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Pisces girl who dated an Aries  
At first it was all sweet but by the end of the relationship it was the worst experience. I would never deal with someone like that again. I never thought …

What's the best job for Pisces? 
I have been an accounts person for a "long" time and am definitely over it. I have persevered with it to pay the bills etc but don't want to do it anymore. …

Am I Pisces or Aries or both? (Pisces Aries cusp) 
If I'm born on March 20th am I Pisces or Aries? Or both?

Pisces Capricorn compatibility question 
So I am a Pisces girl, and I am falling fast for this Capricorn guy. Everything I read says that Pisces and Capricorn are very compatible. But he was born …

In love with my Pisces woman 
I'm a gemini, I know what you are thinking already. Go on think on it if you like. I'm 27 yrs old divorced single father. The only other person with the …

Pisces misunderstood 
i am Pisces. i love recklessly. i give endlessly. i take graciously. i dream beautifully. i hurt deeply. cry loudly. see wisely. guilt easily. fall helplessly. …

Pisces Lesbians 
Does anyone know how two girl Pisces get along in relationships?

Pisces woman falling in and out of love 
I'm a Pisces woman, and I adore my sign. I'm sensitive and at times confusing. But I always know where I'm headed. I like planning things out which is …

Scorpio trying for a Pisces woman 
Okay so I'm a Scorpio man keeping an eye on a certain Pisces woman. Although I don't know if she believes in zodiac signs after reading all these articles …

What makes a pisces girl attractive? 
what is it? i have Pisces sun and Capricorn moon and Scorpio ascendant. i know this cap guy who always stares at me for nearly three years and still going …

Pisces women like to be dominated 
Not all us Pisces are into the mushy gushy romance. We think about sex pretty much 24/7. So it sometimes can be fairly easy. But for the most part we are …

Can Pisces women fight? 
Can we fight good? I've never fought because I'm afraid to get beat. what does this mean? should i go for it, or just not fight.

Pisces lady no looking back 
Very true statement. I have been in long relationships with Sagittarius and Pisces men, both were stalkers in my life. Now they are looking and comparing …

Head over heals for my first Pisces 
Im a Leo and just fell head over heals for my first Pisces. She previous to me had been in an emotionally abusive relationship. and after had tried to …

Pisces Woman dating a Taurus Man 
I'm a Pisces Woman, seems what all I read about Pisces they looked right at me and wrote it down. I can cry at the drop of a hat and dont get angry very …

Piscean woman 
As a piscean, I feel the need to add that as long as we are doing something creative we feel free. Limiting ourselves to the unnecessary drama of office …

Pisces Woman works well with Pisces Man 
I am a Pisces woman married to a Pisces man for 20 years. We are to very emotional creatures but because men tend to be less emotional than women, it works …

Question about my Pisces Girl 
Okay, we have been friends for eleven years and now been dating for three months. I am a Sag by the way. Anyway, our time together is immeasurable, the …

Pisces women attractive and mysterious - i guess! 
i think a lot of Pisces girls get most attention from guys. they are feminine yet they have a childish air about themselves which makes them original and …

Pisces Gals! 
I'm a former best buddy of one of these crazy lovely girlies! I am a leo, she's the adorable Pisces! :D fun and weird, I talk about everything and nothing …

Pisces women need romance! 
I am a Pisces woman and am sick of guys who don't take the time and trouble to romance me! Come on guys, old fashioned romance, flowers, chocolates, love …

Pisces women with Virgos 
Ok I am a Pisces and personally I do not think that Pisces women and Virgo men go well together. Yes it is true that opposites do attract but these two …

pisces woman in need of a taurus 
i'm a Pisces woman and its all true! however i choose to think of myself as emotionally in tune rather than over emotional. passion, love and sex are all …

Pisces woman how to be more selfish? 
We as Pisces are very giving of ourselves to those that hold a place in our lives. We tend to over do it when helping others knowing that we won't get …

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Want your Pisces Ex Back? 
I am a Pisces women and I have noticed that all of my ex's keep trying to get me back. My three major relationships were with a Sagittarius man, a Gemini …

Love between a Scorpio and Pisces 
I'm a pisces and he's a scorpio. I've been dating my boyfriend for a 13 months now, and we were friends for two years before that. We even became best …

Pisces woman seduction 
I'm a Pisces woman and I can relay that I am rather tough to seduce. I like to move slow with someone I know has a genuine interest in eternity. If your …

Aquarius Pisces cusp women 
I am a Scorpian male. Supposedly Scorpio and Pisces are a good compatibility match. Whereas Scorpio and Aquarius is not so great. However, I inexplicably …

Pisces woman and Leo man 
i find Pisces ladies very feminine and seductive, they always look and smell great, think it kicks into leo's "protective" being the big man thing somewhere, …

Understanding Pisces women 
Pisces women are pure heartache. Beautiful, mysterious, but difficult to really understand. They send out many different signals on 100 wavelengths. …

Pisces women and communication 
Pisces love to be loved. I am a Pisces woman and I love to be around people. Communication is very important in a relationship. Pisces are very emotional …

Pisces woman turn offs 
Im a 24 yr old pisces girl, what attracts me to a guy, is a funny guy (but nt too crazy hyperactive who is trying to put on a show) who isn't afraid to …

Pisces woman lesbian advice 
I am in a lesbian relationship. I am a Pisces woman and she is a Gemini. We definitely have different sexual libidos. Making love for me is a deep experience, …

Are pisces women good in bed? 
Question: Are Pisces women good in bed?

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