Aquarius Pisces cusp women

by Anon

I am a Scorpian male. Supposedly Scorpio and Pisces are a good compatibility match. Whereas Scorpio and Aquarius is not so great. However, I inexplicably find myself attracted to Aquarian-Pisces cusp types of woman. Three woman were all born on the 18th of Feb. Is this a coincidence or is there something more astrological to this?

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I hate that I was born on the cusp because I never know up from down. I am a firm believer in the Zodiac but never know which I am more of. I did a birth chart that says that I am Aquarius, however, I have a lot of Pisces in me too. Never really sure what sign to go after, Cancer or Gemini? lol

To Anon
by: Anonymous2

You have good taste. I wish I knew you, but I'm probably too old for you, anyway. I was born on Feb. 20 - talk about an Aquarius Pisces cusp.

Aquarius Pisces Cusp, to Scorpio.
by: Anonymous

I was born on the cusp, February 18th to be exact. However, I did date a Scorpio for two years, and in the end the relationship failed. Not to usher all the blame on him, I have my fair share of faults. Overall, I was evidently to detached for his liking, and he was quite overbearing and extremely sensitive at times. The relationship eventually dwindled, and that was that. But, I wish you all the luck. Apparently, from what I've read and have been told...Women born on the Aquarius Pisces cusp are difficult to tame, but once you win her heart... she's all yours.

by: Selena

Me too was born on the 20th Feb

by: Anonymous

I was also born on the 20th of february. feel like i understand myself better after doing some research on being born on this cusp. we should be proud of who we are ladies

Cusp baby 2am feb 20th on the dot!
by: Anonymous

i too am born Feb 20 on the aquarius pisces cusp, hmmmmm. So what the heck?>>>

Cusp rider
by: Anonymous

I was born on Feb.19. I think my line of thinking is really weird because sometimes aqarius ends on the 19th or pisces starts on the 19th...I'm a full pledged cusp rider.

pisces and aquarius cusp
by: CC

was orn feb 19 i hate that i was born on the cusp who am i really compatibility with lol

cusp relationship
by: kt

I have just started dating a guy born on 20th Feb, I really like him and I know he's on the cusp. So anyone out there-has anybody had a successful relationship with another cuspid? My birthday is 15th Feb-know its not fitting into the dates of aqua/pieces cuspid but when reading all characteristics, I fit the bill entirley. Anyone give me any advice. We can be very quite verbally but we seem to understand each other on a different level, anyone give any advice?

by: laura s.

20th of feb!!! we r the best ;]

Feb 18

I was born on Feb 18 and for most of my life have been inexpicably drawn towards Libra-Scorpio men. However the attraction was purely sexual and none of those relationships have lasted.

Cusp Woman
by: Anonymous

That has been the problem all along with me being a male Scorpio, and the other three woman that I had once dated that were all on the Aquarian/Pisces cusp. Everything seems to be sailing along fine, then all of a sudden this emotional disattachment (is that a word?), comes out several months later. I swear, I have heard woman talk about getting that biz from men they were dating, but yes, it comes from woman as well. Yet, I am hopelessly attracted to this type of woman. I just wonder what sign I am actually dealing with. My suspicion is that I am dealing more with the Aquarian side, however I have met some strong minded Pisces woman as well. I just refuse to chase these cusp woman. One keeps coming back after staying away for over a year!!! She has done this several times to me in the last 4 years. I was just contacted by her a few months ago, but I never returned her call. Too bad. She would have learned that I moved out of the state. If she would have not been so aloof about our relationship, she would have had a loyal man by her side. I really loved her alot, but several times of getting the kick in the a$$, was way too much for me to take.

the frustration
by: Anonymous

I'm Feb 19th. I hate that I have two signs to deal with. One minute I'm one way the next, completely different. No relationship with any sign has worked lol. I blame it on being born on the damn cusp! Pisces scorpios gemini cancer I eat them alive ( not on .purpose but its so easy ) and Aquarius Leo Taurus and Capricorn.. I'm usually attracted to these signs and they always do me wrong. Haha. Really sucks. Wish I was a solid sign.

born on 20th feb
by: Anonymous

plz tell me gud nd bad things about dis cusp. i dated a boy who was born on 18 oct who was a libra nd i loved him vry he brokeup wid me....was he not gud match???

Ying and Yang
by: Anonymous

I'm on Feb 21, I'm both logical and emotional, feel like I am at war with myself. Just spent a year with a detached Aquarian, it was a terrible combination. I think Aquarian/Pisces work best with other cuspies, but I am hanging to meet a Cap man, there's always spark and fun with a cap but enough romance and downtime too.

aquarius pisces ROCK!!! yepp :)
by: Anonymous

im an aquarius pisces woman cusp born on 22nd. where is all the other feb 22 birthdays at? :P Ive found that I date or am interested in the same signs over the rest. For me its Libra, pisces (because they are so sweet) or someone on a cusp. It is a struggle to figure yourself out let alone someone else out. Its a daily struggle but now i know that all cusps are pretty darn special. :) wooohoooo aquarius pisces cusp we ROCK!!!!! yeppp. haha

confusedd any ideas?
by: Elina aquarius/pisces cusp

ahww same hereee!! i was born on the feb 19th makes me a cusp... but when i got my birth chat made online it says am sun-pisces moon-leo n venus-aquariuss though i am stronngg aquarian by naturee really hard to pin down... n i barelyy trust anyone yet to commit... n yeah dat words scaresss me though i would love to.. its wayy to scary for me yet... hmmm but againn am smtimes shyy a typical piscean n feminine (well smtimes :D) n i reject guys for their past affairs... trait of a piscean to get jealous over an ex uhhh i dont know what i really am.. n what sign iss the right one for me......

u think u go it weird LOL!
by: feb17

ok so im obviously also a 'cuspie' But just for the heck of it im going to complicate it even more by adding A)bisexual B)in a relationship with a gemini man for 15 years already C)in love with and truly love a scorpio woman....who cant seem to make up her mind as to whether we should be friends or more..My personal take on this cusp situation is to either find urself a starsign for each cusp ur born under. i interact MORE attentive with the scorpio girl...and my aquarian side loves gemini wit..besides the sex is AMAZING!

confused people feb,20
by: Anonymous

Being born this cusp is hard ,as it seems like you are 3 people fighting each other and at the same time feel like a crowd of thoughts in your head always changing. Live for the moment and never preplan anything. Life seems hard to digest.

Dang me too
by: Anonymous

My birth date is Feb 18 also. I was raised by a Pisces and at times even though I am grown I feel as if I still need raising. lol Go figure. I read somewhere that cusp are not real and impossible. I say yea right to that. I have solid Aquarius traits and solid Pisces traits. I truly believe in astrology and the zodiac. I get along well with Scorpio men(if it never goes further than a light friendship) and Scorpio women. My best friend was a Scorpio woman and even though we drifted apart from dealing with our own lives every time we get together again its like laughs until we have headaches and belly aches and endless interesting convo. Being born on a cusp is awkward but I'm glad I'm not alone.

aquar/pisces cusp
by: Anonymous

Born feb20th aquar/pisces cusp. seems like people find it hard to understand me and I agree because I change from minute to minute. I also could have double thoughts both different at the same time. This mindset is very tiring. I am the minority but the majority like and chase me for friendship no matter how fast I run. I never preplan as when time comes I will drop out from set pressure. My saying is we will see call me then. Staying alone seems like triplets in my mind. Always calming down and destressing in my mind.

Feb 22!!!
by: Anonymous

Hey my birthday is on the 22nd. I love being born on the cusp although I feel that others jus don't get me. I've had GREAT sexual chemistry with Scorpio. Unexplainablly draw to Aquarius,and extremely intrigued by Capricorn...

aquarius pisces cusp
by: Anonymous

I was told aquarius pisces cusp is closest to godlike image.Does anyone feel that?

Aquarian/Pisces born on the 19th!! Feb
by: Jenny

I will shortly be married to a Aquarian male and his birthday is on the 5th Feb a true Aquarian ! are we compatible ??

mind fights body and body wins
by: Anonymous

aquarius pisces cusp is a battle of three minds. So self absorbed its difficult to have friends.because I constantly change people cant understand me as I also cant understand me. Is that strange to you?

mind fights body and body wins
by: Anonymous

aquarius pisces cusp is a battle of three minds. So self absorbed its difficult to have friends.because I constantly change people cant understand me as I also cant understand me. Is that strange to you?

So different!
by: Anonymous

February 20th here also. I am a firm believer in the zodiac, everything about the Pisces is inside of me, but I always felt there was more... And here I am! I find this so informative and... I always check my compatibility with other signs, just to get ahead of the game! ;) FEB20 Girls are Amazing <3

mate for aquar/pisces cusp
by: Anonymous

So many aquarius pisces cusp female love scorpion men,not me. I like leo.sag,aquar,sag,libra, I avoid gemini scorpio and taurus. I just feel they are either controling ,bosy, or boring.

I love being born on the cusp!! :)
by: Anonymous

I'm born on the 19th of Feb!! And I just love it:D It can be sooooo confusing and isn't easy at all!! But I like being unique, and different..I don't wish that I was born in a solid sign.. And I'm compatible with almost every sign...even though gemini's frustrate me a bit becauase of their dual nature..but I have to admit it's extremely hard to find someone who can fully understand the complex person that I am, and that can be quite depressing at times..because I guess to other people I'm extremely confusing!

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