeping and ask him to touch you . Low lights would work too

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